[3] Trade routes also appeared in the eastern Mediterranean in the 4th millennium BC. 16 licences, 80 cracker sellers in Bathinda! Within India, different factions are fighting over whose language and culture descended from the Indus Valley Civilization. [12] [15], Dilmun operated as a middleman between Mesopotamia and the Indus in some of this trade, and after the Ur III state collapsed its role in this grew: in the early 2nd millennium BC both Harappan and Mesopotamian ships sailed only to Bahrain, which acted as an entrepot between them. [10] [14] In the 1980s, important archaeological discoveries were made at Ras al-Jinz ( Oman ), demonstrating maritime Indus Valley connections with the Arabian Peninsula. More innovations were soon to follow, by 4000 BCE the Indus Valley Civilization had developed agriculture and the lush valley was soon dotted with prosperous farming communities. Shipping and Maritime Trade of the Indus People" Expedition Magazine 7.3 (1965): n. pag. [17], Aryan trade extended from China in the east, to Asia Minor and Mesopotamia in the west, to the Iranian plateau and the Indus valley in the south, an east-west distance of nearly ten thousand kilometres. [18], Journeys to Syria and Egypt aside, he also travelled to the Indus Valley, and other parts of India, as well as East Africa and onward to the Mediterranean. [27] [6] [14] [5], As a product of the clashes between agricultural and nomadic economies, the Great Wall provided protection to the economic development and cultural progress, safeguarded the trading routes such as the Silk Road, and secured transmission of information and transportation." [17] If these sites served a utilitarian purpose then their approximations to water ways and trade routes also makes sense. As now, people in the Indus Valley wore ornaments and jewelry to demonstrate their wealth and status. The Indus Valley Civilisation site was hit by almost 10 feet of water as the Sutlej Yamuna link canal overflowed. This region was also along ancient trade routes, it served as a major center in the spice trade. Excavators have found distinctive pottery with widely used ritual motifs at all settlements throughout the greater Indus Valley, along with unique objects such as cubical stone weights, and seals inscribed with Indus writing and a motif depicting a mythical unicorn. [6] The Ghaggar was probably once an affluent of the Indus River. With no replantation by the community, the wholesale logging created deforestation and desertification in the Indus Valley. [17] [14] [17] The Indus Valley Civilizations had two major cities and was set for its imminent Golden Age of prosperity, trade and arts at the beginning of 2500 BCE. 12:31 AM (IST), Updated : The Neolithic site of Mehrgarh is located to the west of the Indus-Sarasvati flood plain, in Baluchistan east of the mountain city of Quetta in Pakistan at the foot of the Bolan Pass, one of the major communication routes between the Iranian Plateau, Central Asia and the Indus Valley. The principle method the Aryan traders used to travel and carry their wares along the trade routes was the caravan (From Persian karvan). The Indus people were a civilization that was built on the practice of trade with other civilizations of the day.

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