Even though more irrefutable data is essential, some very conclusive observations regarding the benefits of Oolong tea in terms of aging, oral health, bone strength are already present. With just the right amount of grace from Green tea and feistiness from Black tea, Oolong sits comfortably between the two variants in terms of appearance, aroma, taste, and health benefits. Your email address will not be published. Oolong teas can be re-steeped up to eight times, which is one of their most notable characteristics; this also puts them higher on the price list, as they can be costlier than the traditional teas, like black or green. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'teahow_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',109,'0','0'])); The preparation of Oolong tea is an extensive, careful process that involves the following steps, Harvesting – Mostly made from the banji leaf, critically, it involves getting the right timing during the season and harvesting the leaf at just the right stage. Needless to say, the promising altitude, temperature, and soil produces excellent tea and makes Darjeeling a favorite among tea lovers. “The aroma of Oolong tea is simply an extension of its appearance and flavor”. Increased free radicals or ROS in the body can cause substantial damage to DNA thus resulting in a mutation. If you’ve never tried Oolong tea, then you probably don’t know what processing we’re talking about; processing refers to the tea leaves and their appearance. The wide array of health benefits we gain from tea is not surprising. The name ‘oolong’ (Chinese pronunciation is ‘wu-long’) actually means ‘black dragon’; the name is a reference to this tea’s appearance. The flexibility in flavor Oolong tea offers makes it a classic choice for Boba tea (Bubble tea) in Taiwan. Still have questions? Although best stored in a cool, dark place, this tea can also be refrigerated in an airtight container to keep it extremely fresh for longer. Oolong tea is typically stored in a non-glass airtight container. Oriental Beauty – this type of Oolong tea comes from Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. Just like wine or cheese, Oolong does in fact get better with age. A family-run tea estate who is self-admittedly obsessed with tea, they sow only 4 varieties of tea making sure every plant is nurtured carefully. Today one of the most expensive, pure variety from this region is sold at $19,000 for 500 grams (at the time of writing). This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Although inconclusive, there have been hundreds of studies on weight loss due to Oolong tea. Oolong tea is oxidized for a longer period than green tea, but shorter than black tea. I mean make me puke nasty. The tea leaves are roasted and then re-roasted to amplify the dark, nutty taste and smell. So you most definitely don’t need an elaborate Gongfu tea ceremony to enjoy the first-class experience this tea has to offer. So here they are – the best Oolong teas:-. Planted atop rocks, along the slopes of the mountainous regions. We wish you a wonderful first-time Oolong experience, and may each new Oolong tasting be as good as the first one. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'teahow_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_10',133,'0','0']));Some of the finest, best Oolong teas come from Fujian. To be more specific, for the beginners, this tea should have a fragrance of an orchid and a rock-like aftertaste, that is rather long-lasting. If you have a fancy tea set, we’d recommend you flaunt it. Your email address will not be published. This tutorial is for oolong tea. Yet another beautiful Oolong tea from Taiwan, Milk Oolong tea is as good as it sounds! Roasting (optional) –.This is an additional step to enhance the richness of flavor, the overall body, and texture further. For example, if we’re talking about the spring pick, then you can expect the tea to have a more flowery and sweet taste, like the Emperor’s Delight Oolong tea does. Giddapahar is a small village in Darjeeling, India. The taste of these teas can be extremely rich and deep, finished off perfectly with a fruity taste of dried plums. “Water is the mother of tea… This enables the phytonutrients to combine and mix. The taste of Taiwanese Oolong teas, however, does not only depend on the levels of oxidization, but also the season tea was picked. Required fields are marked *. The consequence being serious and potentially leading to cancer. So I tried it STRAIGHT.... and it is a million percent better!! what is your favorite drink in the morning? As you can probably tell, we share a deep passion for Oolong tea and we can’t stop talking about it…clearly. I'm sure that once you learn to prepare it in the right way, you will come to love it. Definitely spend a moment to admire the beauty of this process when the leaves slowly unravel …starting to look like little black dragons (which happens to be another popular name for Oolong tea). