If you order other things other than the sampler box, you will be charged for shipping. You asked and we delivered! Testimonials . It did achieve the proper consistency after toasting. Great Low Carb Sub Rolls 12oz Bag of 2 (foot longs). Everything was fantastic, from the bread which toasts up awesome, to the bagels which are great with grass-fed butter or whipped cream cheese, to the cookies that were soft and just sweet enough, to the pasta which made having Alfredo sauce a thing of the now and not of the past!! Your email address will not be published. We put together a “best of” sampler pack of our most popular products! I did enjoy the brownie and cookie, I thought they tasted really good. (verified owner) – October 19, 2018. Sign Up Now. Required fields are marked *. (verified owner) – December 15, 2019. These are well made and taste delicious. Gina Rated 4.60 out of 5 $ 22.05. Add to Wishlist . I boiled on high for 10 minutes, but never quite reached the proper al-dente texture. We invite you to create an account with us if you like or shop as a guest. After dinner that evening we split the Paleo Chocolate Chunk cookie, Loved the texture and flavor. Like the plain bread, it had a slightly grainy texture, but it was overall quite good. Plain Bread Loaf (1 net carb per slice), Everything Bagels(6 bagels) (2 net carbs per Bagel), Fettuccine Pasta 8oz bag (7 net carbs per 2oz), 1 Chocolate chunk Paleo cookie (2 net carbs) and a chocolate brownie (3 net carbs) and we’ll include USPS priority (2-3 day shipping) for only $35.00 all in! The fettuccine wasn’t bad. yari8525 And they are really good. I ordered the cinnamon bread everything bread everything bagel brownie almond bar and all the pasta along with special assortment pack. Overall A. I check my ketone levels once daily, and have maintained ketosis after eating these items. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. Sign Up Now. Thank you, Christina First impressions: the bread had a yeasty scent and feel to it, it was soft and pliable as bread should be. Love it ! Laura D. Overall rating A. Everything went directly into the freezer. An amazing assortment of products! (verified owner) – October 31, 2018, It is a very good package the bread is very rich I loved it but should put the option of one choose the bread you want or if you want macaroni and in the snacks can choose which one wants clear that are 5 products as the box brings would be great to choose what you want Try to ask for another box thank you please take the above mentioned story, Rebecca McMurrick Required fields are marked *. Active until December 1st- If you spend $100.00 or more enter coupon code. We received the sample pack last week, first, we tried the bagels, my husband and I had them with cream cheese and salmon for lunch, yummy, for dessert we split the brownie and topped it with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of frozen raspberry bits, also yummy. Also great for French toast add splenda and cinnamon to egg mixture then sugar free syrup YUM. Doreen For dinner that evening I made shrimp Alfredo fettuccine. I found both to be very dry regardless of what I put on them. Unfortunately when I received my box, the fettuccine was all broken up, that was a bummer. You asked and we delivered! For breakfast over the weekend, I had the bagel, toasted, with a giant pat of butter. The bagels were a bit softer than I feel bagels should be, but after having lived in North Jersey for several years, I have Opinions on how bagels Should Be. Love the thin slice bread or reg slice too, favorite way to have as toSt or sandwich is, lightly butter both sides pit in heated pan grill for minute or so (watch carefully doesn’t take long) makes a yummy sandwich or toast or garlic bread. And please, switch up the bagels each month! Your email address will not be published. We actually could not finish them. It maintained the crunchy feel of uncooked pasta. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for visiting! It had a good crumb to it, but it was slightly grainy, and lacking in the fluff department. Wow just wow!! so crunchy and good! gus2chris1 Product categories. The same thing every month, apparently. If you order other things other than the sampler box, you will be charged for shipping. Seemed to be very aldente regardless of how long I let it cook, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Will be a lifelong customer. I’ve discovered taking one slice of the bread out of the freezer, slice it into thin slices then into cubes, melt 1 Tbsp butter and add a garlic seasoning, brush the garlic butter over the cubes and cook in a toaster oven at 300 for 10 minutes, then into the air fryer for another 5 minutes, Croutons! So far very pleased with my purchase. Yay! I have tried numerous low carb bread recipes but they never measure up. Great Low Carb Sampler Pack (Subscription Every Two Weeks) Rated 4.00 out of 5 $ 19.55 every 2 weeks. I’ve ordered this box 3 times now (& will be ordering again)….sadly, my husband is unaware that desserts are included in this box…maybe someday I’ll share. My husband and I did not like the desserts at all.

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