The idea of building smaller dams on the tributaries was then mooted and the construction of the Kaushalya dam started in 2008. Mr. Bateson toured Mowli, Pabhat, Abehpur, Barra Firozpur, Dara and Chandi apart from the Manimajra town. The plan was to have a cute little hill cottage with a […], My appetite for Morni is insatiable. Nobody comes to a post-grad hostel and talks about the physical prowess of his maternal grandfather. An […], My father loved the hills. Commonly a decameter is referred to as a dekameter and then the symbol used is dkm instead of dam. My ‘e-pen pal’ from the land of the Blue Mountains. Our formula integrates the curve of the earth to calculate as best as possible the distance as the crow flies. AMUL butter for breakfast! Chopra said the daily average was 10 to 12, but there had not been a single case where a person was found violating the ban for the second time. It was only […]. The park was set up on the heavily wooded hill that separates the twin lakes of Tikkar. A nature lover I had encountered on the net and had struck a firm friendship with. 217 crores. Samrotha, an important dhani lies atop a hill […], The Adventure Park at Morni was set up at a cost of Rs. I had a quick lunch. Amongst the interesting sites to visit around Morni is a temple with a breath-taking cliff-side location at the centre of the formidable ‘Bhuri-Singh-Deota-Range’. The eventual site for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was identified by the United States Bureau of Reclamation in the course of the Blue Nile survey, which was conducted between 1956 and 1964 during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie.Due to the coup d'état of 1974, however, the project failed to progress.The Ethiopian Government surveyed the site in October 2009 and August 2010. A 700 metre long and 34 metre high earth-fill dam has been constructed on Kaushalya, a tributary of Ghaggar river by the Haryana Government at a cost of Rs. Wikipedia. Everybody just knows it without ever having been taught. The Kaushalya river rises in the Shivalik hills on the border of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh State, and flows through Panchkula district and confluences with Ghaggar river near Pinjore just downstream of Kaushalya Dam.. Not that I […], It was aloo paranthas topped with dollops of delicious (cholesterol-enriched?) Intermittent, endorheic river in India and Pakistan that flows only during the monsoon season. The […], The Fort: The Morni Fort is a modest stone masonry structure built sometime in the 17th Century atop the Morni hill at a height of about 1200 metres. I donned my biking shoes, slung my camera, strapped my helmet and thundered off to Tikkar Tal, my destination for […], ‘It’s a monstrous waste of money,’ I beseeched my brother-in-law for the nth time. The rain softens the hard compacted red clay of the Shivaliks […], It was April when I learnt about the plans of the wildlife department of Haryana to conduct a census of the wildlife in the Morni Hills. The people of Barra Firozpur who relied almost completely on Ghaggar water for drinking purpose were the most unhealthy with large incidence of goitre and deaths due to ‘fevers’, especially during the rains. […], If you are not in a mood for adventure yet would like to spend some time alone with your maker, the short walk to the Mandhana cliff-top is an ideal choice. Cautley talks […], One of the most powerful men to have visited Pinjore and to have hunted in the forests of the Pinjore dun and the Morni hills was Ahmad Shah Durrani (Abdali) who visited the valley during his seventh invasion of India in 1764-65. Musafir had insisted on driving the ‘Jazz’ as the winding hill roads make him sick unless he is at the […], Bhoj Kudana– comprises the dhanis lying in the low hills and spurs to the south of the ‘Valley of Tikkar’ with it twin tals and includes Baghwali, Barat, Bhamnol, Bhiyula, Kudana, Bounta, Dharket, Dharwala, Dighann, Duh, Dundal, Lad, Loharo, Mandhedi, Marad, Mathana, Mau, Meharwala, Samrotha and Tikar. It was nearly two and a half years since we had made our historic first trip to the Tikkar Cottage in the hills on the motorbike. Jalandhar district sees 74 new cases, 2 deaths, Police recover Rs 3.78 lakh looted from bank, 2 more die of Covid, 88 +ve in Ludhiana district, Officials collect food samples from outlets, Gang of vehicle thieves busted, three arrested, Punjabi University guest faculty begin hunger strike, to observe black Diwali. Ahmad Shah Abdali, the Afghan invader had camped at Pinjore in 1765 for tiger hunting. But he somehow didn’t. The people, however, drank water drawn from wells as the river water was not to be trusted. Distance Learning as defined in our Distance Learning and Assessment Policy is as follows: Learners recruited and enrolled online and study independently using virtual learning environments - for example via online courses, posted resources, and telephone support. The reservoir has … Ghaggar-Hakra River. Dangri. The city’s current demand is more than 50 cusecs which may further increase as the summer gets harsher. 100km rule in France. The International spelling for this unit is decametre. To have walked down its cobbled pathway through the morning mist, sporting a masculine overcoat, the broad brim of his stylish felt hat pulled low over […], The never ending search for the history of Morni and Kotaha has now led to the, hand-written British records of the 19th century that have been meticulously preserved in the archives of the British Library at London. While residents complain of low water pressure, especially on the first and second floors, there have been reports of acute water shortage in Abheypur village. The Masoompur fort is set on a small mud hillock and it overlooks the sharp ravines to its south that break into the plains beyond. It is an independent newspaper in the real sense of the term. A tiny mouse peered at us inquisitively through a crack in the wooden false ceiling, […], It was afternoon by the time I reached the Tikkar Cottage. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. 3 years ago, Parched Kaushalya Dam in Panchkula. Superintending Engineer Sanjiv Chopra said, “The share of Kaushalya is not much and will be easily compensated by the tubewells. The ilaqa of Manimajra included the town and 69 villages that drew water from the Ghaggar through irrigation channels called ‘kuls’. He could feel the romance of a hill station. Restraint and moderation, rather than agitational language and partisanship, are the hallmarks of the paper. The obsession with Morni started as a simple desire to own a small house on the hills and to plant some trees. HUDA said it was happy with the response of residents and that most of the people were now making efforts to check wastage of drinking water. The Masoompur village lies to the South-West. Dr. Hugh Falconer, Superintendent of the Botanic Garden at Saharunpore was his close research associate. HUDA has challaned over 100 persons for water wastage within 10 days of the ban implementation. I had come across passing references to Zafar Futehally in books on conservation but I was not too sure whether I wanted to buy his ‘Memoir’. Daughter of an Indian-American mother and African-American f... MC staff on toes for better & safe Diwali, Cops sensitise city residents about festival, Now, dismissed SI charged with destroying evidence, Beauty beyond colour: Journalist takes jibe on fixation with fairness, Sans buyers, markets in Patiala largely deserted, Dhanteras delight: Auto dealers eye robust sales, Made by inmates, colourful candles up for grabs, Work on dark spots to miss another Diwali deadline, Frothing in Yamuna: DPCC seals two polluting units, orders closure of 15 others, Religare case: Delhi court dismisses bail plea of ex-CEO Maninder Singh, Delhi govt provides financial aid of Rs 4.39 cr to 77 sportspersons, Delhi: 872 deaths in 15 days; cases surge, pollution, laxity in behaviour factors, say experts, Delhi govt extends ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign till November 30, Watery, itchy eyes?

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