Pathetic. From what I recall, Neanderthals were predicted as reproducing more slowly than Sapiens, and were supposedly mobbed out. Mother nature would be on the forefront as well as helping the present souls prepare for the future on this planet versus looking towards the stars and distant planets. the women aren’t becoming more ‘masculine’ so to speak. They become bankers, traders, merchants; some create boats, some are experts with wood, or with making jewelry. He white knights. I think it is extremely difficult to say, because there have been no matriarchal societies that I know of, so it is impossible to compare them to patriarchal civlizations. In a sense the manosphere exists because men are actually very good seeing each other as rivals (which of course is what we are in the final instance) but then there are occasions when solidarity or team work (I am very bad at team-work, slightly better at solidarity) is a better and more reliable way to get ahead. The country is gonna become a mix of different cultures. Hypergamized female promiscuity provides absolutely zero long term benefit for females or males. They keep males away from themselves if they don't want them. Something seems to happen in the adult male brain some years after puberty. I can appreciate (and admire) the way you’ve managed to gain advantage in a situation that might seem less than promising on the surface (although it’s been kind of a long time since women had limited inheritance rights) but while I think the image of carving a road through a mountain is a good one, one can perhaps have a different idea about what the mountain in question actually is. Doesn't just exist for reproduction. Contraception and abortion is the end of homo sapiens this time. The few that survive will be exposed to unconditional worship and obedience by women, because those few men will be needed to rebuild and restore everything. Back to our townspeople. The difference is that today a man is completely unneeded by most women, whereas in years past, it was absolutely essential that a woman lock down a good man. Isn’t it just stuck in a sought of rut. At this point, our society is starting to lean much more towards a matriarchal society than a patriarchal one. If women were left alone in the world to fend for themselves who would look after the children? Men become too feminine, and women become more masculine. But in the major industries, patriarchy still reigns supreme: mercantilism, war, and trade. The simple truth of the modern world is we no longer need each other. Women, however, are still kept safe: the general culture of patriarchy pervades. Before the town became affluent the men had a choice: support one another and succeed together, sabotage each other and remain weak. The role of women in evolution, in natural selection, is favoring strong men, and dismissing weak ones. Agreed – I love the conveniences of modern society, but it’s the culture that I’m really honed in on here. And it will give you some hope that we can stop this cycle from repeating once and for all. The real tragedy isn’t men giving power to women. Over time, more and more drunks and degenerates start to appear, mainly from the upper class, because not everyone is required to work. Maybe great grandma didn't have to work in a sweatshop 12 hours a day like women do now.

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