British literary circles were "tired of his antics" and of him "puffing and swelling himself and his friends", Flint wrote. We thank you! In Ira Nadel (ed.). Pound has shaken the dust of London from his feet with not too emphatic a gesture of disgust, but, at least, without gratitude to this country. [164], In June, July, and August 1917 Pound had the first three cantos published, as "Three Cantos", in Poetry. [227] During this period the Pounds lived on Dorothy's income, supplemented by dividends from stock she had invested in. Harriet Monroe, editor of Poetry, published a letter in April 1919 from a professor of Latin, W. G. Hale, who found "about three-score errors" in the text; he said Pound was "incredibly ignorant of Latin", that "much of what he makes his author say is unintelligible", and that "If Mr. [336], Pound arrived back in Washington, D.C. on 18 November 1945, two days before the start of the Nuremberg trials. [403] In an interview for the Paris Review in early 1958, Hemingway said that Pound should be released and Kasper jailed. After the publication of Cathay, Pound mentioned that he was working on a long poem. [211] In letters to his father in 1924 and 1927, Pound said The Cantos was like the medley of voices you hear when you turn the radio dial,[r] and that it was "[r]ather like or unlike subject and response and counter subject in fugue": Alluding to American, European, and Oriental art, history, myth and literature, the work is also autobiographical. "More on Pound's Prison Experience". In Ira Nadel (ed.). there; [365] Pound had apparently prepared a statement—"No comment from the Bug House"—but decided instead to stay silent. Their son Homer, Pound's father, worked for Thaddeus in the lumber business until Thaddeus secured him the appointment as registrar of the Hailey land office. [6], Isabel Pound was unhappy in Hailey and took Ezra with her to New York in 1887 when he was 18 months old. That part of your poetry which strikes upon the imaginative eye of the reader will lose nothing by translation into a foreign tongue; that which appeals to the ear can reach only those who take it in the original. I know he wrote and translated a lot of poetry, but I wasn't that familiar with his work. According to the. "[401], Four years later, shortly after he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, Hemingway told Time magazine: "I believe this would be a good year to release poets. Pound's Poems and Translations is published by the Library of America. In Grace Schulman (ed.). Preda, Roxana (2005b). [53] The house sat across an alley from the Yorkshire Grey pub, which made an appearance in "Canto LXXX" (The Pisan Cantos), "concerning the landlady's doings / with a lodger unnamed / az waz near Gt Tichfield St. next door to the pub".[54]. The first cantos were published in 1917, and the final complete canto was first published in 1962. Arrowsmith (2011), 100, 106–107; Qian (2000), 101, Pound (1970), 17–18; Carpenter (1988), 224. "Pound and Chinese Art in the 'British Museum Era'". washed in the Kiang and Han "[253][t], Pound came to believe that World War I had been caused by finance capitalism, which he called "usury",[3] and that the Jews had been to blame. This book is a very good introduction to the work of Ezra Pound. "Ezra Pound's Personal History: A Transcript". Pound, like so many others who have striven for advancement of intelligence and culture in England, has made more enemies than friends, and far more powerful enemies than friends. After a move to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, the family bought a six-bedroom house in 1893 at 166 Fernbrook Avenue, Wyncote. Neither of these things cancel each other out. [1], Pound's contribution to poetry began in the early 20th century with his role in developing Imagism, a movement stressing precision and economy of language. [74] Edward Thomas described Personae in English Review as "full of human passion and natural magic". and the gulls be as neat on the pond The doctors diagnosed bipolar disorder. [462] "This is the time / of the tragic man / that lies in the house of Bedlam." Consider the way of the scientists rather than the way of an advertising agent for a new soap. [373] In November 1953 he wrote to Olivia Rossetti Agresti that Hitler was "bit by dirty Jew mania for World Domination, as yu used to point out/ this WORST of German diseases was got from yr/ idiolized and filthy biblical bastards. Something went wrong. "Thank you, whatever comes." [10] Her husband followed and in 1889 found a job as an assayer at the Philadelphia Mint. He strove to resuscitate the dead art No Kindle device required. )[170] The volume of writing exhausted him.