Italy's birth rate is on the decline, according to The Local Italy, with 9,000 fewer babies born in 2017 than in 2016. All foreign national citizen women who are waiting for their EU residence card to be issued must present, within 6 months of the birth of their child, the application for maternity benefit to the Comune where they are resident, attaching the receipt issued that proves application for residency. Each locality also observes an additional holiday to honor its patron saint. Your child will only be an Italian citizen if one of the parents has Italian citizenship. Pregnant women are issued with a residence permit for medical reasons by the Police Headquarters (Questura). contact us The average waiting times to see a doctor in Italy will largely depend on the specialty, but you can expect waiting times of several months. Workers with at least five years’ seniority at a company are entitled to 11 months of unpaid education leave, either continuous or intermittent, to attend college or other schools. After the 90th day however, termination is only permitted if the mother's health is at serious risk (due to the pregnancy) or if the baby is to be born with serious malformations. During the first year following childbirth, working mothers can take two one-hour daily breaks during the workday, one if working time is less than six hours daily. Employees are entitled to 4 weeks’ paid annual leave, 2 of those weeks consecutive at the employee’s request. Wages are usually set by collective labor agreements. 92 of 2012, art. VMware is dedicated to work-life balance and offers a family-friendly environment that is supportive of working parents. today? vaginal birth or a Caesarian) • do you need any birthing aids? Tour our maternity services . My care givers say it is normal but I … The national insurance plan or SSN (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) covers all residents including expats if they are contributing to the scheme and is overall run by the Ministry of Health, but set up regionally. Mothers, during the 3 years after the end of the mandatory maternity leave; Both parents, in case of a child affected by disability. Your decision to take out private health insurance comes down to how long you are willing to wait for appointments, tests, diagnosis, and procedures, and whether you want more personalized and attentive care. These breaks may be taken off-premises if the employee wishes. We will never see our baby again.”. As always, make sure you consult the local authorities or health offices to know which specific conditions apply to you and your immigration status before giving birth in the country. Should the mother die or become seriously ill, the father may take paternity leave equal to what the mother would have received in maternity leave, the cost borne by the social security system. The country provides a mixed public-private healthcare system, so you can choose between the two at any time as long as you are eligible. Italians are some of the healthiest people in the world—besides a generally balanced diet, they enjoy free and high-quality healthcare. During pregnancy and up to seven months after the child’s birth, female workers have the right to be transferred to a different job with no reduction in pay if necessary to protect the mother’s or the child’s health. Foreign national women who do not have a residence permit are also entitled to all medical services. or directly to the health clinic (Asl di Prato). Overall, you don’t need health insurance in Italy to have all your medical needs met. The first two (2) months of leave must be taken before the birth and the remaining three (3) months should be taken after the birth. Maternity Care In Italy: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan. Collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) can extend this reference period to six or 12 months provided that there are objective, technical or organizational reasons for doing so, and often provide for a shorter normal working week (for example, 37 or 39 hours). When giving birth in Italy as an employee, you have the right to maternity benefits. Collective labor agreements generally specify additional education benefits, such as a number of hours of paid education leave. For example, the EU 1993 working time directive requires member countries to guarantee paid annual leave of at least four weeks to every worker. As soon as a woman thinks she is pregnant, she should visit a gynaecologist for urine tests and confirmation of pregnancy. 31.08.2016 - Hunters residing in the Central District, from the month of September can collect their hunting licenses at the PR Office from Monday to Friday, 0900-1300. At this point in history, we see that the National Health System and care givers are collapsing under the COVID-19 crisis and the risk of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infection for mothers and babies is greatly increased. Consultations with a specialist prescribed by primary care physicians of the National Healthcare in Italy (like your “medico di base”, a primary care physician who is part of the Italian NHS or by other doctors you see within the NHS), can be arranged at either Public Healthcare Centres or at the ones that are private with NHS agreement (which is called Privato Convenzionato). You may also find that you are sharing a room with another patient: you can pay to have a private room in a public institution but it may not be cheap, around €170 per night. • do you want pain relief, and if so, what kind? You are entitled to maternity benefits and free healthcare during your maternity. To find a dentist, you can also look up practices or doctors online, or ask your local health authorities. Furthermore, the prohibition to deport the mother is also extended to the father, who does not necessarily need to be co-habiting with the mother. Working father could benefit of 1 extra day, in substitution of the mother and previous agreement with her. VMware is dedicated to work-life balance and offers a family-friendly environment that is supportive of working parents. Future mothers are also entitled to what is called (precisely) a voucher for future mothers. Italy. Keep in mind your doctor has to be a medico convenzionato, which means they have an agreement with social security. This section covers all you need to know about Italy’s healthcare system, from how to register with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), to what is covered by public healthcare in Italy. Home » Italy » Health » Maternity Care In Italy: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan. Minimum Weekly Rest Period is not added to the calculation of average hours. towards the end of your scheduled Maternity Leave to confirm and arrange your return to work. AIDOS As mentioned, you don’t pay to visit your family doctor or pediatrician. This is done at the Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL), your local health unit. Keep in mind that alternative birthing centers are not covered by public healthcare, so be prepared to pay for all expenses out-of-pocket or to take out health insurance that covers those alternative services. ITALY: COVID-19 crisis and RMC (Respectful Maternity Care) “ I gave birth six hours ago and my baby was taken to the nursery, no one is giving me any kind of information about my baby or when I’ll have her back in my room. This form is the Bollettino Postale. 3-5. For voluntary termination of a pregnancy, one must go to her G.P. My husband asked to take a picture of our child’s, but my care givers refused to give him permission. Non-EU citizens who have an EU residence permit, or the old residence card that is still valid, are entitled to claim maternity benefit from the Comune (town hall). Your company or the government may also pay you a subsidy, since Italy is currently trying to increase its population. Provision on Festive Occasions, No. If you have private health insurance in Italy, you can book an appointment with any doctor available at private practices depending on availability.

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