1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Change of Role 1.3 Shadowpact 1.4 Suicide Squad 2 In other media 2.1 Television 2.2 Film 2.3 DC Extended Universe 2.4 Videogames 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Quotes 5 Trivia The Enchantress came … She entrusts her ally Ragman with a mystical pistol designed to kill her. Spectre would be overkill, but he could if he had cause to. After the Strange Adventures run, the evil Enchantress side manifested whenever June Moone changed. Since the Enchantress inhabited her body, she has green eyes, and red hair even when the Enchantress is not in control. Type of Villain Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I got my old job back at the design studio, I even have a date this Friday! To the right is the base skin for Enchantress, Succubus. She has also been seen to remotely access another magic-user's power, as she did when she channeled the power of almost all magical beings on Earth through her to Captain Marvel to aid him in his battle with the Spectre, and again with Strega of The Pentacle, though all of the magicians she came into contact with allowed her to tap into them. Injustice Comic. She appears to possess the ability to manipulate magical energy for any number of effects, from healing to teleportation. The Enchantress appears in a non-speaking cameo in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. ” Enchantress is a longtime magical villain, sometimes hero, who uses her Magical Powers for whatever suits her whims. He became playable via pre-order bonus for Injustice 2. Enchantress is even able to remotely access another magic-user's power, as she did with Captain Marvel to aid him in his battle with the Spectre, and again with Strega of the Pentacle, ending her spell. Once the Suicide Squad arrives, Enchantress attempts to convince them to ally themselves with her to be granted their desires. In the final act, Anita is revealed to be the Enchantress portion of June's soul. She was able to mystically track the Spectre by divining his magical trail. The Enchantress came into being when an unknown magical being empowered June Moone to fight evil. (Ability), Hypnotic Spell: Enchantress puts her opponent into a hypnotic trance and lures them to her. Did you really think you could dispose of me so easily? She managed to get Harley to the Vault for safety, however, she ended up encountering General Zod who almost kills her until she is saved by Killer Croc. However, they differ in their goals; Nabu wants, If Enchantress wins a round against any of the, When the Enchantress activates her Super Move, she makes a pose similar to the comic artwork by. Also raven because she deserves some serious love & recognition and is super powerful. Moved by Waylon's actions, June reigns in the Enchantress and due to her love for helping her. During this, she worries she might become overwhelmed by use of her powers and turn to the "dark side". She appears with a new costume, willing to help save the innocent people inside, endangered by a team of supervillains. Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The EnchantressDr. A place for fans of DC's comics, graphic novels, movies, and anything else related to one of the largest comic book publishers in the world and home of the World's Greatest Superheroes! The Spectre had already killed hundreds of powerful mystics and was not stopping. 2 days ago. Alias Posted by. Ragman then misunderstands the situation and tries to kiss her, something she mocks him for later in front of their other allies. 2.1k. Once the team returned Belle Reve Pennitentiary the alien artifact soon caused inmates go mentally insane, except for Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Rick Flag, June managed to stay by sane by allowing herself to be taken over by Enchantress. After every company she applies for rejects her, Enchantress is let loose, and she summons a magical storm over Manhattan. I guess other magic user, because magic is very inconsistent. SorceressMember of Suicide SquadMember of Suicide Squad BlackMember of Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand June and Squad would go on a mission to retrieve a "cosmic item" from a Russian undersea prison. View entire discussion (5 comments) More posts from the DCcomics community. The unofficial DC Comics Subreddit Enchantress: June, June, June. Vast magical powersSuper strengthImmortalityEssokinesisSuper speedInvulnerabilitySpellcastingPyromancyAnimationReanimation/NecromancySoul absorptionAeromancyHydromancyFlightVoice controlMagic weaponryControl over dead beingsAbility to summon demonic creaturesHigh level fighting skillsPsychic abilitiesPossessionDivinationVitrikinesisErgokinesisTeleportationArtistryOccult knowledge rather than simply being nice to the fledgling