Enter peanut butter cookies with almond flour to the rescue! Added 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon , pinch of nutmeg, clove, cardamom powder 4. Keto Chocolate Mousse – Ready in only 10 minutes! This turn out amazing, delicious and moist. Enjoy, XOXO Carine. Hello, this recipe intend to be vegan, so you shouldn’t add an egg at all, it is not required to bind the ingredients. I am glad you like them. So, I may try it with the other sweeteners but the Stevia didn’t work and there are other PB cookie recipes I’ve tried that work. All in all a very good base to work with. It might be some sort of ingredient that you use that wasn’t the same as the recipe is pretty straight forward. It is a lot cheaper than regular vanilla. These cookies are delicious! Because when you have the right tools the keto diet becomes easier. That is what I love to read :)I take a while to enjoy the new flours on keto diet but you will get there and then never turn back! Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies. Thank you! I always recommend Monk fruit crystal sweetener or erythritol, both don’t raise blood sugar level and they don’t have impact on your gut health (no bloating reported in studies compared to Xylitol). In a large mixing bowl, add all the ingredients: peanut butter, melted coconut oil, erythritol, almond meal, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum, and vanilla essence. I’m just about ready to give up on using it in everything. Why Do The Ingredients Need To Be Room Temperature? Which one should I use? What can I say, I’m a typical man. I’m still trying to get accustomed to the texture of Almond flour. When you do this, you’ll get more powder than the original amount, so make sure to measure it first before blending. I’ve not tried it, so I would start with the 1/2 cup coconut flour and adjust after the first time or just eyeball the consistency to cookie ? I added a few Lillys chocolate chips too. My thought is that it will help, but shouldn’t change the flavor profile. I had my sugar-freak of a husband try them and he couldn’t tell they were sugar-free. Can you use the peanut butter powder that they sell in the stores now. Hi Carine, I tried to recipe. Almond flour - if you prefer you can sub in finely chopped peanuts (not peanut powder - it is too dry). Enjoy the low carb recipes on the blog. Yes!!!! I didn’t do any adjustments because I never made them before and I don’t think I would change anything except make them smaller. Enjoy and thanks for pointing out my mistake, I updated the recipe card to be clear. XOXO Carine. I also have an obsession with nut butter cookies especially peanut butter cookies! Hands down, the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever made. Once the dough is all mixed together, we need to refrigerate it for about 20 minutes to let it firm up. Required fields are marked *, Please clarify. If your peanut butter has been sitting in the refrigerator, you will need to leave it out to soften for a bit where it is more pourable. XOXO Carine. We invite you to join our Private Facebook Group and see if it’s not the key you have been missing. Tried your recipe today and they came out great, thank you so much! My cookies needed to be mashed down as well. Hi! You are spot on as I found the same thing, but I really like how these cookies stay together and have that slight crispness. Last recommendation would be on the almond flour,make sure it is really thin. Coconut flour is more absorbent than almond flour so I know that the measurement would be much less. Thanks for the recipe! Thank you. I followed the recipe to the letter but my cookies did not harden even after 2hours.i thought I must of made a mistake, so I made another batch and the same thing happened and so I had to throw them away and the almond flour is very expensive to have to do that. Found them to be a little to sweet, will use less monkfruit next time, but a good texture and a nice cookie. I hope you take some time to try it again. The best peanut butter cookies ever!! PB cookies are one of my favs! If you like stevia, maybe a blend of stevia and erythritol such as Pyure might be a good option to try. Remove from the oven and let stand for about 20 minutes. I ended up making 4 batches!! I’ve tried a few keto baking recipes in the last few months and this will now be my go to. Just made these, they have been out of the oven for 15 minutes and half of them ate gone. Wendy. I tried your version and made smaller cookies, pressed them down and bake for 8 minutes. I didn’t try a different oil in this recipe so I am not sure how it will work, may be butter or dairy free butter but I am worried that the cookies won’t hold and stay crumbly. 100% easy keto gluten-free vegan cookies with no eggs. I can see it properly on my side, make sure you also scroll down after the recipe box to see it. ???? They will end up very crunchy, hard, and buttery. Followed directions and came out exactly as stated. You could easily press the dough down with the bottom of a drinking glass as well, but the fork marks are prettier!). If you do not have access to Gentle Sweet, you can use my, Using a small cookie scoop (or a spoon, but I. my cookie scoop), portion the dough into small balls and roll them in your hands until they are smooth. Peanut butter flavor came through great!! Not sweet enough. Now, the cookies are a bit harder, still soft so carefully slide a spatula under each cookie and transfer them one by one, onto a cookie rack to cool down 10 more minutes. He said the texture was different but not unpleasant. I am happy to read your feedback and glad it turned out well. Added a little extra peanut butter and chips, and vanilla. Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookies. Thoughts? I am not a Registered Dietitian, certified fitness instructor, doctor, or health professional. We’ve experimented with different ratios of peanut butter, eggs, sweetener, and almond flour and have found the perfect keto peanut butter cookie! I love to read that. Knowing firsthand the benefits of this decision we have created a closed Christian group that is using the keto diet to transform their lives. That may explain why yours didn’t harden as much. I hope you will try even more recipes on the blog. Your keto peanut butter cookies with almond flour are now crunchy, buttery, and delicious! I am ready now! It is always great that you double check your carbs count based on the brand you used especially if you count macro closely. I am new to Keto – will Truvia Brown Sugar blend work instead of Swerve? These easy low carb peanut butter cookies are also a Trim Healthy Mama S Fuel. thank you for sharing. Used home made almond butter and added keto chocolate chips! I packed it like real brown sugar when measuring. Can you educate me on this? Episode 5. I gave these cookies a try and they are absolutely perfect! Total Carbs: 7.75g Then you state “1 net carb per cookie!” But your NUTRITION shows 2 carbs. Of course, they are also vegan but that is just a plus. These are so, so good. Is it okay to use Natvia instead of Swerve? Appetizers & Snacks So I used coconut flour instead of Almond and my cookies did not flatten out. DO you still get the mouth cooling effect from Swerve with this receipe? 5-Ingredient Dinners Preheat oven to 350. You will need to read over the list of ingredients and make sure you are using peanut butter that is natural and made with peanuts and salt. I left them for longer outside to cool down. The ingredients we need for these cookies are almond flour, baking soda, softened butter, unsweetened peanut butter, keto friendly brown sugar sweetener, egg, and vanilla. Thank you for the lovely comment! Especially since I was an experienced baker who was used to baking with her eyes closed. 100% dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free. Should they be refrigerated? She is the founder of Fit To Serve Group, a church community group that combines the Christian faith with that of a low carb keto diet. Any nutritional information that is discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates based on NET carbs. ), Sarah I had an experience like that also I did not have parchment paper and surprise found out the hard way and have been using parchment paper ever since …. But the flavor is amazing, nice buttery flavor like regular pb cookies, and they look great. I did not try adding a flax egg but it should help with the texture if you encounter some issue. My blog posts are my thoughts, experiences, and successes and may not be recommended for all people. XOXO Carine. Thanks so much for your lovely yet easy to make creations ???? Ecxellent recipe -I made as written except I added 1/4 cup finely chopped peanuts. Her lifework aims to encourage people to be whole in spirit, mind, and body. When you are baking cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or many other things, you will almost always have better luck with room temperature ingredients. But, my husband is vegan and I love to share my food with him. We respect your privacy. I love these. What is the point of baking if you can’t share what you make, right? I’m happy to report that my determination paid off. YOUR RECIPE LOOLS GREAT. Enjoy the blog recipes, XOXO Carine. So is it because of that the cookie came out crumbly? This is when we also encourage you to have the right supplements to help you get and stay in ketosis. Although I’ve seen plenty of low carb peanut butter cookie recipes that use only three basic ingredients, I must tell you I’m not a fan. Here in New Zealand I am using an amazing pure creamy peanut butter, you can find it here (affiliate link) as they ship worldwide. These are the 3 ingredients you’ll need to make these cookies: 1 cup of almond butter (I recommend Barney’s Smooth Almond Butter) 2/3 cup granulated sweetener, like Swerve or Lakanto; 1 large egg . Thanks for the recipe! I have been doing a low carb lifestyle off and on for about 5 years and these are HANDS DOWN the BEST low carb cookies I have ever made. This looks amazing! ???? Also butter and eggs have very empowering flavors compared to unrefined coconut oil which has no coconut flavor. I have lost over 50 pounds and enjoyed every bite. Enjoy the recipes on the blog. Copyright Sweetashoney.co 2020 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Perfect Keto has offered our readers a 15% discount on their products. So if you do not find Adams brand, perhaps you could look for Smuckers. They came out looking like a magazine cover cookie. The possibilities are endless! I LOVE them! I think this dough could easily make 12 smaller cookies. These cookies will be quite soft when they first come out of the oven, so you will want to allow them to cool completely before trying to move them from the pan, or they may fall apart. These cookies are simply egg-free and need more cooling time than baking time to become crunchy and delicious. Simply use this link for all qualifying products and the code FITTOSERVE at checkout. Oh thank you SO much for this lovely comment! Almond flour (click here to see my favorite on Amazon), Brown Sugar sweetener (Click here to see my favorite), Keto Mug Cake – Chocolate, Vanilla, or Peanut Butter, Easy Keto Zucchini Bread – Sweet or Savory. Can I substitute coconut oil please i am allergic to it ? I don’t have an air fryer so I am not sure but it looks like anything you can cook in the oven are fine with air fryer so why not ! I can’t eat almonds so looking for just coconut flour recipes, Could I sub almond butter for the peanut butter? Bravo! I am so happy that you can enjoy some sweet treats that doesn’t impact your blood sugar level. These peanut butter almond flour cookies are made with only keto-friendly ingredients.

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