My γιαγια (yia yia is grandma in Greek) used to love summer because eggplant was in season and she would cook her favorite Greek dish, moussaka, and other dishes containing eggplant from July onwards. Because of its geographical location, Greece has been an important part of the Roman trade routes, and hence, the people of Greece had a chance to meet and understand people and their cultures from far away. While each Greek meal is fresh and inviting, it is also a trip back through Greece's history. Much of what we know about food from Ancient Greece is derived from literature, art, and recovered artifacts. setTimeout( Wine was the main drink in ancient Greece. The first is the “symposium” which was designated only for men. Sample them in a traditional Greek dish along with a glass of ouzo. This has strongly affected the Greek cuisine. History of Moussaka. The Greeks drove cattle before them, and on their carts they ferried the most venerated food of their native land: honey, as well as the bees to produce it. Men and women didn’t even eat together and often, men were given best food. The cuisine of Crete has had a very strong influence over Greek cooking, but that doesn’t mean other regions don’t also have a great selection of scrumptious foods to choose from! Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { While Greek cooking has influenced and been influenced by other cultures, as have the cuisines of most countries, of all of those countries, Greece must be foremost in the ranks of having a "fusion" cuisine which is easily traced back to 350 B.C. Please reload CAPTCHA. I would add that many dishes I had from … They served as both a kind of aristocratic club and as a military mess. Lunch was again bread dipped in wine along with some olives, figs, cheese or dried fish. Image from: Pancakes, or tiganithes, were a popular breakfast and were made from wheat or barley flour, curdled milk, and olive. Once admin approves your comment it will then be listed on the website. Beef and pork were only available to poor people during religious festivals. Water was another possible choice as a drink. Greek food is simple and elegant, with flavors subtle to robust, textures smooth to crunchy, fresh and timeless, nutritious and healthy. To a large degree, vegetarian cuisine can be traced to foods and recipes which originated in Greece. Food choices for these parties were more elaborate than regular, daily eating. }, Additionally, Greek cuisine can be more diverse than Australian cuisine, (a greater variety of foods). Vineyards cover much of Greece's hilly terrain and the country has become known for its array of fine wines and spirits, most notably ouzo, an anise-flavored liqueur that is the national spirit. Ancient Greek food depended a lot on fish and bread, olive oil and wine. Greece is a nation of small farmers who produce an incredible array of mainly organically produced cheeses, oils, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, and vegetables, supplemented by an array of greens and herbs that grow in the wild. In the middle ages, monastic brothers who prepared food in the Greek Orthodox monasteries wore tall white hats to distinguish them in their work from the regular monks, who wore large black hats. When you’re next in Greece, or even at your local Greek restaurant, try something new – you might find a new favourite food. Household slaves also ate separately from the rest of the family. It’s probably not surprising to learn that modern Greek cuisine has its roots in ancient Greece. The ABS - CBN News visits Cyma, a top quality restaurant for Greek cuisine. Breakfast was eaten just after sunrise and consisted of bread dipped in wine. This is owing to its extensive use of fruit and vegetables, mixed in with a good amount of protein from meat and nuts. In cities, fresh vegetables were expensive. Every country in the world has its own cuisine. It was so important to the economy in Ancient Greece that people referred to it as “liquid gold”. Because Greece is pretty dry compared to the UK, they don’t really eat beef all that much – lamb and goats are more popular. The Greek diet consisted of foods that were easily raised in the rocky terrain of Greece’s landscape. Greeks really only have a small arsenal of seasonings: oregano, bay leaves, basil, and dill. However, if you go to Greece, it’s so much more than that! As seen above, there have been many influences to Greek Cuisine from history monuments, such as the Roman War and extension of the Greek Empire. Time limit is exhausted. Milk was rarely drunk, because again, it was considered barbaric. Following a meal, the men would sit and drink. But how has Greek food managed to remain so healthy? Greek people are masters at creating simple and delicious dishes using fresh, local ingredients and this is a tradition that began in Ancient Greece. Though it was pretty common for the Ancient Greeks to eat meals with friends and family, they also had two unique types of parties. fifty four A resident of Greece, Nancy Gaifyllia is a cook who writes about the country's regional specialties. However, we can also learn the advancement of food in Greece. