Communication in project management keeps project items on track and team members in the loop. Everything you need to know about the Importance of communication in business organisation. Career Trends: Why Is Effective Communication Important in Management? Effective communication creates job satisfaction among employees as it increases mutual trust and confidence between management and the employees. Communication helps to enlarge mental horizons. Copyright 10. After the appointment of employees, they need to be trained because job characteristics differ from organisation to organisation. Black, “sound communication is a master key to a company’s success”. Each link attends a new opportunity for distorting, fading and delay. The device of communication has to be transplanted with great danger. All management functions including planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling require communication. From above discussion, we can conclude that communication is the essence of an organisation. In big organisations, work is structured on the principles of specialisation and division of work, which needs to be coordinated. Thus effective communication ensures coordination among different limbs of the organisation and is essential for smooth functioning of the organisation. What Are the Organizational Effects of Lack of Training for General Managers? Communication Binds Together the Working Group: Communication is essentially a flux that binds the concerned individuals together in group activities. The employees shall be told clearly what exactly to do and the way in which an instruction is to be carried out. Every employee knows his role very well, the employees become informed of the expectations of the organisation from them. The company as well gets knowledge about the employee’s problems, difficulties, demands, likes, dislikes, interest, attitudes etc. Privacy Policy 8. It satisfies their personal and social needs and stimulates their job interest and enthusiasm. Purchase managers need to coordinate with production manager, production manager needs to coordinate with sales manager, etc. It is possible to have good morale without efficiency; it is not possible to have efficiency without good morale’. You want to be the best project manager in the history of your company, right? This allows your team to easily share information and ask for more when needed. Global business has increased by leaps and bounds with companies expanding the customer base. Use of communication is made in all these tasks. Supervisors are able to direct and supervise the subordinates through effective communication. (ii) Effective Operations – Communication helps the management in explaining the objectives, plans and policies of the enterprise to the employees. Besides bringing about attitudinal and value change, communication could also impart knowledge of new skills and techniques. In this way, the management can maintain better public relations. It is also important that the communication media and techniques create a culture of openness and trust in the organization. Just as a photograph can be no clearer than the negative from which it is printed, the manager cannot transmit more clearly than he understands.

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