The Crypto Hobbit: @BrianDColwell Animal species that do not methylate arsenic are not only able to excrete inorganic arsenic efficiently but appear to be no more sensitive to its toxic effects than animals that methylate. LinkedIn Arsenic's name comes from the Latin arsenicum and Greek arsenikon referring to yellow orpiment. But arsenic is not distributed evenly throughout the globe. Arsenic damages multiple organs, including the skin, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, and the excretory system. Higher-than-average concentrations of arsenic have also been found in the underground rock of some areas in the United States, such as areas of New Hampshire, Maine, Michigan and several Western and Southwestern states. Compounds containing arsenic in the +5 oxidation state are called arsenates. Yellow orpiment was the most common source of arsenic for alchemists and is now known to be arsenic sulfide (As, Gray arsenic is the shiny metal allotrope of arsenic. 8) Symptoms of Inorganic Arsenic Poisoning. This causes the feet or sometimes hands to lose circulation and to turn “black.” There is also a strong association between arsenic in drinking water and an increased risk of lung, skin, bladder and other cancers. Mouth sores. These effects are rare except in cases of intentional poisoning or suicides. It is poisonous and so is its compounds but has been used for many purposes in manufacturing and agriculture, and is also being looked at for medicinal use today despite its toxicity. 1651: Guilia Toffana made arsenic-laced cosmetics and instructed women on their use. In nature arsenic is usually found in sedimentary or igneous rock joined to or mixed with other elements, such as oxygen. Of course in some cases miners were seeking the arsenic itself. In the 18th and 19th centuries, ammunition manufacturers added arsenic to melted lead and dropped the mixture from tall “shot towers.” Arsenic increased the surface tension of the molten lead, producing more rounded shot. The drug was incredibly effective and remained the top medicine for curing syphilis until penicillin became available in the 1940s. Once arsenic (+3) or arsenic (+5) atoms combine with other elements to form molecules, the molecules acquire chemical and biological properties of their own. Arsenic is taseless. A society of “arsenic eaters” who deliberately consumed arsenic-laden soils in their religious practices developed a high tolerance for arsenic. Are you interested reading facts about Arsenic? Beyond the basics above, what else should we know about arsenic? A professional poisoner, Toffana invented Aqua Tofana, a poison named after her, and under torture later confessed to killing 600 men with her poisons in Rome alone between 1633 and 1651. Hair and nails grow slowly over time, leaving a record of arsenic exposure for six months to a year. Slightly higher – but still tiny – amounts may be found in animals, particularly aquatic species that filter water, such as shellfish. In cases of extreme poisoning, chemical compounds called chelating agents can be used as an antidote. Supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Superfund Research Program, Contact your state department of environmental services. June 30, 2016 Other important uses for arsenic include, but are not limited to, specialty optical materials, short-wave infrared technology, brass dezincification, and a variety of biomedical applications. -3 compounds are reducing agents.They are the main form of arsenic in the ground (as arsenides). Public water suppliers are required by federal law to test for arsenic and to take measures to ensure that water does not contain levels of arsenic that exceed federal safety set by the U. S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA). In ‘De Mineralibus’ he described how the metal could be obtained by heating orpiment (As2S3) with soap. Increased sweating. These studies suggest that arsenic may prove to be an effective anti-cancer agent for other malignancies in the coming years. How do you think about the answers? The waxy and soft texture is seen in yellow arsenic. The brittle shiny solid texture is seen in gray arsenic. Though human activities were once believed to be the major source of arsenic in food and water, natural geological sources of arsenic now appear to be a far more significant source. Headache. Albertus Magnus (1193-1280), a German philosopher and theologian, was the first to state that arsenic has a metal-like nature. The +3 state is the most common. Interesting Facts about Arsenic. Arsenic Facts. In 1836, the English chemist James Marsh perfected a sensitive and specific chemical test for arsenic, and poisoners thereafter had little hope of escaping detection. This report concluded that there is even more compelling evidence from the most recent studies that drinking water arsenic has measurable human health effects at or evens below the current U.S. MCL. The elemental solid primarily occurs in two modifications, though other allotropes are reported. There are no known human health effects of arsenic deficiency, if such exist, and the effects observed in arsenic-deficient animals would be hard to detect and characterize in humans. One way of being exposed to arsenic is by breathing it in as a dust. Current evidence suggests that other uses of this water (bathing, washing clothes, etc.) , No Comment. Rasputin was reported to regularly ingest arsenic to build tolerance and to protect himself from poisoning. European vineyard workers until the 1940s used arsenic-based pesticides extensively; many developed skin cancer as well as other illnesses. Because of concerns about the effects of arsenic-based products on human health and the environment, many uses of arsenic have been curtailed. You can find arsenic on the earth’s crust. Interestingly so, the same powder was also used in the form of pastes to treat ulcers and cancer. Arsenic has a particular affinity for sulfur and is often found joined to sulfur in ores – mixtures of minerals that are mined for profitable materials such as silver or copper. The atomic number is 6 with the symbol is C. Let’s talk about the chemical element which has the symbol Ca in Facts about Calcium. When Arsenic is heated, the fumes that are formed due to oxidation smell like Garlic. Inorganic compounds of Arsenic include the trivalent arsenic trioxide, arsenic trichloride, arsenic trisulphide and sodium arsenite. It has the atomic weight at 74.92 and the atomic number at 33. One such site – the focus of the film A Civil Action – is the watershed of the Aberjona River near Boston, Mass., where wastes from tanneries and other factories were discharged for more than a century. Arsenic (+3) is arsenic with three fewer electrons than protons, giving it a plus three positive charge; arsenic (+5) is arsenic with five fewer electrons than protons, giving it a plus five positive charge. Workers and others who have been exposed to arsenic over long periods of time, principally by breathing it or ingesting it, can exhibit symptoms that include melanosis, a change in pigmentation of the skin similar to freckling; hyperkeratosis, an extensive thickening of the skin, especially the palms of the hands and soles of the feet; damage to heart and blood vessels; a decrease in both red and white blood cell production; and severe inflammation of the liver.

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