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_78"); Another similarity is the  eating method. The gyro as we know it more or less today first arrived in Greece in 1922, with the hundreds of thousands of Greek and Armenian refugees from Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). It’s based upon wheat, olive oil, and wine, although the last past is probably where it falls down a little bit! Food in Ancient Greece . Supper was the main meal of each day. The trade route not only introduced various cultures to the people of Greece, but it also brought in the knowledge of various commodities that were being traded off, spices being the major one. Dinner was more elaborate and included things like meat, breads, vegetables, fruits, and occasionally sweets following the meal. This blog is dedicated to exploring Greek food and culture, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and traveling Greece. Olive oil became highly prized and was traded to other countries. Written by in Ancient Greek History At the time, the Greeks loved wine so much, they even worshipped Dionysius, who was the god of wine. While each Greek meal is fresh and inviting, it is also a trip back through Greece's history. It is believed that the decline in wine cultivation in the country began under the Ottoman empire. Although the Greek diet has lots of fatty olive oil, the fat in olive oil is unsaturated, meaning it doesn’t clog up your arteries in the same way that butter or lard does. With 20 percent of Greece made up of islands - and no part of the Greek mainland more than 90 miles from the sea - fish and seafood are a popular and common part of the Greek diet. function() { An Introduction to Greek Food and Greek Cooking. Much like we do today, the Ancient Greeks took their meals while sitting on chairs at the table. Guests would recline on couches while low tables held food or game boards. We can learn the different types of food and ingredients in Greek cuisine. Lots of new herbs and spices came to Greece. Lunch often consisted of cheese, fruits and vegetables, eggs, or fish. There are many differences between Greek and Australian cuisine. Generally, junk food like greasy pizza and chips in Greece isn’t nearly as popular as it is in the UK. Snacks and street food, called kolatsio, are another famous Greek food tradition. Scriptures suggest that wine was considered as a gift from the Gods, and wine drinking festivals were held in order to honor the God Dionysus, a creature with the mind of a man and the instincts of a beast. It consisted of vegetables, fruit, fish, and possibly honey cakes. Greek people thought food separated people from gods: people cooked their food and ate it, but gods lived on smoke and nectar from sacrifices. Introduction to Latin Caribbean Culinary Tastes, Spain's Food and the 6 Different Culinary Regions, Where to Buy Greek Foods and Ingredients Online. Let’s see what the origins of this delicious diet are. Lunch often consisted of cheese, fruits and vegetables, eggs, or fish. })(120000); Greek Cookbook. ISBN 0-7271-0287-7. However, one thing still holds true for the Greek cuisine, and that’s the focus on authentic ingredients of high quality, and the passion for food in general. Lunch was again bread dipped in wine along with some olives, figs, cheese or dried fish. Spanakopita, a spinach and cheese pie, is another well-known example of kolatsio. Now, more ingredients have been added to round out the flavor palette. What differs are some of the recipes and the rituals and customs that surround mealtimes. After the meal, a libation would start the drinking. To a large degree, vegetarian cuisine can be traced to foods and recipes which originated in Greece. Back in the 18-19th century, food was very simple and people from Greek decided that the conditions were ideal to grow some herbs/vegetables/fruits and cook some basic Greek food. Generally, they ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an occasional snack. These factors have greatly changed how Greek Food has been made in modern eras. Also, the fact that many products are grown locally, and the dishes are still fairly simple, yet executed to perfection. First she set for them a fair and well made table that had feet of cyanus; On it there was a vessel of bronze and an onion to give relish to the drink, with honey and cakes of barley meal.— Homer, Iliad Book XI Greece is located in the southeast of Europe, and is surrounded by countries like Albania, Bulgaria, and on its two sides, it is surrounded by water bodies, namely the Aegean Sea and the Lonian Sea.

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