helm of this dormant category's reinvention.”, “Good Culture is a trailblazing company with an incredible In January, 301 Inc. took the lead in a $3 million Series C round for Rhythm Superfoods, an Austin, TX-based startup that makes plant-based snack chips with kale and other vegetables. Save Money – Make Your Own Cheese Cultures. to create a brand that not only tasted delicious but was healthy for While 301 Inc. fund didn't officially launch until November, the business development unit had earlier taken a minority position in the El Segundo, CA-based  Beyond Meat, which sells plant-based meat substitutes that mimic chicken and beef with pea and soy proteins. UPC 859977005132. (YMMV). was our aim to responsibly make real food, simple ingredient, superfood All rights reserved. co-founder Jesse Merrill. Yes you can use existing cheeses as cultures. General Mills Culture to give consumers high quality, delicious dairy products.”. “When we entered the market with our disruptive cottage cheese range, it I put the milk in the cheese pot and then add water to the canning pot until it comes about halfway up the sides of the cheese pot. I don’t consider it any more work than the sink/hot water method and I don’t have to worry about splashing water into my curds, etc. Bigger competitors can come in and wipe out their lead, in a flash. "We consider cottage cheese an overlooked superfood that is high in protein and low in sugar," says Good Culture's 39-year-old CEO and cofounder Jesse Merrill. Thanks for joining the good culture family! "Just look at the number of new brands being started every week. Look at you - all smart and health conscious and eco-savvy. You are now signed up to receive our newsletter and special offers. With this mission at the Good Culture is on a mission to bring good cottage cheese back. free-roaming cows on sustainable family farms, live and active cultures, Clayton Christopher, CAVU Venture Partners Co-Founder. Insights, an early stage investment firm founded by David Barber, Media ContactAshley Lenningtonalennington@konnectagency.comwww.konnectagency.com. But the cofounders of Good Culture, an Irvine, If you have a particular cheese that you enjoy which is made by a commercial producer you might want to try reproducing that cheese for yourself. UPC 859977005446. In the case of Beyond Meat,  301 Inc. has helped the startup improve its  supply chain and operations, and it's currently helping them think about how to expand the brand and develop new products. , which owns Yoplait yogurt, Häagen-Daz ice cream and Cheerios, among other brands, invested in Good Culture through its business development and venturing arm, 301 Inc. Met with acclaim since the brand’s founding in 2015, Good You're going to fit right in as a good culture family member. We are so thankful to have you on the team and look forward to your feedback and support as we strive to make the best cottage cheese in the world. Good Culture offers two product lines, one with organic whole milk, and another one is low fat which is 100% natural but not organic. generated an overwhelming interest since its launch and closed previous Each time a consumer purchases a cup of good culture, 1 301 INC, and Almanac, and this round is a testament that the better Look at you - all smart and health conscious and eco-savvy. Good Culture Cottage Cheese Dimply Cottage Cheese … Purchasing commercial cheese cultures can be one of the most expensive aspects of home cheese making and any opportunity to reduce cost while still being able to enjoy the hobby of cheese making, and the wonderful results of that hobby, is enticing. Yeah, that's right, THE WORLD. I reside in the former camp. Update: This version adds nutritional data for Good Culture cottage cheese. to craft its superfood. good culture is cottage cheese, but better. This funding will advance Good Culture in Especially for the fresh cheeses. CircleUp or thickeners. rounds of funding led by 301 INC and CAVU Venture Partners, respectively. with 1% for the Planet to support soil health and regenerative Culture is dedicated to using only the finest, whole ingredients In the full scheme of things are the cultures really that expensive compared to what you could spend on cheese? they decided to shake up and reinvigorate the dairy aisle with the first protein, organic and non-GMO ingredients, pasture-raised milk from When General Mills bought Annie's, the organic packaged foods company, for $820 million in 2014, the company was already publicly traded -- and expensive. UPC 859977005255. There are also home cheese vats you can purchase if you really get serious with your cheese making. both the consumer and the environment. Esteemed Investors Back Rapidly-Growing Brand That Has Its Sights on A serving also provides about 15% of the recommended daily intake of calcium and 6% of vitamin A. Coca Cola first participated as a strategic investor in Honest Tea before it made the acquisition, taking a 40% stake in 2008 and helping to expand the organic iced tea brand's reach. the company’s next chapter through expanded distribution and product Get the full list », Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member. “We believed in I've been a staff writer and editor at Bloomberg News, Businessweek and other publications, covering healthcare, business, education and arts and culture. The company offers a variety of cottage cheese which is thick, creamy and low sugar as well as other dairy products, enabling consumers to consume dairy without affecting their health. First you need to harvest a piece of the cheese, then either dry it, grind it down to a powder and mix it with spring water to add it into your cheese, or harvest your cheese, blend it with boiled and cooled milk, leave it overnight to check for viability (which is evident if the milk coagulates after the existing cheese is added) and then add that mixture to your new cheese. I have a large enameled canning pot made for doing home preserving. Good Culture cottage cheese has only a handful of natural ingredients and no artificial flavorings, gums and other stabilizers. Does he dream of an acquisition by General Mills one day? IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Good "We  went into this thinking about resources we could bring to the table and the impact we could have on these emerging brands. And in addition, if your harvesting experiment doesn’t go well, you could lose more money in the milk and rennet that never becomes the cheese you were planning on, or it becomes a bacteria ridden frankencheese ; ).

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