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. When it comes to the best Oolong Tea, this article will tell you everything about the humble impresser i.e. The aroma of Oolong tea is simply an extension of its appearance and flavor. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'teahow_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',139,'0','0']));Pair your Oolong with some honey, raw sugar, milk, lemon, or just plain. Steeping time depends upon the size and shape of the tea leaves and also your taste. Why does my bodum french press make much better coffee than my Mr Coffee coffeemaker? When it comes to other types of Oolong teas and their taste, we would point out the following ones; To experience Oolong tea for the first time is truly a blessing. Balance, in this case, refers to the harmony between heavy flavors and drying sensation on one hand, and lighter flavors and cooling sensations on the other hand. Although Green tea is spoken of highly in terms of benefits …due to its abundant antioxidants, the similarity Oolong tea has with Green tea results in similar beneficial properties. The variants from other regions of Southeast Asia are usually processed longer – resulting in deeper notes and appearance. how do you make this taste good? It has a recognizable honey-fruit aroma with a hint of spice, however, is completely additive-free and organically cultivated, harvested and processed. One of the primary reasons for cellular senescence is the accumulation of free radicals in the body. (For a description of different varieties of oolong tea… This Oolong, when steeped, has creamy, floral, and gentle notes that linger for the perfect amount of time in the mouth. (3). Let the leaves infuse for up to 3 minutes. The continued uncurling of the leaves together with repeated dilutions produce different flavor and scent each time. The taste of Taiwanese Oolong teas, however, does not only depend on the levels of oxidization, but also the season tea was picked. When it comes to the taste of the Wuyi Oolong, it is important to mention that the tasting difference between different Wuyi Oolongs is really hard to notice. For most oolong teas, the water temperature should be around 180-200º F, and should be steeped for less than 2 minutes. Drying – Additional evaporation takes place when the leaves are heated once more. Oolong tea can be aged for up to 40 years. If there is a borehole in Church Stretton Called Source 6 that supplies spring water for a supermarket to sell as mineral water, is it . Given the wide range of oxidation levels and exposure to the sun, it becomes challenging in terms of time, labor, and skill to make the perfect batch. Now that you’ve bought your tea from one of the Oolong teas listed above, let’s move on to how to make Oolong Teaeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'teahow_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_15',138,'0','0'])); The medley of flavors in Oolong tea allows a lot of flexibility in terms of preparation. so now i'm drinking it as ice tea. Traditionally, oolong tea is drunk without milk.. Why does my tea taste bad? Compression – An element of crushing and squashing must then take place, the rolled-up leaves are pushed firmly into a fabric sack and twisted and compressed down further by another machine. Starting off with the taste of fresh green leaves, it has a light floral and whipped taste closing with a lingering taste of sweetness. To neutralize such large amounts of free radicals, the introduction of external antioxidants becomes crucial. Wuyi yancha is the best-known variety of Wuyi Oolong, mostly because of its gentle, yet tingling taste and aftertaste. The complex flavor profiles it delivers are phenomenal and absolutely rewarding. This tea is less oxidized, therefore drawing similarities in flavor and appearance to Green tea. Yan Yun is translated as ‘rock- or cliff-rhyme’ and refers to the ‘rock’ and ‘floral’ aroma of the tea. If you’ve heard little to nothing about this wonder-tea, you’ve landed in the perfect place! You will know it’s the right temperature when you see intense bubbling. Traditional Taiwanese Oolong is also known as the High Mountain Oolong. The tea is so rich in flavor and completely mesmerizing in fragrance and aroma that only a few people in this world known how to truly appreciate. The milk-like flavor comes to be as a result of a specific oxidization time, and not as a result of the tea being infused by milk, as many imagine is the case. So..try it alone, or let the tea bag sit for a little less time to make it weaker. No matter what flavor and caffeine strength one prefers, Oolong tea has something for everyone. Taiwanese people prepare this delicious drink using freshly infused Oolong tea, milk, and Boba pearls. In fact, over time, the flavors become deeper and nuttier given the slow but steady oxidation that continues to occur.

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