The best thing about the Clean Program was how good I felt. While I occasionally have a cup of coffee now, I don't need one to start my day, and rarely have one first thing in the morning. Post-cleanse you should continue to include gut-friendly foods and nutrients as a part of your regular diet. *But* Juice Press’s Butternut Squash and Quinoa or Souper Greens—which I still pick up as a last-minute dinner at least once a week—are key and surprisingly filling. To put it simply, the Clean Program is about eliminating the most common food allergens (gluten, dairy, processed sugar, coffee, alcohol), which basically allows the body to naturally heal itself. I read about the program on Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter and I figured if it was good enough for Gwyneth (you get the picture). I don’t look at it as a diet, but rather, a new and improved lifestyle that I can maintain. Yup, colonics. Clean 7 introduces principals from Ayurveda and extends the intermittent fasting windows used in the 21-Day Program, offering results for those with a shorter time frame. The Clean Program consists of multiple daily supplements, two shakes, and a hearty lunchtime meal. But here's the thing: During the entire time I was on the cleanse, I didn't feel deprived. Though, if you're like me and not particularly self-motivated and work better with someone overseeing you, then there's really nothing quite like the actual Clean Program and its built-in support system. Emily explained to me that everyone on the cleanse has access to the Clean Program team for support and guidance throughout the 21 days. Yes, but a lot of other things happened, too. It's the internet equivalent of a friendship bracelet. I embarked on this particular adventure for all the usual, aforementioned reasons: journalism and wanting to try things because they look super cool. It “encourages healthy bowel movements and promotes natural stress relief.” This ritual really helped and is something we try to continue to do. Since it's a full three weeks long, it's possible to really establish new habits and then, as I have, stick with them. For one, this is not a purely liquid diet; I would definitely be eating on this cleanse. I've gone to an infrared sauna. The Coveteur, Coveteurs, and Coveteur'd are trademarks of The Coveteur Inc. Here’s what went down when we test-drove the Clean Program. ). I spent the weekend leading up to the cleanse weaning myself off of coffee (I had a solid three to four cups a day habit) and limiting my sugar and alcohol intake, so as to not totally shock my system once I abstained completely. I did the program not only to lose weight but also because I wanted to give my system a thorough cleansing. Every morning I drank the shake (a mix of powder, ice, agave nectar and a frozen fruit, such as blueberries) and took my pills. It was a sprint, and I was pretty sure I needed a marathon. Good for her!Â, But amidst all the recommendations to go on retreats in Sedona, Arizona, make smoothies with Sex Dust, and exercise with Tracy Anderson, one thing stood out to me as something I absolutely must do: Dr. Alejandro Junger's 21-Day Clean Program. Here they are, drinking wine and eating rich foods, and you are relegated to soda water with a splash of lemon. My energy levels soared. I assiduously sought out different treatments and experiences that came recommended in the GOOP newsletter and found myself wondering when exactly anyone with a job and friends and family and a life and a job could possibly have the time to fit aerial yoga, sound baths, and hours of foam rolling into their daily schedule. I felt so great that six months later, I did the cleanse again. I had given up eating certain foods, but I had gained an appreciation for what I could eat and I never felt hungry—not once—the entire time I was on the cleanse. Or, anyway, that's what I told myself during those three weeks, and it's something that I still live by, almost two months later. I also know how to make a mean morning smoothie full of yummy stuff like frozen organic blueberries, almond milk, chocolate protein mix (I love NuMedica powders) and some other good stuff like spinach (you can't taste it) and cashews. Verified Purchase. Not too different than our usual lunches. I've done all these things and countless other beauty and wellness treatments (some in the name of journalism, others in the name of "I really, really just want to try this—it looks super cool"), but none of them have garnered the amount of questions as did my experience with Dr. Alejandro Junger's 21-Day Clean Program, a feat which I attempted during a stretch of time in which I had vowed to live more GOOP-like. The best thing about the Clean Program was how good I felt. Liana and I prefer savory over sweet, so having another berry smoothie for dinner wasn’t all that satisfying at times. And the best part is that even though we’re not eating clean all the time, whenever we feel like we’ve had a crazy burger-and alcohol-fueled weekend, Monday morning starts with a Clean shake and supplements, and we’re back on track. I caved in at an office party and ate 3 decadent slices of coal oven pizza and then that evening while wandering around Manhattan waiting for a party to begin, I caved in again and ordered a McDonald's hamburger, small fries, and a Coke. Buy the book here. Update six years later: I never did the cleanse again. The only problem with that, of course, is that marathons are really fucking long, and what if I got bored while doing it? All of which is to say, the GOOP girl is a very busy, very toned woman who manages her time far better than I. There's no denying the fact that the idea of clean living and wellness have been thoroughly commercialized; empowerment is now something that can be bought and sold. It’s a great idea to get a colonic every week; otherwise your bowels shut down,” Jennifer explained during one of our sessions. You can also get it on your kindle. This service is incredibly helpful, as is the existing Clean Program community, because it's impossible to feel alone and unmoored while engaging with the program.Â, I chose to do the Clean Program for the first three weeks of November. I wanted to make sure I wasn't restricting myself during Thanksgiving, and also felt, in the days leading up to the presidential election, like I just needed to detoxify in general (oh, sweet, pre-November 8 me, if only you knew how much toxicity was about to come! It's not specifically a privilege for the wealthy, of course; it is possible to do a makeshift Clean Program on your own and it's not that expensive to buy Dr. Junger's book, Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself, and see for yourself what it's all about. The main thing, really, is that by participating in something like this, you're telling yourself that you want to change your habits, you want to get rid of the harmful clutter in your diet, and you want to feel like your best self. There is a whole list of restricted foods (the usual suspects: wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, nightshades, and a few that were less expected like strawberries and bananas and citrus), but there is actually a wide-enough variety of available foods that I was confident I wouldn't grow bored with my meals.

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