They spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to make their hair look perfect and their shirt tucked just right. My mother says I’ve always been cute and girly XD, All that is listed as ways to be cute, is exactly how I act in everyday situations! Try running your fingers through your hair and tucking your hair behind your ear when you’re talking to him and trying to come up with the answer to a question or decide something. (You can’t even imagine what a mood killer that can be! You have big muscles? #24 Floral perfumes. [Read: Tips to make a guy want you more than ever!]. Men rarely show any emotion when they look at their phones, unless their friend has sent something inappropriate. Keep them in your lap or by your sides to achieve maximum cuteness. Shall I eat you? I like this list and even as a guy, I can say that it is very accurate. Speak quietly, let him talk, try to “enhance your innocence”, be submissive in your body language, act vulnerable and weak when you hurt yourself. In fact, guys love when they get to ‘protect’ their woman from danger and harm. We’re not sure quite why, but men just love to hear how great they smell. Hey, just because he doesn’t have to kill our dinner for us anymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be the protector. Medium length hairstyles are the ideal lengths for busy ladies... Blogs are a great way to share your memories. There is no way in hell I would pretend to be less confident just to make a guy feel more dominant/comfortable in his masculinity. (Over and over again, mind you!). Stick with subtle hues and nude shades to enhance your innocence. I think alot of this stuff is just unnessecary… I disagree with changing yourself and alot of the things that are supposed to seduce men, its not a one size fits all deal, the same thing that helps your cause with one guy could blow it with the next. Letting a man know he’s doing a good job? Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Sexy is confidence and oomph. Try subtle colors and really minor makeup work to look as cute as possible. 25. There are many compliments that you can give to a guy which are sincere and highly effective. While a guy may like that for the first few minutes, he’ll be bored in no time. Let me give you a hint. Helpful and seem easy enough, I’ ll give them a try. I am naturally shy, but definitely not that type of person, shyness bothers me from acting as I please. For a guy, any compliment goes, except calling him cute, which is more like slander to them. 34. Honestly, I do a lot of these things. And look cute doing it either by scrunching your nose or curling your lip now and then *watch yourself in a mirror and perfect your cute smile*. See more ideas about Beautiful men, How to look better, Men. I love seeing couples with that giddy, almost-nauseatingly sweet interaction .. wearing matching coats as little old people holding hands .. don’t be so hung up on equality that you’re willing to demolish the fragile quality which our grandfathers felt toward our grandmothers. Bye flower buds! I am naturally shy, awkward and nervous around alot of people. Just like they love to be manly protectors, they also love to be handy. Because if it is, then I’m pretty sure that women can stand on both feet at the same time, speak at a normal volume, AND look a man in the eyes! That bright green or even a hazel type of color that is just a knockout for me. A cute girl is rather shy. If you get a compliment from a guy you like, it’s more than OK to blush. It was charming, delicate, hilarious and, especially today, RARE. I like qwirky guys so I would expect that they would also like it when I am the same way. Keep them by your sides, or even better, interlace your fingers in front of your tummy. It’ll work wonders in no time, and you’ll be more approachable and lovable just as soon as you try a few of these tips. The same goes for make up – if you want to dress in Barry anything and cake your face with make up because it makes you feel good and bad ass – do it! Thanks for reading this! I don’t really agree with this. I have read some horrible advise on the internet for girls, like being bitchy, and be bold, be a challenge which can get guys chasing you, but only for egotistical reasons not actually for you. He wants to know WHAT he is doing good at, so keep his confidence up and let him know what things he is so great at. side note to Anna “your body language and appearance” have nothing to do with your personality, if you don’t have the personality to back up what your saying with your body language, then its like a shinny car with no motor in it. Boom. I thought we had come a long way since then. Try a new hairstyle that makes your hair as soft as possible with as much flow and waves as you can get to make yourself look incredibly cute. Case closed. Instead, speak in a soft, low tone. 40. – You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this ensuring compliment. Adding special memories and experiences to your texts, reminds them of your special moments together. It’s actually really easy to be cute and I’m going to show you how. While giving a compliment to a guy, make sure that you do not overdo it. Live, learn and love life – then you’ll meet someone without these insane, outdated ‘tips’. I like to put on some perfume that I might not have had on for a while and watch his eyes light up when he catches a whiff of it :). Fragrances that smell sweet and fruity add to your cute persona. Then this is the compliment he wants to hear! [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]. It works best on girls who appear shy and endearing like Audrey Tautou, Kirsten Stewart or Natalie Portman, and may not work as well on a girl who behaves like Angelina Jolie. Sexy means you’re out there and confident in your sexuality. Take it from me (a 42 year old man) as soon as a woman is trying too hard she stands out for all the wrong reasons. If you’re smiling, you’re way easier for a guy to approach and talk to than if you’re frowning or not smiling at all. No reason to hide it. – No one has ever made me feel special the way to do. – They say nothing is perfect. I love the way you tell jokes. So, you should always compliment a guy on his looks, after all the effort he has put to look good for you. I’m busy. How To Text Your Girlfriend On Her Period – 22 Sweet Texts To Send Her. I think most guys that are in situations like these should feel that way. understand men. For a girl, compliments about her looks, her charming personality and great sense of style are always well received. I know my husband just about melts when he smells the sweet perfume that I wear occasionally. ), Many men will admit that the most beautiful thing about a woman is her smile. This is what makes me stop in my tracks and hit on that girl at the bus stop etc. Just like every woman loves respect, so does every man. Women always wait for the man to make the first move, crack jokes and ask questions. Analyze the situation, make your own changes and send him these texts and I’m sure he will love it. Lol but yes, I am a natuarlly shy girl. Better than just saying “You look nice in that”, this compliment is a bit more personalized and will definitely be a shirt (or tie, pair of pants) that you see more often. Be yourself… Of course they do. It’s not anything crazy or awkward, it’s actually super comfortable and natural. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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