Garnish the pan-fried egg tofu with chopped cilantro and serve while the egg tofu is hot and crispy. 1 หลอด of soft egg tofu has total calories 50 kilocalories, protein 5 g., carbohydrate 3 g. and Fat 2 g. vitamins and minerals please see more information on nutrition facts … So it is easy to count that medium size egg (60 g) has about 5.7 g of fat. Mandarin Pinyin: dàn dòufu, 2) Chinese (both simplified and traditional): 日本豆腐 (means “Japanese tofu”) Egg tofu has a pale golden yellow colour as a result of the addition of eggs (and occasionally, food colouring). Both egg and tofu contain significant amounts of thiamin and niacin.

Calories: 70: Fat: 4 g: 5%: Saturated Fat: 1.5 g: 8% + Trans: 0 g: Cholesterol: 150 mg: Sodium: 140 mg: 6%: Carbohydrate: 1 g: Fiber: 0 g: 0%: Sugar: 0 g: 0%: Protein: 6 g: Calcium: 40 mg: 3%: Iron: 1 mg: 6%: Potassium: 50 mg: 1% You can replace the cilantro with chopped green onions, chopped chives, or chopped basil. This tofu stir fry uses fried tofu which provides a chewy texture on the outside contrasted with a tender and soft inside. So many names. Thank you ! For omega-3 fatty acids, Tofu has more alpha linoleic acid (ALA) than egg per 100 grams, however, egg contains more dha than tofu per 100 grams.

Names It is about 4% of daily calories intake for adult person with medium weight and medium activity (for calculation we assumed 2400 kcal daily intake). It is easy to count that two eggs have about 172 calories and three eggs have about 258 calories.

Both egg and tofu are high in protein - egg has 12.6g of protein per 100 grams and tofu has 8.1g of protein. Comparing omega-6 fatty acids, both egg and tofu contain significant amounts of linoleic acid. Stir Fry Tofu and Broccoli With Hoisin Sauce. Get the secrets for how find time to cook dinner every night even if you’re super busy and tired.

100g of eggs have about 143 calories (kcal). Vitamin C -- %. I don’t know but whenever I want to buy egg tofu, I see MSG in there, I try to avoid. ★ How many calories in egg?★ Egg nutritionCalories in one, two, three or more eggsEggs: calories per ounce (oz)How many carbs in eggs?How much fat in eggs?How much protein in egg? Fat 67g--/ 67g left. Techniques to stop yo-yo If reducing the right way! How does this food fit into your daily goals? We compared the nutritional contents of Where to Purchase it in Singapore .

Because this recipe is so quick to make, you’ll also have pan-fried egg tofu on the table in less than 10 minutes.

Fat: 3g; Carbs: 2g; Protein: 6g The contrast in textures is what gives this dish a pop on your first bite. You’ll love how quick and easy it is to make crispy egg tofu. If you just learned about egg tofu and are curious to try it, this is a simple recipe you will love. You should consider that not only calories are important when you are on a diet. RELATED: Learn about egg tofu, including how to prep, cook, and store it. Tofu. :x but actually, I ate so much instant noodles so the MSG don’t really bother me that much. Recipes 1 Remove noodles from packet, separate and set aside.. 2 Combine sauces with rice wine in a small bowl and set aside.. 3 Heat half the peanut oil in a wok or large non-stick frying pan over high heat.

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