[171]. Pound's lyric genius, his superb technique, and his fresh insight into literary problems make him one of the small company of men who through the centuries have kept poetry alive - one of the great innovators. "What I am driving at", he wrote to Jackson Mac Low, "is that some kike might manage to pin an antisem label on me IF he neglected the mass of my writing. [422] In 1961 Pound attended a meeting in Rome in honor of Oswald Mosley, who was visiting Italy. English writers and critics were ignorant, he wrote in 1913. Beach (2003), 32–33; Bacigalupo (2020), 3, Pound (1962); Pound (1996), 817; Baumann (1983), 207–208; Nicholls (2001), 144; Dennis (2001), 282, Baumann (1983), 207–208; also see Stoicheff (1995), 142–144, Tytell (1987), 198; Carpenter (1988), 448, Julius (1995), 182, citing Corrigan (1977), 466, and note 17, 479; Corrigan cites a letter from Pound to, Moody (2014), 242–243; Redman (1991), 177, Redman (2001), 101, 256; Moody (2014), 137, Tytell (1987), 252; Carpenter (1988), 560, Carpenter (1988), 565; also see Tytell (1987), 253, Tytell (1987), 253; Carpenter (1988), 562, Kubica (1988), 416; Czech (2000), 187–188, Tytell (1987), 272–273; Carpenter (1988), 628–629; Moody (2015), 66–67, Carpenter (1988), 632–633; Tytell (1987), 274. [29] After Spain he visited Paris and London, returning to the United States in July 1906. In the cool and purple meantime, Pound goes ahead producing new poems having the slogan, "Guts and Efficiency," emblazoned above his daily program of work. Unsubscribe at any time. Reck, Michael (June 1968). [265], When Pound handed Mussolini a copy of A Draft of XXX Cantos, Mussolini reportedly said of a passage Pound highlighted that it was not English. [24] Again he was not invited to join a fraternity, but this time he had hoped to do so, according to letters home, because he wanted to live in a fraternity house and not a dormitory, and by April 1904 he regarded the move as a mistake. [20] In his second year he switched from the degree course to "non-degree special student status", he said "to avoid irrelevant subjects". I think that Hitler was a Saint, and wanted nothing for himself. In 1913, Pound wrote an essay entitled “A Few Don’ts.” Its rules, enumerated below, provide young poets with a much-needed reminder to reign in their egos and apply themselves assiduously to their craft. Flint. 8, and Doolittle at no. He picked up the Confucian text Four Books and a Chinese–English dictionary and was taken to their headquarters in Zoagli,[323] then at his request to the U.S. [6] After serving in the military, Harding remained unemployed, so his brother Ezra Weston and Ezra's wife, Frances Amelia Wessells Freer (Aunt Frank), looked after his wife and daughter, Isabel, Pound's mother. He loans them money. [313] The following day he suggested to Alessandro Pavolini, secretary of the Republican Fascist Party, that book stores be legally obliged to showcase certain books, including The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903), a hoax document purporting to be a Jewish plan to dominate the world. To make it clearer, just consider the fact that Dante, Homer, Plato and others were also full of prejudice – and if we are allowed to go out from the realm of poetry, we have the famous sculptor Bernini, who did great harm to his wife, and the composer Gesualdo, who was a murderer – and yet we still call those men great artists and would gladly receive their artistic advice. [272] He also wrote articles praising Mussolini and fascism for T. S. Eliot's The Criterion in July 1933, the New York World Telegram in November 1933, The Chicago Tribune on 9 April 1934,[273] and in 65 articles for the British-Italian Bulletin, published by the Italian Embassy in London. what candor? You can admire one thing without having to admire the other. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Pound's Prosodic Provocations in. Be influenced by as many great artists as you can, but have the decency either to acknowledge the debt outright, or to try to conceal it. [284] Pound described this years later to Wyndham Lewis: "That was a music hall day, with a stage set/ only at a Kawledg Komencement wd/ one git in mouth-shot at that sort of wind-bag/ that fahrt Kaltenbourne. said the Boss, "è divertente." The thing is no more a translation than my 'Altaforte' is a translation, or than Fitzgerald's Omar is a translation." At fourteen I married My Lord you. Witemeyer, Hugh (2005a). [98] It was within this environment, not in Italy, according to Tim Redman, that Pound first encountered antisemitic ideas about "usury". Otherwise how CAN he know what it is about? Rudge and Pound placed the baby with a German-speaking peasant woman in Gais, South Tyrol, whose own child had died and who agreed to raise Maria for 200 lire a month. [11] His first publication was on 7 November 1896 in the Jenkintown Times-Chronicle ("by E. L. Pound, Wyncote, aged 11 years"), a limerick about William Jennings Bryan, who had just lost the 1896 presidential election. Great poet. They found him "abnormally grandiose ... expansive and exuberant in manner, exhibiting pressure of speech, discursiveness and distractibility. [167] In May 1917 Margaret Anderson hired him as foreign editor of the Little Review. In Ira Nadel (ed.). Doyle (2016), 32–33; some details in Doolittle (1979), 5; for Pound arriving at the apartment unannounced, Doyle, 332, n. 27, cites "H.D. In Anne Witchard (ed.). [382] In January and February 1957 the New York Herald Tribune ran a series of articles on their relationship, after which the FBI began photographing Pound's visitors.

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