Furthermore, the chain stiffness and packing density of polyimides that arise as a result of the strong affinity of polar imide groups toward the π-electrons of aromatic rings influences the selectivity and permeability of the membranes for pervaporation [216]. These are possible because the amide-imide contains acid functionality. This has been developed commercially at relatively high temperatures, in the case of the polymerization of methacrylamide above 65°C, to yield a polymer with a substantial proportion of imide groups: Polymers and copolymers of multifunctional vinyl monomers (using the term to cover the presence of a halogen or other reactive group in addition to the vinyl group, rather than in the sense of more than one polymerizable group), such as α-chloroacrylic acid, often undergo partial lactonization and hydrolysis during polymerization. As discussed above, the reduction in basicity observed for amides versus amines results from electron withdrawal by the amide carbonyl via resonance. Many basic polymers have been investigated for fabricating acid–base polymer membranes, such as poly(ethylene oxide) [45], polyvinyl alcohol [46], polyethylenimine [47], and polyacrylamide [48]. The neat allyl-functional, PN monomers showed one endothermic transition at about 122°C ascribed to the melting transition. Structures of PBI (a) and phosphoric-acid-doped PBI (b). The press should be fitted with a low compression ratio, constant taper screw. This is the primary route to polyamide-imides which are used as wire enamels. While 6 a and 6 c show a rather broad and structureless emission with a pronounced Stokes shift and a cyan hue, 6 d with the most steric demanding imide substituent shows a sharp emission profile centered at 405 nm, resulting in a dark‐blue fluorescence. PN, phthalonitrile. They observed that the flux of water and 2-propanol through the FPI-g-P(NIPAAm) copolymer membrane exhibited strong dependence on the casting temperature of the membrane and the permeate temperature in the temperature range 4–55 °C. Most amides are solids at room temperature (exception: formamide). It is also called an acid amide. Alkylthiol. The mold temperature should be in the range of 325 °F to 425 °F (163 °C to 218 °C). We assume that the fluorescence located at longer wavelengths (around 582 nm) originates from an intramolecular charge‐transfer state (CT). Technical support issues arising from supporting information (other than missing files) should be addressed to the authors. N-Arylsulfonamide. Why is the periodic table organized the way it is? In addition, the conductivity is strongly dependent on the acid-doping level, temperature, and humidity. They observed that pervaporation selectivity and the permeation rate of polyimide membranes with fluorinated side groups had higher values than those without the side groups toward the feed solution with hydrophobic solvents.

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