What did you learn from your time away from Apple that allowed you to be successful the second time around? With Steve Jobs there is lots to talk about and a lot that I don’t know about him, which is all fine. Steve Jobs used the autocratic leadership style to ensure that his employees delivered products customers wanted. … Steve Job’s leadership skills contributed to turning Apple into one of the biggest tech giants. Join my mailing list for tips on people-centered leadership, EOS® implementation, and key leadership skills. Steve, thanks for trying again and not giving up. Jobs micromanaged the Macintosh project and insisted that it be ready for the market in twelve months (Howell, 2013). Often we forget that he lost his job at Apple and went on … EOS Integrators: Everyone should be in a great weekly meeting, For Visionaries: 2 Tips to Maximize Your Impact, Especially for Visionaries: 3 Things to Watch and Listen for Now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeYHqqQhfbI. After years of working with leaders to achieve growth through focusing on their people, I've compiled some of my most commonly given advice and tools in this book. Just as Steve Jobs was synonymous with Apple and Jeff Bezos is synonymous with Amazon, Elon Musk has become synonymous with space travel … What I admire about Steve Jobs is that he did not quit, and much of his success came after he had been fired from his own company. Beyond his cultural and technological contributions, Jobs offers leadership lessons that can be gleaned from his own words. Do you believe your people are a fundamental part of leading toward growth? PMB #211 Steve Jobs is the central person of all. Steve’s superior personality and charisma pulled employees closer to him. Get a free copy of my top 28 tips for developing as a people-centered leader. p: 616.405.1018 It was partly because I was interested in seeing it and partly because I wanted to hear my kids complain for years about what a crazy Dad they had. Below are five lessons from his quotes. 4 Common Leadership Traits in Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. I do know enough about his career to see some special accomplishments. March 8, 2018 By Eric Geiger. I left wondering – That was it? Later, John Sculley became the company’s chief executive officer, but Steve Jobs retained the leadership position of the company. There are certainly lots of worries about not having him leading Apple. They provide insight into the Steve Jobs’ “operating system” for life. He was firm on having his ideas implemented at Apple and seemed determined to show his power (Howell, 2013). For example, the head of the company may very well act in certain situations and fail in others. Have A Vision He can show his leadership qualities only in appropriate situations. In a quick summary, George Burns said he “was tall” and Ronald Reagan said he “made great movies”.

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