When we say long, we mean it. Jewelry is certainly not left out and with this trend more is more! So, it’s 2020, and oversized tees are back in trend in Korea. I came back to write another article very fast this time. (It was summer vacation so lots of my students went on their summer vacations so my schedule was a bit too messy). One outfit is just a simple shirt, while the other is with a skirt and a dress. A pro tip: try wearing Neon at a night event for a fantastic light up the night experience! Asian fashion is becoming more popular each day! Unleash your secret modelling talent in the comfort of your own home and have your own little catwalk down the runway, which is basically your living room. Finally, I’m getting used to being in front of the camera and the Korean government has thankfully acted wisely and now we can go out sometimes. So, I usually wear short sleeve dresses or shorts. Korean Style Denim Dress. Monochrome is one of the simplest fashion styles you can follow. How are you doing lately? All you need to do is to grab a dress, wear it, put on some accessories and with shoes on, you’re out of the house. Become a Korean fashionista at the comfort of your home, take a break from work, relax, and be creative with your private fashion show. If you want to travel Korea in summer, you really shouldn’t wear something long, or something that covers your whole body. Want to check out my top fashion picks? Hi I’m back! This trend is functional, comfortable and fun all together. We will take a quick look at a few of the best male Korean fashion outfits. These long pants cover your entire legs, from thighs to ankle. Asian fashion plays around with loose and playful fits all the time and this particular trend is absolutely fabulous for plus size women. Plaids come in all sorts of different colours, from the classic red and black, to yellow and green. Fashion doesn’t have to be painful after all. The shirt will cover your arms and shoulder line, and…, Hello everyone! It’s so sad… But, I took a week off from teaching this week. Note: Match the florals with a flower-scented perfume for the sweet summer-perfect combo! In summer, you can’t even wear sneakers! Black and white may have been the trendiest colors for Asian fashion some years ago but not in 2020. Another really interesting aspect of Asian fashion that’s making waves is plus size Asian fashion. Today I want to show you a simple striped dress with a white shirt!! The trick here is to pair the oversized item of clothing with fitted clothes. It has been a while! Some people are breaking the rules, but they are very few. After all, it’s your fashion show. Plus size trends that stay away from discomfort is definitely something cool. You can already see popular K-pop idol group TWICE, Korean freelance model Rock Chae Eun, and Korean fashionista and television personality Kim Na-young spotting on their beautiful floral prints. I always go for sandals unless I have to work. Long time no see everyone, sorry for my long absence again!I was caught up on my other job and getting my new place sorted out. PLAY LINE FRIENDS officially opens with exclusive items only available in Singapore! Want to check out my top fashion picks? You certainly can’t go wrong with this. _wsc.src = "//tools.prnewswire.com/en-us/live/19627/widget.js"; I wanted to show you one of my summer outfits. How fast is that? Asians love their accessories! Asians have a way of making denim shorts, patterned tights, and a crop top look cool. Inexpensive costume jewelry can complete an outfit with very little effort. But we should still wear masks everywhere. To play it safe wear plum or peach in monochrome. While I was busy with my life, I thought about some men’s clothing!Because some of my guy friends actually asked me about men’s styling.I will start with some summer clothes and then fall and winter in order. Colorful costume jewelry is a big hit especially neon colors. This post contains affiliate links. Well, long pants don’t mean it has to be uncomfortable; these long pants in style are comfy and cooling pants without trapping any heat while still in trend! You can wear this outfit when you are feeling like something that is casual and tidy. It is true that most Asian fashion trends are bold and obvious statement makers but it’s always important to add elements of your own personality when you follow these trends. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Mom’s Touch – A taste of Korean Fried Chicken finally in Singapore, DOSIRAK – The Shake Bibimbap Opens New Outlet At Suntec City, SSENZE – A positive strength towards the Singapore K-Pop dance scene, Fun K-Fitness Exercises to do from Home during quarantine, 5 Stay Home activities to try during Circuit Breaker, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Korean Makeup Looks, 10 Korean Summer Fashion Trends to try out in 2020, 5 Online Platforms to Get K-Beauty Products in Singapore, Netflix Introduces Sidequel Special Episode – ‘Kingdom: Ashin Of The North’ in 2021. Korean Fashion Trends, Summer Fashion. SiHui loves spicy food and refuses to eat anything without spice, and she absolutely loves taking on the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge. I still have lots to sort out but my teaching schedule is now set again so I have some time to work on my blog! For more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer. This trend is one of the most comfortable of all plus size Asian fashion trends. Maxi Skirts are great for office ladies where we can keep our legs warm in the freezing office without having to put our bags on our laps to keep our goosebumps sane. We know what you might be thinking at this point: how am I supposed to wear long pants in such a warm country like Singapore? This trend is mostly about wearing sporty clothes in everyday life. Due to the long nature of the oversized tees, sometimes we can even forgo wearing shorts underneath, simply because they are long enough to cover our knees. For those of you who are keen to go full Neon, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get more eyes on you than usual in public. I studied jewellery design and I love fashion. Anyway!