And with more meals being consumed at home overall, another major dining shift we anticipate for 2021 is people continuing to take more time for a daily breakfast. The OG, By Chloe started it, and now it’s slowly started to expand with brands with physical locations. 2020 has been difficult to say the least and as we breathe a sigh of relief that this unprecedented time of our lives is hopefully coming to a close, 2021 will be here before we know it. Reducing carbon footprint and enhancing the sustainability of packaged goods, which ultimately will help slow down climate change, is going to be the lynchpin to attract the climatarian consumer. It goes without saying that 2020 was a year unlike any other, and its effects will still be felt in 2021, particularly when it comes to food and restaurants. Eating is one of the basic ways we care for ourselves. Flatbreads and crusts made from chickpea flour will migrate from Italy and France into American frozen food sections. With the age of digital grocery and third-party restaurant delivery upon us, consumers are using online grocery and restaurant takeout delivery options more than ever. Contactless shopping is still a niche concept currently, but we expect to gain a lot more traction in the coming year. There was an error in your submission. You seem to be logged out. Celeb interviews, recipes, wellness tips and horoscopes delivered to your inbox daily. Allulose has started to expand into multiple formats – crystal form and liquid syrup – and is making its presence felt in multiple categories as a sugar substitute. Animal VS Plant– Reductitarian will win the day. Some examples: Wine brand 19 Crimes leverages augmented reality to engage consumers with intriguing content about 19 British prisoners who were sent to Australia in the 18th century. More than 50 Whole Foods team members ranging from local foragers to global buyers team up to determine what products might grow the most in the 365 ahead. Read more about popular concepts for restaurants, cafes and take away places after Coronavirus/Covid-19. Check out more about this food trend here, including products you can snap up now. These factors all add up to make it the next superfood darling. “Bot-made,” “sanitation-verified,” the rise of real- not-just-for-science-fiction-anymore mascots and makers. This could include apps that connect tables to servers’ phones, where servers can communicate menu information, specials, and suggestively sell, rather than just having the customer rely on a digital copy of a one-dimensional menu. In a post-vaccine world, we may once again see consumers go back to on-the-fly purchasing, but much like the growth of online shopping, consumers now have a taste of this fresh convenience. Related: What Is the Best Oil for Cooking? I have a background Restaurants will also employ new tactics for contactless menus. High in HYP and other nutrients, carob also adds a rich, sweet, sophisticated flavor to recipes. For those still leery of crossing the legal line in search of a remedy for inflammation,  chronic pain, and anxiety, Copaiba may be the answer. Cues pointing to handmade production is becoming less of an attractive claim for consumers. This is yet another combination using carob and was seeing some traction within recipes, and has the potential to expand to retail products. Contactless, hands-free are now not just adjectives to describe a headset, they are buzzwords consumers will be looking for in the context of their food preparation and procurement. Examples of recipes featuring this combination include carob fudge, carob molasses cake, and raspberry power balls. Currently, 2.5 billion people worldwide regularly eat insects, cooked and raw, but many new startups need to get consumers over the considerable “yuck” factor that eating insects hold in North American and European peoples' minds, before they will be taken seriously. Flippy is said to be the “world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time,” according to robot maker Miso Robotics. Eating together as a family helps kids have better self-esteem, more success in school, and lower risk of depression and substance-use disorders. Many may choose to stick to the model, thus disrupting the entire food procurement supply chain. As 2020 gets going, the start of a brand new decade, we wanted set out to discover what the next five years of food would look like—because it’s fun to know stuff before anyone else. I graduated from Drexel U with degrees in Marketing and Retail Management. 2020 will usher in a year of foodie bipartisanship where the path to the plate will be paved with more moderate choices. Expect consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging to grow and product manufacturers to take up this cause.

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