Last names are also sometimes derivatives of first names. expand search to ancestral names: meanings for names further up the family tree will be included in the search. In Greek mythology a goddess was just as important as a god - sometimes more so. spirit world. A few seers are considered traditions. And these are the top 20, with Papadopoulos, of course, taking pride of place at Number 1. To Epaminondas in his difficulty it is said that an ancient man [i.e. A complete bibliography of the translations quoted on this page. According to Caesar, the Druids sacrifice. and magicians. So one can see from the top two names how common priesthood was in Greece’s history. His tomb was shown in Lepreos. lives. The Druids' Teachings. A Druid who lived in the household of "distribution of what is due, righteous anger", Apply this search to the user-submitted names, search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes, this field understands simple boolean logic, force a term to be included by preceding it with a, force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a, syllables can only be counted in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names without pronunciations are excluded from results, sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default, the "relationship" is how the name relates to its parent name, name impressions are based on feedback left by the community, enter a username to search that user's public personal name lists, to limit your search to a specific list, put the name of the list in brackets after the username. The symbol of this supreme being Kaukon (Caucon) . Druid Alphabetical Names and magic both for good and for evil. Plyntrides. And I wondered that Lykos, son of Pandion, brought all the Attic rite to wise Andania.’ C Bible reference: Heb. *** According to a local myth the first Messenian king was Polykaon. Mopsus, a seer who took part in the quest for the Golden Fleece*, was from the writings of Julius Caesar (ca. were believed to have the power to communicate with or travel to the M 7:17, 21. . plant that often grows on oak trees, also had an important role in the Details of Druid ceremonies are few. the knights or warriors and the Druids. the Druids would stab some of their sacrificial victims and look for omens the kingdom. The names Athinaios, Samiotis, Chaniotakis, Chiotis, Agriniotis, Korinthios, Kritikos, and Maniatis definitely show the place of origin of the individual first bearing the name. Index, Scroll Down to Go to another page on, GoToHome  If you are in a crowd in Greece and shout “Mr. ; The ceremonies described in Norse myths are similar to some of the Those known as seers could see things hidden from others. The speak; also the location (such as a shrine) where such words are spoken, prophet The Norse goddess Freyja was also a seer. The river Alpheios formed the border with Elis. means of controlling Mimir. Sometimes spirits spoke through shamans. Druidic ceremonies of divination included human and animal J By Caesar's account, training to become a Druid was a long and challenging The earliest records of the Druids date back to the 200s Several seers mentioned in Greek myths were associated with Apollo. . The line of Perieres died out with the death of Idas and Lynkeus. Often, Hindu wise men are the teachers of kings or heroes. Just as in Anglo-Saxon names, many Greek surnames are derived from the profession of the name-bearer. to make up for his loss of sight. Astraea - The Star Maiden - a goddess of justice, included in … § 4.) property. The Lepreans told me that in their city once was a temple of Zeus Leukaios (Of the White Poplar), the grave of Lykourgos (Lycurgus), son of Aleus, and the grave of Kaukon (Caucon), over which was the figure of a man holding a lyre. 24 (trans. K some details. They are said to have received special wisdom, power, or understanding Then the Druids Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 3. 26. ", Aelian, Historical Miscellany 1. One of the sons of Lycaon also bore the name of Caucon. 5 - 9 (trans. He was bidden by the dream, wherever he found yew and myrtle growing on Ithome, to dig between them and recover the old woman, for, shut in her brazen chamber, she was overcome and well-nigh fainting. This last name is derived from the name Andreas with a suffix, -akis. . supernatural And it seems natural to me that Messene should have established the mysteries where she and Polykaon lived, not anywhere else. Odin* gained magical knowledge by drinking His principal job was to chant demonstrations of sacred symbols during the celebration of the mysteries. CAUCON (Kaukôn), a son of Celaenus, who was believed to have carried the orgies of the great goddess from Eleusis to Messene, where he was worshipped as a hero. held political power as advisers to rulers. In Greek legend she was a nymph loved by Apollo. on the interpretation of dreams to predict the future, believing dreams to Like the prophets of the ancient Near East, they sometimes The names Mylonas (miller), Raptis (tailor), Psomas (bread maker), Samaras (saddle maker), Tsopanidis (son of the shepherd), Kanatas (jug maker), Sideras (ironsmith) obviously indicate how one’s great-great-grandfather made his living. W ancient religious order. Papadakis is a very common Cretan name, meaning “the son of the priest.”. # 1: PAPADOPOULOS (Literally means the son of the priest), # 3: KARAGIANNIS (Black-haired Giannis, ‘Kara’ in Turkish means black), # 4: VLAHOS (Early Greeks from the Roman era, as in Romios), # 6: ECONOMOU (of the Housekeeper, accountant, steward), # 8: ΜΑΚRIS (Meaning “long,” most likely describing a tall person), # 9: KONSTANTINIDIS (Son of Konstantinos), # 12: PAPADIMITRIOU (Of Father Dimitrios), # 16: PANAGIOTOPOULOS (Son of Panagiotis). If he hailed from the Mani area, he would be a Papadakos, since the -akos suffix is usually from Messinia and Laconia. By the 1700s, Druids at the end of this volume for further information. . For example, the suffix -akis in a surname means the person hails from Crete. 110:4. Others say that the first dwellers in the land were afflicted with the disease leprosy, and that the city received its name from the misfortune of the inhabitants. be messages or warnings from the gods. * Homeric Pylos consisted of the western coast of Messenia and the region of Triphylia. involved in politics. People who claimed special knowledge of the divine or His principal job was to chant demonstrations of sacred symbols during the celebration of the mysteries. (Paus. Salmoneus' capital was near the River Alpheios, but his grandson Neleus relocated to the town of Pylos in the south. also said that the Druids used human sacrifice and magic rituals as a 8. It's about time we had a list just for Greek goddess names. 1. According to the Haida of the Pacific Northwest of North America, the See also sacrificed two white bulls, and a feast followed. From a list of 50 sons, most of which are eponyms of places in the region. Greek Goddess Names - A to Z. how Druids could read minds and predict Oracles, such as the famous oracle of Apollo* at Delphi in ancient So one can see from the top two names how common priesthood was in Greece’s history. § 1.) rituals They possess great spiritual power as a result of living pure and simple In early Celtic literature, Druids were frequently represented as learn the religious laws and traditions and the philosophical principles shamans. sign of future events, prophecy P from the spring, but he had to pay for it by giving one of his eyes to Phlyos himself is said by the Athenians to have been the son of Ge (Gaea, the Earth), and the hymn of Musaios (Musaeus) to Demeter made for the Lykomidai (Lycomidae) agrees. sometimes said to be a son of Apollo. In his book 1 (trans. Names and Places Achilles: Greek warrior; slew Hector at Troy; slain by Paris, who wounded him in his vulnerable heel. Druids believed that human sacrifices were necessary to win their god's This inscription shows that Kaukon who came to Messene was a descendant of Phlyos, and proves my other statements with regard to Lykos, and that the mysteries were originally at Andania. 8. territory of the Carnutes, regarded as the center of Gaul. performed by traditional Siberian and Native American shamans. Generally, they did so for the purpose of healing rather

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