be. “The 1960s were where they featured performances by many of the most famous rock acts of the time. Privacy is important to us. The World’s Largest Dealer in Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Posters. Moscoso had approached the owners of The Matrix (the San Francisco rock club where major bands like The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother & The Holding Company played), offering to give the club 200 free posters for each Matrix show if he could print as many others as he could afford, and sell them. Eidgenossisches Turnfest in Basel, 1912, Stoner, Official United States War Films (Infantrymen), 1917. © 1999-2008 Dennis King / © All Rights Reserved. it been so easy for so many to create posters...yet few have become masters The puzzle passes are the most popular, along with the one from Jerry Garcia’s last show at Soldier Field and the shows that many Dead followers deem to be the finer performances of the band. Psychedelic Poster Art promoted 1960s & 70s live music concerts at hundreds of venues. $11.98 $ 11. After a series of highly successful shows, Graham was forced to close the venue in the aftermath of 1989’s Loma Prieta Earthquake, in which The Fillmore was severely damaged. Vanity blotter is a term we use to describe most of the blotter seen on eBay and blotter websites. An extremely gifted artist as well, Cheret ushered in that age by creating more than 1000 posters over a 30 year career. because they spread the word far beyond any one show, they were part of the New and used 12" vinyl spanning of 100 years of music recording. All posters of rocks’ early years (‘55-‘65) were done in a “boxing Polya Tibor, Mindenki Az Uj Nemzedeket Olvassa (Everyone Reads The New Generation), 1910 ca. the posters because the art was not subject to commercialization. The history of rock concert posters started in the 1960s in San Francisco, a poster was made for almost every show during that era. which they had created quickly spread to the major metropolitan areas of the We are pleased to offer many pieces designed and signed by Grimshaw, who happens to be one of our favorite artists. A new illustration style, one which borrowed freely from Surrealism, Pop Art and Expressionism, was more relaxed and intuitive and the first wave of a Post-Modernist sensibility. The concert posters of Josef Muller-Brockmann represent the classical apotheosis of this style - cool, elegant and systematically abstract. Aquarius NMR Woodstock Max Yasgurs Farm Concert Poster 24x36 Inch. Appealing to the Swiss sense of precision, the Sachplakat, or Object Poster Style, developed in the Twenties but blossomed during WWII and the early Fifties in the Basel area. Shows such as “Cure of Souls”, held at the Psychedelic Solution in New York in 1988 and “Timothy Leary in Wonderland”, held at Artrock in 1995 started the hobby. Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration - July 27. Thank you for visiting our Web site. The early BG posters were printed on vellum paper and are very difficult to find in top condition today. A brief history of rock posters from the 1950's through the present. The art form thrived and influenced artists the world Bearing multiple influences including the Pre-Raphaelites, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and Byzantine art - this flowering, ornate style became the major international decorative art movement up until World War I. Gilbert Shelton, Jim Franklin, Michael Priest, Guy Juke, and Ken Featherston were the primary poster artists for the three venues. And the world's best concert streaming service featuring historic performances from hall of fame artists. were daring and highly experimental in their use of color and in their use of Rejecting Grande/Gibb items tend to be very scarce when compared to the Bill Graham or Family Dog series. Despite cross-pollination, distinctive national styles also became apparent - Dutch posters were marked by restraint and orderliness; Italian posters by their drama and grand scale; German posters for their directness and medieval influence. Fueled by a curious mix of psychedelia, pop culture and of the new tools. So cool and retro. Punk rocker and poet Henry Rollins dubbed Emek “the thinking man's poster artist.” In Emek’s posters, psychedelic 60s imagery collides with 90s post-industrial iconography. graphics and craftsmanship. collectors and part-time afficcianados pursuing these objects of their affection. for their beauty;  but, because they capture the raw and authentic look of rocks Poster as a wedding announcement. the smooth, finished look and style of their contemporaries, Punk artists embraced Original Vintage Postersfrom around the GlobeOur 26th Year, Jules Cheret, Librarie Ed. Mouse  1987. epitome of hippie culture. Minimalized naturalism and emphasis on flat colors and shapes made their work the next step towards creating an abstract, more modern visual language. The artists of the international typographic style of design believed that it was the most effective tool for communication and their contributions to the field of design arose from the effort to perfect the poster. They were contrast with the art of rocks’ earlier era. Vintage Rock Posters - Concert Poster Art. direction, (in the early work) It was wild and wide . Vintage comic books titles from your favorite classic comic series. We just wanted them to be. The posters stylized, LSD blotter traces it’s roots to the late 1960’s, shortly after LSD became illegal. Unique retro and vintage graphic t-shirts featuring your favorite bands. the time was ripe for a return to small intimate venues. By 1900, Art Nouveau had lost much of its dynamism through sheer imitation and repetition. Emek posters have advertised performances by B.B. Stan Galli, Chicago - United Air Lines (Mies Building), 1955, Herbert Leupin, Bianca ... abends und morgens, 1946. In, Despite cross-pollination, distinctive national styles also became apparent -. On the same level was Erik Nitsche's "Atoms for Peace" series of spectacular posters for the first International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy. was within arm's reach. At Wolfgang's you'll find the world's finest concert Posters, Photography, Clothing and Concert Recordings all in one place. Unlimited streaming of the world's greatest live concert recordings. Many classic designs exist in this category and famous artists such as R. Crumb, Alex Gray, Thom Lyttle and Alexander Shulgin created pieces in this genre. The last gasp of the lithographic poster occurred in Switzerland, where the government heavily promoted the printing industry and poster excellence. 1964. All of the Russ Gibb and Grande Ballroom items are included in Eric King’s book and are designated as G/G items. small runs, instantly leveled the playing field and created an entire generation Bill Graham’s numbered poster series began in 1966 with BG-1, which advertised Jefferson Airplane at The Fillmore Auditorium. It continues to operate today, offering the best of the current popular music, and showcasing the talents of today’s poster artists. Graham Series there were 289 numbered posters.) Many memorable shows were promoted here by Russ Gibb and they are well represented by the stunning art of Gary Grimshaw, Carl Lundgren, David Carlin, Donnie “Dope” Forsyth and others. The craze for this sort of graphic art mirrored the demand for vintage posters in Paris during the late 19th century. He has been featured on television shows and in magazines—MTV, Fuse, VH1, Alternative Press, and Juxtapoz. forged and enhanced the new music form. The beginning of vintage rock posters starts in 1955. Russ Gibb also helped to promote shows that were held at other venues such as the St. Louis Pop Festival, the Detroit Pop Festival and the Cincinnati Pop Festival. Its artists delighted in making everyday objects into giant icons, utilizing spectacular Swiss printing to create wonderful trompe l'oeil effects.

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