…, Hi I’m back! I don’t have the same shoes from the pictures right now. So these are 2020’s hottest plus size Asian fashion trends. Lately, Maxi skirts are flooding Instagram, with Korean influencers wearing various style and design of maxi skirts. There you have it, a concise list of Korean summer fashion trends for 2020. Na Hoon-a, the Emperor of Korean Trot Music, Koreans Put On Weight During The Pandemic, How Some Fans Handle No Live Concerts During Quarantine, Meet The 7 Trainees Of The First Korean-European Entertainment Agency: SG entertainment, FAKY New Music Video “Little More” shows an epic dance battle created by BTS and NCT choreographer, Everyone’s Crush ONEUS Announces Online Concert ONEUS 1st Ontact Live [CRUSH ON Ø US], List of Deceased Korean Celebrities in 2018. South Korea has the number one most burgeoning fashion industry in Asia thanks to their quirky and unique trends. We talk about kpop, kdrama, artists, writers, beauty/fashion and more…. This year we are seeing more girly and flirty plum and peach tones. They wanted to collaborate with him by offering him clothing to wear in photos on his blog. Look cool and look good with single-coloured fashion. Since I am a fashion blogger and also he needed me to be his model, he asked them if we could work on it together, So they wanted both of us…, Hello everyone! Okay but please don’t go out without shorts that might attract unnecessary attention. For lovers of Korean, Japanese and Chinese fashion, these trends will be beyond adorable. Voila! In summer I like to wear something that is just simple and short, because Korea’s summer is very hot and humid. Another really interesting aspect of Asian fashion that’s making waves is plus size Asian fashion. Pretty bad at mixing and matching colours to create the perfect #OOTD? No images or content on this site may be reproduced without permission. Learning how to follow this trend from popular Korean pop stars is a clever way to do it. We’ve compiled a list of Korean summer fashion trends so we can all hold our mini exclusive Seoul Fashion Week at home! You can wear them for first date or even at the office if your office isn’t conservative. Puff sleeves are also an easy way to spice up any outfit since they add an extra touch to the typical flat and lifeless sleeves. Join #themonochromegang and rock your day with the classic style! Because I have a review that I want to share with you! Plum or peach colors of your favorite items of clothing will work just perfectly. With lots of Japanese, Korean and Chinese designs seen in streetstyle all over the world it’s no wonder that they are influencing global fashion trends. Don’t be afraid to be playful and have fun with it. You can see the latest styles as well as traditional clothes - all from Korea! https://generationt.asia/leaders/is-china-finally-embracing-plus-size-fashion, Your email address will not be published. If there’s anything you should know about what the fashion girls in Seoul are currently wearing, it’s that nearly everything in fashion … Lately I got so many students so I work as a English teacher everyday of the week except for one day. This trend may not be for everyone but if you can pull it off the compliments are sure to abound. To keep this trend fresh it’s a good idea to play with fun colors and patterns. While we look forward to this magnificent event, why not get a head start first? This means if you are insecure about it (your body) you can wear this kind of style without any worries. Plus Size Asian Fashion Trends in 2020. Who says you can’t be fashionable when you go to work? With a very wide variety there is certainly a trend or two that will appeal to everyone. Required fields are marked *, six  ×  nine  =  .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}, Kcrush is the magazine that has a Crush on…? Japanese singers also have this trend on lock down this year. I was very impressed by the people actually.…, Hello everyone! With all the creative designers and inspirations shown previously, it is safe to say that it is one of our favourite Korean events year-round. Layering jewelry is a cool statement to make with this trend. This dress has curvy line on the waist so even if you are insecure about not having a perfect body, don’t worry. With lots of Japanese, Korean and Chinese designs seen in streetstyle all over the world it’s no wonder that they are influencing global fashion trends. Plaids go well with almost any outfit, no matter what colour or style. So many western fashion rules don’t permit plus size women to wear oversized clothes but Asian fashion breaks these rules in the most chic of ways. From cozy sweaters to tracksuits to sweatpants this trend has even made it in global fashion trends with a lot of designer brands featuring it in their collections. I'm Rebecca living in South Korea. Sorry for late update, it’s really hard for me to focus on blog because of my teaching job. Dresses are so quick to style as you literally only need to pair them with accessories and shoes, there’s no need to spend time thinking what bottoms should you match with your top!

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