That's not the question to ask or worry about. Both platforms offer some variation of this but Kickstarter’s is more robust. If you don't have a prototype, you won't be able to launch on their platform. Higher price points, usually in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, are more likely to fail because banks may flag them as unusual activity. Indiegogo offers some nice flexibility, letting you set a flexible goal. On a platform where so much is already estimated, why force creators to guess at whether their ad spend is even working? According to SimilarWeb, a traffic estimator, Indiegogo sees an average of 12.16M unique visitors a month. On Indiegogo, you can only limit a reward by quantity and they have not added time limits yet. We just updated our analysis of the Kickstarter vs Indiegogo stats for 2018. This is an incredibly valuable feature and one that I consider a “no-brainer” for any campaign launching on Indiegogo. Thus. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most notable crowdfunding solutions in the industry. By the end of this article though, you’ll have a detailed understanding of each platform and know which one you should launch on. Indiegogo broke onto the crowdfunding scene before Kickstarter did. I say this even though I have great love and respect for Indiegogo’s platform. Kickstarter has a better reputation than Indiegogo . Kevin Costner And Diane Lane Drive ‘Let Him Go’ To Theaters; ‘Proxima’, ‘Kindred’ And ‘Jungleland’ Set Hybrid Debuts – Specialty Preview ‘Gentleman Jack’: Lookout Point Begins Shooting Season 2 Of BBC/HBO Drama Kickstarter is not open to talking about them and they make the decision behind closed doors whether or not they want to give you one of the promotions. Funded Today has worked with 1,864 Kickstarter campaigns, and 227 Indiegogo campaigns. Christopher M. OlenikAgency 2.0 — Crowdfunding MarketingFounder & Chief Executive OfficerTwitter | Facebook | LinkedIn, Christopher M. Olenik — Agency 2.0 Crowdfunding, Crowdfunding Marketing News, Tips & Advice, What I Learned From Publishing a Paid Weekly Newsletter for Two Years, Why Functional Medical Doctors Should be Using Webinars, Cultural Relevance: Don’t Cannibalise, Capitalise Instead (Full interview). This data includes over 374,000 Kickstarter campaigns totaling $3.6 billion in pledges, and over 303,000 Indiegogo campaigns totaling $1.2 billion in pledges. Your item must fall under their eligibility standards using their. Essentially, Indiegogo will Guarantee Delivery of the product to backers. However, I'd rather have a campaign that raises 3-4X the amount with lackluster customer support than a campaign that has great customer support but raises 3-4X less. But each of these promotions are much harder to get. Product sales from their newsletter can top $10K per feature. Indiegogo calls this feature “add-on perks”. In deciding between Kickstarter vs Indiegogo, the answer is 100% Kickstarter. Armed with this information, you are now able to make a much more informed decision when evaluating the platforms. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Indiegogo has also seemingly done well over the past few years. Overview. Pretty much all of the articles are fluffy, puffy, and useless. Indiegogo’s newsletter is powerful, but Kickstarter’s larger organic community usually outweighs that benefit. Kickstarter’s top ten most-funded stats are attractive with an average funding amount of $10,886,660 for a top ten most-funded project, but do put into perspective that campaigns raising $100,000+ are in the top 1% of all campaigns launched with those raising $1,000,000+ in the top .06% of the 339,075 launched. Morel came to us with their second crowdfunding product called Högtalare and we decided to launch on Indiegogo. Gaming and home video computer system with open platform for creativity and | Check out 'Atari VCS: Game, Stream, Connect Like Never Before' on Indiegogo. Coolest Cooler is one of the most famous Kickstarter crowdfunding stories. Just look at the percent funded by Indiegogo from the four campaigns below: The most effective promotional methods that Indiegogo offered these campaigns were Newsletter placement and Homepage Banner placement. If you think your product better aligns with Kickstarter’s community and you want to tap into their larger organic backer base, then Kickstarter may be your best bet. Indiegogo doesn’t have a review process. In summary, there is a long list of differentiators between Kickstarter and Indiegogo with no solid answer to what crowdfunding platform is better. But it's something to be aware of. Limited perks/rewards are ones that have a limited amount of quantity or time that they are available. In fact, top 500 projects in Kickstarter received $103.3 mln. This has major advantages for the campaigner since you have an accurate idea of how much you’ve actually raised since you don’t have to worry about failed payments. With Indiegogo, you can use their public API, receive real-time backer information, insert analytics, tracking and conversion pixels and much more. NextSmartShip is here to make crowdfunding fulfillment as pain-free as possible. This helps solve one of the biggest fears of crowdfunding which is not receiving the product you back. Using these estimates, the main takeaway is that Indiegogo is about half the size of Kickstarter in terms of traffic and dollars raised. Indiegogo reportedat the end of 2015 that projects on their platform have raised a