It was perfect as is! I love the no food waste approach. A pleasure to make on a fall day and then to eat!!! If I get one someday, I will try that! Since my mother is diabetic, I use Stevia for the sweetener. For the sweetness, I use brown sugar and prefer a little fresh lemon juice, nutmeg and ginger. Applesauce is so easy to make. I added 1/4c of chia seeds when it was done cooking to make it even more nutritious! In its most basic form, you’ll need apples, water and sweetener. i love how your recipes are so delicious but inviting & approachable. ▸ Categories breakfast, budget friendly, Christmas, condiments, dips & sauces, dairy free, dessert, egg free, fall, gluten free, naturally sweetened, nut free, pack for lunch, recipes, snacks, soy free, Thanksgiving, tomato free, vegan, winter ▸ Ingredients apples, cinnamon, maple syrup, Vegetable enthusiast. Mash with a potato masher for a chunkier consistency or use an immersion blender to create a smoother apple sauce. (It's all free.). I always tend to take my apple haul from the year and make pies, but these would be a perfect part of my fall breakfasts :), I’m very curious about the additional of the vinegar and what that does to the flavor – need to try. It’s easy and delicious! I like to do it after they have cooled a little, but still are warm. Learn how to make delicious homemade applesauce! My daughter said it was so much better than store-bought. Then, add a tiny splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to liven it up. (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). You can make your own version based on your tastes, adjusting the measurements according to how many cups of apples you use. Hi! Applesauce is so easy to make. It’s also naturally sweetened with maple syrup or honey, to taste. Place the peeled, cored, quartered and chopped apples in a large pot. And the house smelled soooo good! This was delicious – thank you so much! I have been making homemade apple sauce for years and use a crockpot. Bonus? See our, Please let me know how it turned out for you! Feel free to add additional cinnamon or even a pinch of nutmeg, if desired. McIntosh, Golden Delicious, and Fujis are easy to find, inexpensive and work perfectly for homemade applesauce! Have you ever tried a food mill? 6 medium apples, peeled, cored, quartered and chopped into smaller chunks.). It was my first time making applesauce and me, my mom and my brother all loved it. My personal favorite is a slice of Cinnamon Rasin toast topped with this applesauce. © Cookie and Kate 2010 - 2020. Do try adding a tiny splash of apple cider vinegar next time; I think you’ll like it! Thank you! Your comments make my day. Aka mom, wife, chef, and travel-obsessed photographer. I really want to try this recipe! I make applesauce every year with crabapples from my tree. It offers a sweet and tangy touch that works perfectly with the flavor of grilled meat. Make it sugar free: Just omit the maple syrup for unsweetened applesauce. With only 4 ingredients and the bounty of apples available there is no reason why you can’t try this super easy recipe! I love this recipe – homemade tastes so much better than store bought! Delicious!!! Hello Kate, love your long curls! Serve warm or chilled; let it cool to room temperature before covering leftover applesauce and storing it in the fridge. I never make homemade applesauce enough, but I need to! It is so surprising how simple and inexpensive it is to create so many recipes like this! Why buy organic? I’m happy you enjoyed it, Beth! My mother always made applesauce that tasted like the best of the crisp apples fresh from the tree. I made this apple sauce tonight in prep for the Bircher muesli (in the fridge now) and my husband LOVED it. Thanks, Christine! I was concerned about it browning strangely due to not lemon juice or not freezing well but I agree it will be fine. I love a lot of your recipes and ideas. What is nice is that if you use apples with any red in the peel, you get a beautiful pink sauce :), Hey, Let me know what you think, Bec. I just love reading everyone’s versions. As for your question, after it has simmered for roughly 15 minutes (see end of step one) you are to remove pot from heat (step 2) and use the method you would like for your desired consistency. P.S. Home cooked Meals for every occasion. I cube the apples, leave the skin on, add water and toss directly into crockpot. Now I just need to learn how to make ice cream (like Michael Pollan says, “eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself!”) and I’ll be all set for desserts this summer! That will help steam it too so you don’t need as much water. Any sweet, crisp, tart apple works well. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe and i will try to make this at my Home! I’m glad you love it, Francesca. This was my first attempt at making applesauce, so maybe that explains it right thereha! I am not a good cook. In the last year, I’ve really gone back to “basics” and try to eliminate as many processed foods from our pantry as possible! We can it in pints or quarts.

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