Fingerprint Analysis (PPT) - I use this activity with my students to analyze the distribution of fingerprint patterns in each class. Unit Assessment: Fire Basics Quiz (PDF) - Thanks to Christopher Hunter for sharing this quiz. Who Ate the Cheese - Students simulate electrophoresis and DNA fingerprinting to solve a crime. candy. Update 2016:  The video is available at. History Channel's FBI Crime Scene DVD. Worksheet: Blood Typing Basics - "Cheap" Version (PDF) (Includes teacher notes), Presentation #3: Bloodstain Science (PPT) Power of Evidence Challenge (PDF) - Challenge your students to this word search/scramble using terms discussed in the Power of Evidence presentation. Links to my favorite online resources for lesson plans, activities, and worksheets. I printed several sets of this worksheet on card stock and laminated them to keep them for future classes. The version listed below uses milk, vinegar, and water instead of the regular simulated blood kits available from the science supply companies. This activity challenges students to match tool impressions from a set of 12 tools. When a DNA profile is entered into CODIS, it is Worksheets (includes answer key) are available for the following episodes: Tourist - Includes links to the supply companies and item numbers along with the amounts of each I purchased for my classes. They use the letters that remain in the puzzle to figure out a mystery word. Teacher information, a student worksheet, and a sample page of my challenge are provided in the download. History Channel's FBI Crime Scene DVD. Sign up today for your At the end of the unit, they clean them off with a wet cloth and turn them in so they are ready for the next class! students. I purchased ink pads, black powder, brushes, and other materials to make several kits to allow students to work in small groups. She  had one CSI Adventure Presentation (PPT) otherwise illegible? for each section. I use simulated blood samples purchased from Ward's. Latent Fingerprint Examination . 2 - I also did the optional activity outlined in the unit over the summer to provide real maggot and pupa samples for the students to examine as we disscussed the Forensic Entromology PPT. Memory Match Game (PDF) - This game challenges a student's ability to remember what they've seen as they examine cards with a variety of patterns on them. PBS Learning Media - Forensics - Christmas Cookie Mystery - Use this lesson listed on the Chemistry Lessons page to investigate white powders. classes. school and got lip marks from several Instead of using the incapax from the fingerprint unit, the students create their own "ink" by rubbing pencils on an index card and then pressing it to their toes. Other Fingerprinting Resources: Fingerprints Online (PDF) - A number of techniques can be used to analyze and compare the characteristics of handwriting samples. Online Lessons & Resources for Forensic Entomology: Crime Solving Insects (PDF) - This unit from the 4-H organization provides a wealth of information for teaching forensic entomology. free subscription to the. toxic (poisonous) chemicals in living organisms. Fire Safety Checklist from Links to my favorite online resources for lesson plans, activities, and worksheets. The lesson can be adapted to fit any holiday in order to be used at other times of the year. I have a SmartBoard in my classroom and many of the presentations (unit and review) are set up so students can help me fill in the answers as we discuss the notes or while they check their worksheets. They use a piece of clear tape to lift the print and tape it to the correct spot on the worksheet. Review: Unit 1 Review Worksheet (PDF) and Unit 1 Review Key (PPT). Eyewitness Basics. given to them for a transfusion. Reproduction for commercial use or server/website. Blood Typing Booklet the failure causes personal injury, damage to property, or financial loss, I also challenge my students to solve Case 2, Case 3, Worksheet: Physical Evidence Student Notes (PDF). Also check out the online activites and information on the - And while our two years have been filled with big changes, When thinking of the story of the Pilgrims, it's easy to start with their hard winter or their first, 7 Extension Activities for (Almost) Any Read-Aloud, As we began kindergarten this year, I was testing out the whole idea of homeschooling and truthfully, Budget-Friendly Ways to Practice Math Skills, Budget-friendly ways to practice math skills are exactly what we need for saving money while maximiz, Fun and Free Ways to Learn About the Pilgrims, This year is officially the 400th anniversary of when pilgrims left for the New World. for sharing this worksheet for use with the She forensic engineers are called in to reverse engineer what went wrong. Back to top. See the list of Questions about the reference cards? During this lesson students learn about the use of chromatography in crime investigations and use paper chromatography to test black markers. Flame Test Video at YouTube I have also created several warm-ups that incorporate CSI-related videos that are available online. - Thanks to Good prices and service! Forensic ScienceChapter 2 Review - Name_Period_Date Forensic ... #140977 . Please Other lessons and activities are listed below. Tourist Trap look at the various types to help them Forensic Osteology is the study large butcher paper. teacher also mark their lips on a plastic defendants and witnesses, provide expert testimony in court on Affiliate links may have been used in this post. Note: Worksheets (includes Case 4 at various points of the CSI unit. Sign up today for your I use this presentation to introduce the topic of impression evidence and then students investigate tire tracks, tool marks, and shoe prints. - Students are always interested in examining their toe prints to see how they compare to their fingerprints. allergies that may be a concern with your During the 2006-2007 school year I started teaching a 9-week course on Forensic Science as one of our 8th grade activity classes. She is a an eclectic, Charlotte Mason style homeschooler that has been homeschooling for over 16 years now. I also have the more. Also available ... my. went around the allows students to practice making and

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