total of over 800M. They’re more open to a wide range of businesses as well as projects. Even as a Kickstarter Expert, we get no special treatment on our campaigns. Securing this newsletter placement will make or break your Indiegogo campaign. After these two campaigns, we spoke with the VAVA team about launching their new Short Throw 4K Laser projector on Indiegogo to see if it would perform better than their previous Kickstarter campaigns. It didn’t take long for Indiegogo to start to add more categories. Kickstarter’s decision to keep backers’ info private until after a project funds does a better job of safeguarding people’s info. Check out this article to learn how to do this. Additionally, our custom link shortener, called, which we run all our marketing through, has tracked 75,242,578 visits. If I were launching a new product in 2018, there is not a doubt in my mind that I would pick Kickstarter. This in and of itself is another benefit to launching on Kickstarter. It’s important to note that InDemand increases their fee from 5% to 8% if your campaign originated on Kickstarter as a way to incentivize you to launch on Indiegogo. That’s a fact. Which is good news for backers and bad news for con artists. Indiegogo is more open about accepting projects from different categories. Kickstarter is supported in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and Mexico. However, as of March 2020, Kickstarter campaigns raised over $4.8 billionand had a total of 17.6 million backers. In addition to our experience, we also have more Kickstarter and Indiegogo stats and data than anyone else. In short, Indiegogo has a refund eligibility process with a 10 day window for InDemand and anytime before the campaigns deadline funding ends. In 2016, it managed to raise $950 million and had a nine percent success rate. Over the past few years, they changed their primary positioning to target tech entrepreneurs. Some of those spikes were over $50K in funding in one day. Reserved funds are held for 6 months after your campaign ends and then transferred to your bank account. We have run more marketing to Kickstarter and Indiegogo than anyone else in the entire world. We use the visual prototype to create all the marketing and the functional to prove it can do what we say it can do. This means that if your crowdfunding goal is $7000, you’ll need to raise the exact amount or you’ll walk away with nothing. If you do choose to go with Indiegogo, stick to fixed funding. Without the Facebook Pixel, this can’t happen. Understanding differences between the two platforms will help you pick out the right option for you. Before crowdfunding, it was hard to find people who could relate to your vision and secure funding. Now let’s look at the key differences between Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Here are the top three reasons why I think that Indiegogo was more effective for these campaigns. I’ll tell you right now that if you have a game, just stop here and launch on Kickstarter. With that said, since Kickstarter has Google Analytics tracking, you can still track your Google Ads within Google Analytics, but it won’t show up in your Google AdWords tracking. Here are the results: GoSun launched four successful campaigns on Kickstarter before we launched their new campaign on Indiegogo. With that pixel in place, you can re-target visitors to your campaign page, which can lead to additional conversions you wouldn’t have on Kickstarter. Similar to Kickstarter, Indiegogo takes 5% from the total amount that you were able to raise during your campaign as a platform fee and also charges another 3-5% in the form of payment processing fee for handling the individual transactions made by backers. You’ve finished your campaign on Indiegogo & Kickstarter so you’re probably wondering… “where’s my money?”. The ONLY difference is the platform. Kickstarter offers an all or nothing type of funding for its crowdfunding projects. You have to have a working prototype to launch a Kickstarter project. Interested in working with LaunchBoom on your product launch…, Originally posted on LaunchBoom’s blog October 29, 2019, Click here to apply to work with LaunchBoom, The Simple 5 Phase Framework For Growing Your Startup, Everyone Going Vegan Isn’t the Answer to Stopping Climate Change, The Rising Tidal Waves of EU-China VC/PE Investment, How @VCBrags Wins on Twitter Without a Single Word, 6 Emerging Tech Trends in a Post-Covid-19 World, Introducing the Model Code of Conduct for the Australian Startup Community, Closer Than We Think, the futuristic vision of Arthur Radebaugh, If someone visited the checkout but didn’t purchase, If someone visited the campaign page but didn’t purchase, Raised: $2,068,676 (and still funding as of Oct 2019), Raised: $1,390,398 (and still funding as of Oct 2019), Raised: $690,062 (and still funding as of Oct 2019), Raised: $224,853 (and still funding as of Oct 2019). I believe having the Facebook Pixel empowers creators and leads to a healthier crowdfunding ecosystem. That means that a backer who pledges on Kickstarter only has their credit card validated, but they are not charged immediately. When we dive into the Kickstarter vs Indiegogo stats, the data doesn't lie. Over the past couple years, both platforms have added the functionality for you to create your own tracking links from within their platform. Your chances are .08% on Kickstarter, but only .03% on Indiegogo.

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