It is a double-sided steel wrench where opposite sides of each end is toothed in order to turn the thumbwheels to lower or raise the action of a tune-o-matic bridge or tighten and loosen nuts. You can use 0000 steel wool or a 320 grit Klingspor pad to polish the frets and break up any dirt that might be on the fingerboard. For P-90 or soapbar pickups, the adjustment screws are located on top of the pickup cover next to the pole pieces. These two strings can go down slightly further and still play and ring out normally. Most Les Paul fingerboards range between a 10″ and a 12″ radius. Less winds the better since the angle of the headstock is already at 17-degrees and the break angle of the string behind the nut is achieved with only a couple of winds on the tuning post. After everything is secure and cleaned up we can put the bridge and tailpiece back on and throw on the new strings! Every pickup, guitar, and ear is different so please use these measurements as a guideline and use your best judgement for adjusting the height of your pickups for achieving the best tone possible. Not a big fan of Brite Wires, I'm afraid. Then with the thumb of your right hand, fret the low E string down around the 17th fret. Both my brand new LP came with the factory inspection sheet clearly written on the bottom was "D'addario 10-46". After each slot is cut to the desired height, clean up any dust or debris from the area and apply a nut sauce or lubricant to each of them to help keep the strings moving freely and prevent any binding in the nut. The same strings that made you fall in love with your Gibson guitar… Electric Strings | Acoustic Strings | Bass Strings. Grab each string individually and pull it gently up and around in a small circular motion near the middle of the fretboard to “stretch” the string and make sure the wraps around the posts are tight and are not going to move or constrict later causing tuning issues. The adjustment is easiest if you detune the strings a little to reduce the string tension pushing down on the bridge. Also I've sent two guitars back to Gibson for warranty work and both times the work report sheet listed D'addario 10-46. Doing this will help flush out any fret or nut issues that can be taken care of now before the new strings are put on and the setup started. Another trick is to slightly cut the backside of the slots at an angle for the D and G strings towards their respective tuner posts. You will want to adjust the truss rod nut counter-clockwise until the ruler is resting flat and even across the frets and/or fretboard. you want to make sure the ruler is not rocking back and forth anymore and there is no gap along the bottom edge of the ruler and the frets and/or fretboard. A correctly adjusted nut can help improve playability and intonation on the first couple of frets especially for barred or open chords. Putting on a set of GHS Nickle Rockers on my Trad Pro was a huge improvement. If the fretted note is higher or sharper than the open note then the saddle needs to be moved back. Then you will want to level the frets and crown them before moving on. Product Registration Customer Service Repair and Restoration Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ Gibson Guitar Specs (2015-2019) Dealer Resource Center Locate A I wouldn’t go any lower than just above the 1/64″ mark for all the strings except the B and high E strings. You can use your fingers on the thumbwheels to adjust the action most of the time or pliers with some tape wrapped around the tips so you don’t eat up the metal plating on the thumbwheels. Some posts have a slot in the top of them where a flat head screwdriver can be used to easily adjust the bridge up or down. The final major adjustment is setting the intonation for each string. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, The same strings that made you fall in love with your Gibson guitar…. If you don’t have a straight edge or notched ruler, you can use a capo, a .005″ feeler gauge, and your hands to check the relief of your neck. More information can be found in the last chapter of Dan's book, including a detailed "10-step Fender Setup." say 10 hours of playing...and then lose thier bite. After the evaluation process is finished, and we didn’t run into any of the issues listed above, then we can continue by removing the old strings and giving the guitar a good initial cleanup. This usually can be done without any problems, but be aware that your strings might be prone to breaking at the saddle prematurely if there is too much string break behind the bridge and causing too much stress on the string at this point. One common problem you will find is that the factory bridges will start to collapse or bow in the middle due to the soft metal they are made out of and tension of the strings pushing down on it over the years. A good place to start for the action of a Les Paul is 4/64″ on the low E string and 3/64″ on the high E. Depending on the guitar and playing style, the action can be adjusted slightly lower or higher from this starting point. Both my brand new LP came with the factory inspection sheet clearly written on the bottom was "D'addario 10-46". For example, a lot of grounding issues arise with guitars with a tune-o-matic bridge. At this point, it is a good idea to straighten out the neck of your guitar. 49 Minutes of Revitalizing Technical Exercises. First, start by hitting the string open. Factory Guitar Strings; Fender guitar factory string guage. Sometimes a saddle will be adjusted as far forward or backwards as it can be and the intonation will still be off. From here you can lower each slot until you feel each string is low and comfortable enough for your playing style. Copyright 2020 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. My Les Paul is the leading online community and marketplace for Les Paul guitar fans. Do this a couple times for each string. If the fretted note is lower or flatter, then the saddle needs to move forward. Yeah, definately not the same, and boy, are the gibson strings a bit cheap...both on price and lifetime...I've been using "britewires" alot, but they last less than a week for me before they start to lose thier "tone". For humbuckers , the screws are located on either side of the pickup on the pickup ring. Use a small screwdriver to adjust the saddle. From here you can lower each slot until you feel each string is low and comfortable enough for your playing style. Everyone has different preferences and the argument for the difference in tone is negligible with both methods, so give both ways a try and see what works or feels best for you. LOL's a little too late now.. So if you find the saddle radius to be extremely out of spec or you’ll cut into the intonation screw if you try to lower the string notch any further, then you will most likely need to replace the bridge on your guitar. I switched over to these & absolutely love 'em! This will pinch the string and help keep it from slipping and causing tuning issues. Really? By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. So, checking this now and correcting it is going to save your butt instead of you having to pull off your strings and bridge to pry out a bridge post or ferrule to replace the ground wire 3/4ths of the way through your setup. Then you will need to add a little more relief to the neck until the high E has clearance over the frets. You want this much relief in the neck. Electric Strings. Developed by our Master Luthiers in the 1950s, Gibson Vintage Reissue Strings are factory specification at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, TN. A critical adjustment that is easily overlooked is the string height at the nut. Today we are going to go through the process of setting up a Les Paul style guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. I love those strings. You want to do this through your amp with both volumes up and wide open. A good place to start is at the factory heights which are 2/64″ for the Low E and A, 1.5/64″ for the D and G, and 1/64″ for the B and high E strings. Hello! Take the .005″ feeler gauge with your left hand and slide it between the bottom of the E string and the top of the 7th fret. Also, the tension of the strings is what usually keeps the bridge and tailpiece secure to the body so be careful. It is strongly recommended to have a skilled technician perform this if needed. 3 Options Vintage Reissue Electric Guitar Strings $11.99. Using a strobe tuner is recommended, but most will do the job.

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