I'm mostly vegetarian. However, in Zone 9B you can either grow it in a container to bring indoors during cold weather - or plant in a protected area. Sure, you could grow it year-round if you’re located someplace like Arizona. I actually am growing ginger with other plants now and there seems to be no problems. If you are able to choose in person, select a root (or roots) that is on the large side and healthy, 4 to 6 inches long, with multiple “fingers” extending from it. Once temperatures climb above freezing again, all you have to do is set your plant out on the stoop or porch. Although these plants don't mind dry conditions, they'll look their best with regular irrigation timed so that the soil has a chance to dry out between waterings. See our article on growing ginger indoors for more tips. Place them 4 to 5 feet apart and allow at least 4 feet between a ginger and the nearest shrub. As for tomatoes I don’t know yet. Long story short, yes, you can grow ginger practically anywhere. Growing these two roots is so easy and rewarding. A minimum of a week’s rest is pretty typical. During the warm seasons, you will enjoy this perennial’s dark green narrow leaf blades, and although not as showy as ornamental gingers, it will occasionally produce green oblong stalks with white and dark red fragrant flowers. Ginger actually grows wild in some parts of the Philippines,so you may luck out. Pingback: Amazing Secrets Of This Forgotten Kitchen Spice | Off The Grid News. Set the flowering ginger in a south- or west-facing window when growing indoors and turn them 180 degrees every other day so the sun reaches all areas uniformly. 1 inch or less; lightly add soil over rhizomes as they grow and multiply. According to the USDA Hardiness Zones map, if the answer is “yes” and you live in growing zone 8 or lower, you were probably disappointed to find that your ginger didn’t sprout back up when you checked it in the spring. Growing ginger in Florida is easy. No trimming is needed other than to do a warm-weather pruning for size and/or to remove a dead leaf now and then. They have few or no pests, grow in so-so soil, like the shade and they’re good for you. Check out sweet potatoes – another ideal North Florida crop for lazy gardeners like me! I live in central Florida (zone 9B/10A) and any of my gingers that naturally go dormant usually begin around October, November. See our TOS for more details. If you plant ginger in pots, use a fertilizer created for container plants. If you do have a South Florida garden, or one in a similar climate, you can grow these ginger plants that flower and enjoy the blooms without much effort. The soil or medium should stay constantly moist to a depth of 1 inch or more. 13 of the Best Okra Varieties for Your Vegetable Patch, How to Plant and Grow the Glorious Marigold, See our article on growing ginger indoors, How to Grow and Care for Columbine Flowers, How to Identify and Control Bot Rot on Apple Trees, Types of Tulip Flowers: 15 Beautiful Divisions, Integrated Pest Management: What It Is and How to Use It, 11 of the Best Cantaloupe Cultivars to Grow at Home, Leave the Butchery Behind: How to Properly Prune Crape Myrtle Trees, 15 Flowering Ground Covers to Meet Landscaping Challenges. However, flowering ginger grows vigorously, quickly invading uncultivated areas and encroaching on adjacent plant life. It works as a surround for trees or palms, a filler for a corner bed, or an anchor plant for a mixed garden. In order to have delicious, pungent cooking ginger of your very own that’s ready to harvest when you need it, it’s going to have to be quite mobile. Forget first frost. You have chosen to donate $5.00 monthly.

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