Want to improve this question? Operationally, this is just another choice for spherically symmetric potential (i.e. When we solved Schrödinger's equation in one dimension, we found that one quantum number was necessary to describe our systems.

An appendix is added for the derivation of some relevant matrix elements using group theory. It will be useful to show explicitly some of the radial wave functions obtained: and compare them to those obtained by solving the Schrödinger equation directly, see for example, [18].

Coming to what the numbers actually mean - If you see the eigenstate of a hydrogen atom written as $\psi_{100}(\vec r)$, the $(100)$ means that the electron in question has the quantum numbers $n = 1$, $l = 0$, $m = 0$. It will be useful to define the (reduced) Bohr radius, {a}_{0}\equiv 4\pi {\epsilon }_{0}{{\hslash }}^{2}/{e}^{2}\mu =({\hslash }/\mu c)/\alpha =Z{{\hslash }}^{2}/\kappa \mu, where \alpha \equiv {e}^{2}/4\pi \epsilon {\hslash }c\simeq 1/137 is the fine structure constant. Furthermore, the raising operator {A}_{l}^{+} in equation (78) is also different from the raising operator used in the first equation in equation (47). Note that it is convenient to use the (r+ , r− , z) coordinate, as Yl,±l(θ, ) in the left-hand-side of equation (34) have simple forms in terms of r± and r: From equations (37), (38) and the fact that {({L}_{z})}_{{op}} and {({L}_{-})}_{{op}} do not act on any function of r, it can be easily shown that we must have, and, consequently, the left-hand-side of equation (34) becomes, where we have made use of equation (38) and \kappa \mu /{{\hslash }}^{2}=Z/{a}_{0}. How to decline a postdoc offer a few days after accepting it? How should I visualize the average of two bars in a bar chart? Note that the above results also hold for the l = 0 case, where the equation implies that \langle n,l-1,l-1| {B}_{-}^{(\pm )}| n,l,l\rangle and \langle n,l,l-1| {B}_{-}^{(\pm )}| n,l,l\rangle are vanishing as they should. The integral the OP needs will be of the form ## \int e^{-2r/a_o} r^2 \, dr ##, which can be integrated by parts.

I can solve the problem using Post #6 but have a conceptual issue. By comparing the effect of Az and z on the state | n,l,m\rangle, Flamand proved the following theorem [12] (in our notation), in the degenerate space. Best approach to safely bump up version of classes. Published 22 August 2018 • In general these eigenstates do not have specified angular momentum quantum numbers and are different from the energy eigenstates in a more familiar basis: Since the angular momentum can be obtained through the following equation, see equation (16).
The Runge-Lenz vector is defined as: Note that Jakob Hermann was the first to show that there exists a vector that is conserved for a special case of the inverse-square central force, and worked out its connection to the eccentricity of the orbital ellipse [14]. A hydrogen atom can be described in terms of its wave function, probability density, total energy, and orbital angular momentum. RIS. In summary of the comparison, the connection of raising and lowering factor and Runge-Lenz vector was pointed out in [10], but their discussion was very brief and their master formulas are different from ours. These radial wave functions are shown to satisfy the Schrödinger equation.

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