So interesting that birds don’t fly around it. Another one that amazed me is the Natural No-fly zone at Jagannath Temple Puri. It is unknown how a colossal chakra was brought atop of the dome without any mechanical help but only with human help. It is believed that this is still true today. I have visited this place a number of times. I have always wanted to visit this place. Have been to Badrinath but the rest 3 dhams are pending. As if some magical force-field is keeping the birds out. maybe people haven’t done it for this temple and became no-fly zone . Wow that was an interesting read! One vessel is placed over another till it reaches the count No – 7. India and its temples are full of fascinating stories. Birds not flying around, reversing of land breeze and sea breeze timings, flags flying in opposite direction of the wind sounds crazy! The more we learn about our pass the better we are in the future. This place seems incredible. I haven’t got a chance to visit Jagannath temple till now, but it was always in my bucket list. Everything in Shri Jagannath temple is a mystery but what is a scientific mystery, to be a scientific mystery one has to go through all challenges that all scientists or wannabes will put through. Idols are made of wood and there is never any news of worm or insect infection. You have beautifully explained the mysteries. There is a metal wheel on top of the Jagannath Temple’s Shikhara called ‘Nila Chakra’ (in Odia, ‘Nila’ means blue and ‘Chakra’ means wheel) or the blue wheel. WOW! However, there are some really incredible facts about Puri Jagannath temple that remain unexplained. As we walked out of the Singhadwara my eyes fell on a tall pillar known as Arun Stambha, the statue of Arun, the mythical charioteer of the Sun God graces the top of the pillar. The priest does not take any support or gear to perform the flag changing ritual. It is a place that holds many an untold secret in its bosom, a temple that is revered and looked up to as the divine abode of the Lord. The Ancient Sound Proof Chamber is so fascinating. Thanks for sharing , This is a very good post, the topic is so interesting! However, the theists would certainly be floated with the saga of devotion and love for Jagannath, the incarnation of Vishnu; and find every way possible to visit the abode of Pitambara, the Jagannath. Though, King Indradyumn and his team of unable to find the idol. Another unexplained mystery? Especially about the wind! Another engineering marvel? Well, this phenomenon is reversed on the shores of Puri. 6 Lesser-Known & Curious Facts About Durga Puja – Time To Reveal! How exaggerated are the stories, exactly? I will definitely not miss the ancient sound proof chamber when I visit Jagannath Puri. It is beyond our logical mind but it is true that after every 12 years the old idols get disintegrated manually and buried below the new idols. Needless to say, the facts mentioned above are enough to attract countless visitors, travelers, and devotees of Lord Vishnu to Puri Dham every year. Thankfully that visit is around the corner , in Dec this year. Loved this one as usual. We’d love if you’d comment and share this post. I like to capture photos of tall structures like towers and temple Gopurams with the backdrop of flying objects, I had captured images of a plane flying past the Qutub Minar and now wanted to capture the Gopuram of the famed Jagannath Temple Puri with maybe an eagle swooping across it. The kitchen consists of 32 rooms having 250 earthen ovens and over 600 cooks with 400 assistants prepare the food that is offered to the Lord and partaken off by the devotees as Prasadam. In 2020, the glorious and gracious Jagannath Ratha Yatra will take place on the 23rd of June (8th Aashara according to Bengali Calendar) in Puri (Odisha), Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and other parts of East India. It is better the say that the shadow remains invisible due to the Lord’s desire. It has 12 wheels, 43 feet long in height, and it remains decked out with red and black awning. The entangling part is that you can again listen to the sound of waves when you come out of the temple. There is a mystic charm that you can’t evade while standing on the premises of Jagannath temple. If you were even remotely awake for one minute during your geography class in high school (honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you were snoring away), you would remember your teacher babbling about land and sea breeze. The matter of surprise is that the food at the topmost vessel cooked first and the rest vessels follow a similar order. They disintegrated on their own after 12 years when new idols replace the olds. So interesting these natural phenomenons! Out of the way locations I have never heard of with stories like this make the country so intriguing. I would like to have that spiritually magical prasadam in the premises of the temple for sure. 14 Mysteries – Facts and History of Jagannath Temple in Puri – You Love to Uncover, flag mounted atop of the Jagannath temple blows in opposite direction, The ritual has been carried out from the back 1800 years, temple’s dome does not provide any shadow at any point in time of a da, Sudarshan Chakra atop the main dome of the temple is 1 ton in weight and 20 feet in height, quantity of prasad prepared in Puri Jagannath temple is never spent wasted or insufficient, But, Ganga flows inside the kitchen in Jagannath temple, You will not listen to the sound of the sea when you enter the Puri Jagannath, disintegrated on their own after 12 years, Ratha yatra takes place in Puri in June (Aasdhar month in Bengali calendar). The Jagannath Temple Puri has its origins somewhere between 1078 to 1148 CE. I am Ayesha. There’s not a single picture with birds (if there is, then it’s probably photo-shopped for that perfect gram photo. That is absolutely fascinating! Your email address will not be published. I’d never heard the story of the word juggernaut. Another mystery is the way the food is cooked in the kitchen.

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