I didn't realised how unique Boromir's sword looks in comparison to the other of the fellowship, reminds me of the a certain weapon from Dark Souls. Let’s face it — against a weapon that could do all that, Mumm-Ra never had a chance. One signature move, the “Boar’s Thrust,” called for the fighter to drop to one knee while simultaneously jabbing his sword upward in a vicious uppercut blow. Jesus I forgot how large that thing was. Think we missed a sword, or simply feel your favorite warblade was mis-ranked in our rundown? Oh, these are all great ideas! Miroku: (弥勒) The huge claymore wielded by Mai in My-HiME. ? Man, was hoping to find Percy Jackson or Eragon here.Going by books, obviously. Ridiculous? As before selection was based on what I was able to track down, as well as what was well known, and of course personal taste. There is perhaps no better example of the “wandering swordsman” than Tsukahara Bokuden. It’s so famous that its name is even inscribed on other swords. The fact that Elric doesn’t get rid of the sword, despite all the friend-murdering, is what makes him an anti-hero — or, in layman’s terms, a dick. And, if only for variety, you could consider including John Rambo's survival knife from First Blood. But when Whenever Prince Adam raises his Power Sword and Beowulf tracks down the … Sigil weapon of the Thundercats, even though it looks like the love child of Excalibur and the Eye of Sauron. Swords were one of the biggest signs of honour and bravery, especially during the medieval period. Prior her Avenger membership, I never found ? It also said that the demonic sword rumor was made by Ieyasu Tokugawa, the 1st Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate because he hated those swords … lightsaber wielder among the Jedi (while Yoda was the best one in terms of It’s a rich source of symbolism. Making its trademark sound of “snicker-snack,” the vorpal blade was used by a young boy to slay the titular beast. A goblin-forged magic blade wielded by whomever the Sorting Hat feels like giving it to in the Harry Potter series. Yes. It is so simple in design, yet incredibly effective. This is the one used by Gandalf. In other words, terrifying beyond comprehension. characters that are in, I admit that the Swordsman, a former Avenger It can cut through anything, including metal, energy, magic, and copyright infringement. The only times he was portrayed using his with the Crazy 88 gang, Gogo Yubari, and O-Ren Ishii. How could you forget the original character of the Sword and sorcery genre? With the awesomeness of lightsabers, there should be So many great fictional swordsmen though, that it's hard to choose. Donald McBane’s colorful career included side jobs as a tavern-keeper and brothel owner, but he is best remembered as one of the 18th century’s most accomplished swordsmen. Carroll invented the word “vorpal,” and never explained what it meant, but that hasn’t stopped the sword from appearing in dozens of other fictional works, from the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook to the comic book Fables to Tim Burton’s turgid cinematic take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland last year. Also known by the name the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword is a recurring legendary weapon in the Zelda franchise. In one legendary incident later imitated in the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon, Bokuden was supposedly challenged to a duel by an arrogant young samurai. I vote Deathstroke #1!!!! While not possessing any magical powers, And?ril, “The Flame of the West,” is nonetheless one of the most famous swords in fantasy fiction–if only because it was the sword of Aragorn. I have a bunch of empty space that something like that could take up...although I cannot help but think of knife escalation. In a Elendil’s son used the shards of the sword to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand. Musashi Miyamoto with two Bokken from an ancient Japanese scroll. Some more swords for your consideration. She would remain there until her death a few years later in 1707. Real swords, decorative, historical, fantasy; humor, social, ID requests, shopping help, art; all sword-related topics are welcome (we are not very strict about topicality)! ? Master sword fighters are a recurring motif in fiction, but there were also several historical figures who were renowned for their ability to wield a blade with deadly precision. It was carried by Prince Arthas Menethil, one of the central WoW characters, who used it to kill his own father before the dark spirit inside it transformed him into the Lich King. In the earliest comics that came packaged with the toys, Skeletor tried to unite the two halves of the Power Sword in order to gain untold power and whatnot. Along the way, he also opened a fencing school and developed a sword-fighting technique that combined graceful movement with swift and deadly lunges. hence, making them inept and unstable to fight – to his advantage. While most fans are most familiar with the cartoon version of the sword, in the original conception in the toy line the sword was split into two halves. Though she is not as powerful as Thor, she While technically an Elvish long knife, to a hobbit like Bilbo it was a sword. We've, Kalen, Ryan, Dan, and Tyler talk about the Playstation, Ryan, Tyler, Brooks, and Dan talk about Ubisoft, childhood, Dan, Brooks, Ryan, and Tyler talk about Tony Hawk. (80’s), his depiction was forbidden to actually use his sword in combat (though The “Atlantean Sword” (as it’s referred to on the film’s soundtrack) from Conan the Barbarian is one of the most iconic weapons in fantasy cinema (next to the sword-that-shoots-swords, of course). It generally appears whenever Cloud Strife does, including all his FF side story appearances and in Kingdom Hearts. 3) The Master Sword, Legend of Zelda A holier-than-thou blade that confers its wielder with all the skills of its previous owners, but will only let you kill people who deserve to die and, if you disobey, will morph you into a troll. That alone is pretty awful, even if it only kills bad guys. He is versatile in various types of combat – It does the job it was meant for. is one of the most badass female swordsman in fiction. And I think it’s not only me; the universal sentiment on the matter is the same, for in fiction, swords are given more emphasis than any other blade weapons and swordsmen are fondly portrayed as the coolest, most badass, and most important among weapon-wielding warriors. He christened it “Sting” after using it to great effect on a group of spiders during his adventures, and later gifted it to his nephew Frodo. Vergil , Dante and Sparta from devil may crySpecially Vergil and his dependence on speed and powerI'd say he is fearsome Warrior. TechRepublic Premium: The best IT policies, templates, and tools, for today and tomorrow.

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