Contrast Sensor -- CNTX-30-T, Optical Mirrors - Along with our sglux UV sensors and probes, Boston Electronics now offers the UV industry the best of breed UV detection and light sources. High stability long-life and high-intensity deuterium lamps. The Hoenle LED Spot 100 HP IC is a high intensity homogeneous light source which offers an intense UV irradiation over a large area. Coupled with irradiance in the critical UV-C wavelengths that is two orders of magnitude higher than packaged LEDs. Each LED device is then packaged to allow electrical connection, thermal management, and physical protection. Autoinhibition in the photolysis of iodide ions. Gold or Aluminum Reflective Coatings Two metallic reflective coating options are available. MetaBright? FT. Photostability Temperature and Humidity Chamber -- Series 9134, Color Sensors - Phoseon Technology is the leader in UV LED solutions for Life Sciences and Industrial Curing applications. The UV40A-PS power supply drives the UV40A1 UV Source which is used for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS). The square light-emitting aperture of the LED Spot, Description: ©2020 Copyright Phoseon Technology. Description: Off-Axis Replicated Parabolic Mirrors, Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms - SPECTRONICS BLE-150CS-115/M BLE150CS115M REPLACEMENT UV BULB 115V; LIGHT SOURCE:-; LAMP BASE TYPE:-; INPUT POWER:150W; INPUT VOLTAGE:115VAC; SUPPLY VOLTAGE:115V AVAILABLE SURPLUS NEVER USED SURPLUS 2 YEAR RADWELL WARRANTY, Description: Using the latest material and process technologies, Heraeus new lamps combine lifetime more than 2,000 hours with unmatched output stability and intensity over their entire life. The unit also features a built in timer and automatic standby mode. Design criteria: Accelerated Weather UV test machine, Description: Brookline, MA 02445 7823289, High Intensity Discharge Lamps - samples. is a premium. High detection speed, 25-microsecond discrete output response. UV-LEDs are great for curing and hardening in industrial applications such as printing and manufacturing. Hoenle LED Spot 100 HP IC Compact Flood Unit -- HOLA10025, UV Curing Equipment - The HP-120i is a high-intensity short arc light source for quick UV spot curing within seconds. The UV-C portion represents wavelengths from 200 nm – 280 nm, the wavelength used in our LED disinfection products. The 16S is used to expose materials to high intensity UV simulating years of sunlight exposure in a few days. mately 6 inches away from a high intensity UV light source (Hanovia 400 W Mercury Arc Lamp) and irradiated for 2 h. The UV LEDs light source was replaced by a higher intensity UV light source (Ultra Violet 350nm - Compact Fluorescent L Type 18 Watt 7863252, Stroboscope Instruments - All Rights Reserved. Hoenle LED Spot 40 IC Compact Flood Unit -- HOLA10023, Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms - Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver page, Zero-flow friendly does not promote fouling, Polychromatic (200-300nm) Monochromatic (254 nm). Ultra-High Intensity UV Inspection Lights. Typical UV light source emission wavelengths range from ultraviolet (UV-C 100-280nm, UV-B: 280-315nm, UV-A 315-400nm) to visible light (400-700nm) and infrared (700-3000nm). Includes a Honle carry case and mains adapter. treatment of stretch marks. of Thermal Expansion (CTE): 36 to 39 µin/in-F, Features: Electrical Insulation / Dielectric Material, Encapsulanting / Potting, Laminating / Composites, Non-corrosive Cure, Thermal Insulation / Heat Insulating, Coeff. E-Mail: To achieve uniform irradiation, the lamp power is stabilized. , low cost calibrations. Description: Key Features Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity and Air Flow controlled with consistent precision through the years Adaptive future proof, Description: Heraeus FiberLight® Xe efficiently convert electrical energy into high intensity light flashes. UV represents wavelengths that fall between visible light and x-ray on the electromagnetic spectrum. The UVS 40A2 is designed so that a continuous gas flow is maintained through the discharge region. Function via Photochromic Dyes: All adjustable parameters are clearly displayed on the large front-panel LCD and precisely controlled via digital encoders. Activity, Gel-sol synthesis of surface-treated TiO2 nanoparticles and incorporation with waterborne acrylic resin systems for clear UV protective coatings.

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