couple, she gave them the leave so she could exploit their romance in the future. Why corrupt one Earth, when we can bewitch all 52? In the select screen, Enchantress' pose is similar to Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade's "Kiss of Death" Fatality. save hide report. Lashina participated in the final battle against Grail and Darkseid… June Moone force be separated for her lover poison guard grab while June scream to Croc tell him she can't live without him. Quotes Page Enchantress rampage New York, until she senses someone approaching. She gets to choose which clone to control depending on the button input. Enchantress and the rest had been honored with a team statue set inside a park in Metropolis. The team leaves the Oblivion Bar as it is an obvious target for the Spectre. June next showed up, with Faust removing her from a sanitarium. The all-too-ordinary life of June Moone ended the day she was possessed by the enchantress, a demonic sorceress with aspirations of world domination. Today, she fights for her very soul, struggling to harness the enchantress’ magic for good. Enchantress is a longtime magical villain, sometimes hero, who uses her Magical Powers for whatever suits her whims. When Enchantress see her charnel prince got hurt she the teleport people unknown location after that she tell  him I always to protect you. Meter Burning Hypnotic Spell allows Enchantress to follow up with an extended combo. Otherwise they're probably evenly matched. The Enchantress is a powerful sorceress. ", Enchantress is the only character who knows. Her villainous side takes over after this, and the Enchantress then continues her career as a member of The Forgotten Villains and part of the army of supervillains during the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' event. Evil-doer u/MiserableSnow. Enchantress talking with the Suicide Squad. Killer Croc and June Moone are using the leave time Waller gave them to enjoy New York City. During the fights it is noted each villain strongly resembles one of the members of the Shadowpact. Her defenses were formidable, easily seeing off Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg with a storm of old human teeth and later beating Zatanna off with a host of zombies. 102 comments. Her appearance changed from blond-haired June to black-haired Enchantress. Though the Enchantress has claimed that June does not have access to her magic - in several Suicide Squad issues, June was shown performing magical feats herself such as banishing a demon. Occupation Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's Dark Dimension, https://injustice.fandom.com/wiki/Enchantress?oldid=147254, In her ending, June can be seen designing the, Enchantress' quote "Your soul is mine" is a reference to the Mortal Kombat character Shang Tsung. During her tenure with the last, her origins and powers became tied to those of her then teammate Nightshade. They gain much information from this tactic, though Enchantress has to stop in the middle and rest, not being able to keep up the tactic for long.Most recently, as part of the build-up to Infinite Crisis, she and other members of the Sentinels of Magic joined the Shadowpact to combat a Spectre gone mad in Day of Vengeance. DC Comics r/DCcomics: **The unofficial DC Comics subreddit** A place for fans of DC's comics, graphic novels, movies, and anything else related to one of the … A unique aspect of her power is her sensitivity to magic. The ultimate mark of a main villain is when he is the first name that pops up in your head when the topic comes up. Thank you but are there any other candidates? June Moone was a freelance artist who was invited to a costume party at an old castle and stumbled upon a secret chamber where an unknown magical being (later named as Dzamor) empowered her to fight an evil presence in the castle. The Enchantress was created by the late Bob Haney and the late Howard Purcell. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/The_Enchantress_(DC)?oldid=4055129, Enchantress appears as a usable character in, Enchantress appears as a usable character in the, Enchantress appears as a downloadable playable character in, Enchantress appears as a playable character in the, Enchantress appears as a playable character in. Help people who are in need (succeeded).Be with Killer Croc (succeeded). She most commonly serves as the archenemy of Madame Xandu. (Ability) (Adds Vanish Meter Burn), Barrier Spell: A large field barrier of protection surrounds Enchantress, allowing her to take less damage while standing inside it. Saying the words "The Enchantress," her appearance changes from blonde-haired June to black-haired and costumed Enchantress and defeats a minotaur creature from a tapestry.

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