The contrasting provisions of articles 11(7) and 106(3) are explicable on the basis that  Parliament has power to make laws only “by bills passed by Parliament and assented to by the President” as laid down in article 106(1). In 2003, part of the first schedule of the Accra Metropolitan Legislative Instrument of 1995 (LI 161) was amended and replaced with Legislative Instrument 1722 of 2003 which led to the creation of 7 more sub-metropolitan district councils out of the existing 6. The case of Apostle Kwabena Owusu Adjei of Hezekiah Prayer Ministry who allegedly threatened to cause the death of Jean Mensah, Chairman of the Electoral Commission, has … These functions are summarized as follows: These general functions are also reflected in the detailed 86 functions outlined in the second schedule of L.I. Were evidence to that effect led, I for my part, would have been favourably disposed towards it. That is why article 297(d), gives the power to the makers to make amendments to the Regulation. The pertinent decisions of this court on the controverted issues of the case are per the headnote thereof as follows: “(2) (Per Georgina Wood CJ and Dr Date-Bah and R C Owusu JJSC (Dotse JSC dissenting in part and Anin Yeboah JSC dissenting)): on a true and proper interpretation of articles 178(1)(a), 179(2)(b), 187(14) and 189(2) and (3) of the 1992 Constitution, the plaintiff was entitled to a declaration that there was no express constitutional provision, mandating Parliament to formally approve the administrative estimates of the Audit Service. To provide online free-access collection of journals, judgment and legislation from Ghana. (7) An Order, Rule or Regulation made by a person or authority under a power conferred by this Constitution or any other law shall -. In the course of doing that, the youth from Labadi mobilized to attack them and the youth from Teshie also did the same and this resulted in a chaotic scene. They are the source from where the Regulation was made. 105/1956 and L.N. JAMES QUASHIE-IDUN WITH HIM ANTHONY DABI FOR THE  1ST DEFENDANT. The Police Commander also advised the two parties to hold their peace as the Service finds amicable ways to settle the matter. The total household population in the district is 221,757, which comprises 60,859 households who live in the 21,366 houses within the district. In the face of this provision the plaintiff contends that Parliament can only annul delegated legislation laid before it before the expiration of 21 days but cannot amend the same. Cantonments, This article affects the power which is making the regulation.

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