MUMMY!!!!!! consider our esteemed author for instance… isnt she a keeper( oporadh khoma korben maam!!). Phew! If Bong girls don’t know that much,they will definitly ekla cholo re…. to cause or allow to be seen; exhibit; display. Change ). , My thoughts exactly ! Wonder why don’t we produce more boxing champs . These are the 10 things dat make me bangalish… She is hot and fiery and most men pale in comparison, You don’t compare to her father – Know the father was one of the rare men who could convince a bong woman to marry him. And appreciate the industrious Gujjus who can turn everything to gold. A great, big ‘kudos’ from opar bangla. Lol. , Punjabi ra kono din pona macch dekhechhe ? This is so funny and brilliantly written… You are right, even Vogon poetry will do. absolutely. 11,12,12,14 true for girls She calls it being open minded. (better than Hermione, I meant.). Bengali mothers are fiercely protective of their sons. And one of them really made a Jewish to bent her/his knees down in front of them.But that guy was a Brahmin so that probably gave him extra bit of fire. Kick ass writing with great sense of humor and freedom of expression. The Truth About Amalgam Fillings, More power to you and your pen. @MSP: If one’s to “shut up”, not joke or not insult anyone, what’s one supposed to do, in any discussion ? You think you could teach that flashy sister of yours the Vanish? And if you research on our Indian culture % of Bengali educated women is much more compared to any other cultures. 3. i am a boxer, so wedding ring [jodi dorkar pore], tumi shamlabe! Guys only god can save you. The point about Sheldon Copper is so true. nyaka meye! But insulting other culture shows how much culture you have. there can be no one like bongs!! Though I myself don’t know the difference between Rui and Katla and am yet to go near a fish market I will make sure my suitors pass through all the above mentioned criteria to be THE worthy one , LOL…It ain’t that difficult…all you need to know is what aftershave her father wears….. :p. Hi, Im not Bengali by birth but a keralite… Can’t differentiate between RUI and KATLA. This really cracked me up; and I must say some observation, kudos!!! With all due respect to other cultures i believe bong or say bengali women or girls are more outspoken and dominating over girls of other rationals. ABSOLUTELY! . . He had removed his collar, tie, and flashy diamond pin, and was diligently wrapping the thong of a black-jack about his wrist.. Bauble meaning in other languages. Bengali women have always been rather straightforward, independent and taught to be so from their roots! I have to praise my gf everyday, no matter what she wears and I am short of it now. Take it easy boy! Great fitting reply Rimjhim… And as you know a better piece of writing has more than one interpretation. , We’all don’t hate punjabis.I love my butter chicken as well as malaikaris. Now, this girl (whoever was modeled while making this piece of art) is a social rarity… at least I’ve never seen one like this. Being a fiery Bong :p I can relate to many points. Article is nicely written but lil way back for current generation (By current I mean born in 80’s and 90’s, the one’s which are currently of Dating age :D), 1.They are really talented and can beat the shit out of you!!!! I suggest you make more non-Benagli friends and you’ll see the kaleidoscope of goodness. Beware, Your literary skills are limited to the grocer list – Buy a dictionary and start learning new words. Just saying.. , I am a Bong, but after reading your article I am having a feeling that I don’t qualify to marry a Bong girl , Well written…some of the points are really true.. , Well versed research it seems lol! English to Bengali Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Bengali … ইংরেজি - বাংলা Online অভিধান। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us. @Sourav-You are a Bengali but definitely belong to low IQ retarded one because you should know that your blogger being scared in names of Sampan and Sunny did not moderate our comments.And you should know Sunny is my friend and Sunny knows Sampan very well as well as Sambit because he has one record of winning 2 gold medals in both Physics and Mathematics Olympiad. Thanga Meengal Full Movie In Tamil Isaimini, and thanking you for the guidelines. you cannot? Had fun reading it … even more fun reposting it on FB. 3. i said this is humour or an attempt at one, personal sob stories here, Lovely Write up but the incessant obsession with FIsh was certainly overdone, Some bong girls know how to look Hot holding a 82′ Bordeaux while pawing through a Yevgeny Zamyatin first edition. Rimjhim your new post is hilarious. Given the number of hate forums against Bengalis in general and Bengali men in particular, a lot of negative hype has built up. Characteristics Of Market, Falter Bengali meaning along with definition. It isn’t really. @Indian apparently you missed the sarcasm (as did everyone) in my comment. The first one is Past Tense. Im a Hard-core bong too and i cannot relate with more than 25 bullet points! i tooo love fish nd then i let goo….anybdy who loves fish cannot be disliked by me…fish rocks. Although I am a probashi bengali and have never been to Kolkata, or for that matter West Bengal, in my life, I definitely judge people by their grades and their English. 16 Holds good for “50 reason why bong guy would not marry you Kudos! It was flamboyant and showy; cheap, and tawdrily pretentious.. প্রদর্শন, প্রদর্শনী, প্রদর্শনার্থ বিন্যাস, পূর্ণাঙ্গ নিদর্শন, জাহির, তামাশা, ক্রীড়, ক্রীড়া, দৃশ্য, বাহিরের চেহারা, ভান, খোলতাই, লক্ষণ, চিহ্ন, दिखाना, प्रदर्शन करना, इशारा करना, संकेत करना, बयान करना, समझाना, सिद्ध करना, नाटक करना, नाटक-रूप में बदलना., Interesting piece of article! You may get sued and trolled for knowing me though. Her mother can dance and sing, her father can sing and play musical instruments, her brother is a part of a rock band, all of them can recite Rabindranath’s poetry.However, they look like a bunch of lightening struck nerdy racoons when you see them in actuality. 18. N i think point number 10, 11, 12, 21, 23, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44. . Cheers. oh come on, you’re a bong. Aren’t you being a bit judgmental yourself ? Jeff Hardy taught himself how to play the guitar and is a member of a band called Peroxy?Gen Saw this doing the rounds, so had to read it. Bauble meaning in Bengali. Dhoni Age, We Indians, generally speaking and we Bongs in particular don’t have it in us to have a good laugh at our own idiosyncrasies and that’s a real pain . There’s no Bong gal, punjabi kudi, etc…all are women. But brought up in kolkata… aloo bhaaja & “Beguni” which are, by far, better delicacies. Yes Lab, Love the intelligence of South-Indians, they will tell you the importance of living life simple. Reasons not to marry a bengali girl: Results for what do you mean translation from English to Bengali. I dated a bong girl for some time, and I believe if anyone can get close to bong girls … its us Mallus (probably the communism and the fish in the blood)!! issshhh.. , ..another typical Bong trait…and before you let fly..let me admit, I too suffer from this horrible shortcoming…after all if the reader gets the message, WTF should we care about grammar…vestiges of being the capital of the British rulers long long ago…lol. Your minds are petty and closed. This was supposed to be funny people! Reed Diamond Net Worth, You cannot pronounce rasogollas stressing all the o’s – Remember it is rashogolla. Brief History of Time makes me cry. And yes, please do keep writing. And that’s why the challenge is worthwhile – after all is said and done the reward is awesome. You just have to be with Her, she will take you through. Sorry, Ms.Ray for the elaborateness, I just felt I had to. All that oriental looking artificial ornaments will be worn as souvenirs of celebrating modernism in women.

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