Easy-to-read LCD for both homeowners and engineers to diagnose problems, They make use of high-grade automotive materials to enhance working lifetimes, High levels of efficiency across the board, including value-orientated products, Parts and labour warranties on select products, Easy for engineers to inspect, service and maintain, Some models are small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard out of sight, System boiler to combi conversion – £2,390. During cold winter weather, temperatures in the pipes can get down below zero, causing the water inside to freeze and expand. It tells you how much it will cost to run your boiler so this is an important element to consider. This boiler is minimal in design and it has a scratch-resistant white gloss shell with an exposed control panel. Avoid......... Don't just avoid, run like the wind… And, it’s the components they choose to purchase that make a boiler good, or bad. A tidy and efficient job completed ahead of time and fully on budget, what more can you ask for. If you’re looking for a budget boiler, Glow Worm is a brand that you’ve probably come across when searching online. 2 plumbers have advised me to get a new boiler!! Then the heat exchanger blew a leak, by this time I got on British gas call out scheme. Glow Worm’s system boilers offer several advantages over the competition. It is measured in one minute so, if a boiler has a flow rate of 11 litres, you can get 11 litres of hot water in one minute. Upgrading your old Glow Worm heating system to a new Glow Worm combi boiler can yield substantial savings for homeowners. This boiler’s dimensions are 740mm x 418mm x 300mm and it features a gloss white finish on the outer shell and a contemporary metallic control panel with a user-friendly interface. Not fit for purpose Even Vaillant boilers got a bad reputation for sourcing components from substandard suppliers. Great boiler so far! Read More, " The value proposition is undoubtedly compelling. If you are asking yourself if Glow Worm boilers are any good you can find out for yourself by reading all the key information and the Glow Worm boiler reviews below. The first trip out they said it was a fault with the pump not the boiler so charged the callout fee alone. Boilers are no different and they are graded by professionals on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’ depending on how efficiently they run. Although the Ultimate 30C is small, it’s definitely not the most compact boiler on the market. It provides a high water flow rate with a large output capacity and it is very energy efficient. There is nothing fancy about my new Glow-worm it shows me the pressure in case I need to top it up and the temperature of my radiators and hot water. Combi boilers are a wise choice for most UK properties because they are energy efficient, cheaper to install and run, and they don’t take up much space. by It is built for longevity as it features a patented 4-sided cooling technology around the heat exchanger. It offers a lengthy guarantee at 10-years once registered and you receive £15 cashback when you register to Club Energy. Excellent installation by Heatfix. Read Full Review, i am a heating engineer and inherited one of these boilers when i moved into my present house. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. There are also many variations of combi boiler available to suit your property size and hot water needs. The Essential range of boilers from Glow-worm provides its users with enhanced energy efficiency through its clever use of lightweight, aluminium components. The seven year warranty isn’t as long as others but the boiler itself was less expensive so I suppose that’s the trade off. Along with knowing how long your warranty will last you also need to know how to register the boiler, how to keep your warranty valid and what your boiler covers you for. Glow-worm boiler reviews With the Energy range of boilers, Glow-worm are looking to propel themselves up into the list of best boiler manufacturers and they’re certainly making a great case. Most Glow Worm boilers reviews end similarly. The installation went very smoothly and was done by two very professional and efficient plumbers . sk12 The Glow-worm Easicom boiler comes with a five year guarantee when registered on Club Energy. And low boiler prices tend to equate to one of two things: And, it’s the warranty you’ll want to be focusing on. Unable to see cost savings at present too early to check. lardhead1 (1 review written), by It does pay to make sure you get it installed by a really good heating engineer who knows the best way to… The main heat exchanger is now leaking and has caused rusting and the diverter valve is also leaking. The filler valve jammed and had to be replaced. Read Full Review, We had this boiler fitted as a replacement on the recommendation of a heating engineer (Glow Worm approved)(who has since disappeared without trace). While you’re away, you don’t need the heating on so your house will get cold. We had our glow worm boiler fitted the same day, it’s easy to use & up till now seems very efficient, we are very pleased with it. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Worcester boilers installed from as little as £1,649. My time clock is not digital it has a 24 hour dial with pins that I can pull out or in depending on what time I want it to come on or off and wait for it a lever for OFF - Timed - Constant easy. Bauer109 (1 review written), Had 9 of these put in 9 apartments 8yrs ago. El cheapo, Was recommended by a heating engineer to buy one of these about 4 years ago. Read Full Review, 7 Breakdowns in 3yrs at a cost of £1045 - The last occurrence, I had water leaking through my bathroom ceiling, and I would not be recommended to my worst enemy! My daughter said he was very nice, friendly and professional. The Easicom3 28kw uses automotive grade aluminium for the internal heat exchanger which ensures an excellent performance. When it comes to the volume of water that Glow Worm units can process, it’s a clear leader. You can find more details about the individual products in these ranges in our Glow-worm boiler reviews. It had been letting us down in recent winters but the problems were minor and quickly fixed. I will stick with what I have and avoid a costly mistake. To work out the equation, you multiply the kW amount by the price of a unit of gas. Terrible… 5 star. A great point for you to know after looking through Glow Worm boiler reviews since 2018 there is barely a bad word said about this reliable company. Click here to see Glow Worms boiler warranty terms and conditions. The real advantage over the competition is their focus on high-quality components. Early days to comment on the efficiency of the new boiler, but, so far alls looks good. We’ve messed up a few times and without knowing turned the heating off completely when we are cold! All rights reserved. Unlike the other models, Glow Worm makes it in the company’s Belper factory in Derbyshire. The warranty often proves to you how much the manufacturer believes in its boiler.

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