The pH value of the organic soil should be around 6.5-7.5. Growing and Harvesting Ridge Gourds. Alkarty , 450/1 opposite main bus stand rithala New Delhi - 110085, Copyright © 2020, Alkarty Weeds are plants which exhibit one or more of the following characteristics like little or no recognized value as energy, medicine, nutritional or material. Ask Question. It is a creeper crop and has a habit of climbing and trailing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Take a container of your choice with drainage holes at the bottom. While packing those produce, leaves or newspapers can be spread on the products. They should be stored under shade. In 75 days you will be having lots of bottle gourds growing on the vine. Click here to know more. For ridge gourd farming drip irrigation methods are more beneficial. The seeds are sown 55-60 days after the harvest. The overly mature ridge gourds are fibrous and they are unfit for consumption. Each and every trellis should be counted till 12. Cultivars/Varieties of Growing Ridge Gourd: Soil and Climate Requirements for Growing Ridge Gourd: Land Preparation and Planting for Growing Ridge Gourd: Propagation Method for Growing Ridge Gourd: Manure and Fertilization Method in Growing Ridge Gourd: Irrigation Methods in Growing Ridge Gourd: Flowering and Pollination in Growing Ridge Gourd: Intercultural Methods in Growing Ridge Gourd: Pest and Disease Control Measures In Growing Ridge Gourd: Harvesting Techniques in Growing Ridge Gourd: Post Harvesting Techniques in Growing Ridge Gourd: Pumpkin Cultivation Practices, Growing Methods, Radish Cultivation, Planting Methods Informaiton, Growing Pears In India, Cultivation Practices Guide, Loquat Cultivation, Planting, Growing Techniques, Jackfruit Cultivation, Planting, Growing Methods, Growing Olives, Cultivation Practices For Beginners, Anjeer Cultivation (Fig), Practices, Planting Methods, Amla Cultivation (Gooseberry), Planting Methods, Potato Chips Business – A Beginners Guide, 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report and Business Plan, Commercial Mango Cultivation – A Garden Guide, Commercial Sunflower Production Information, Jasmine Flowers Growing Indoors Information, Sweet Orange Cultivation and Planting Methods, Growing Sugarcane and Cultivation Practices, Dairy Management Practices – A Beginners Guide, Bell Pepper Growing (Capsicum) Information, Growing Watermelon, Cultivation, Planting Guide, Improving Soil Fertility – A Role of Organic Matter, Pig Farming Basics, Housing, Feed, Breeding, Growing Passion Fruit, Planting Techniques, Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers / Indoors, Growing Mangoes In Containers Information, Growing Guava Fruit – A Profitable Business, Rose Apple Farming (Java Apple, Wax Apple), Cultivation, Growing Lemon Grass In India, Cultivation Methods, Paddy Cultivation Information For Beginners, Coconut Oil Production – A Beginners Guide, Barley Production Information For Beginners, Hydroponic Tomato Cultivation, Cost and Profits, Rosemary Cultivation, Planting Methods For Beginners, Eggplant Growing (Brinjal) – A Beginners Guide, Profitable Quail Farming Business For Beginners, Growing Tamarind Fruit From Seeds,Cultivation Practices, Growing Tea Plants Procedure For Beginners, Geranium Farming, Cultivation, Growing Methods, Strawberry Production, Planting, Harvesting Guide, Growing Moringa In Pots / Containers / Backyards, Indigenous Cow Breeds of India and Their Importance, Mushroom Business Information For Beginners, Plant Nursery Business – A Beginners Guide, Tulsi Cultivation Practices, Planting Methods Guide. Weed Control Measures in Growing Ridge Gourd: The weeds among the crops are difficult to kill because it may also harm the neighboring crops, but weed control is a very important agricultural practice. It is cultivated in the summer and rainy seasons. The following information is about “Growing Ridge Gourd and Cultivation Practices”. Our main motive is to provide the best service in the industry. By the way, the most suitable time for Planting Ridge Gourd is before beginning summer and before the beginning of winter.

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