Furthermore, they can address the socio-economic challenges present within impoverished communities while also aiding in their development through job creation for community members. Young people struggling to find permanent jobs are bound to accept temporary positions, and these types of positions are not always considered ‘real’ work experience by employers and having these experiences listed on a CV, does not necessarily ease the process of finding work. The classic example is a community food garden that takes on local labourers and sells its produce to local families. Doing so would encourage more youths to create and pursue their own entrepreneurial ideas and create their own businesses rather than relying on government or third parties in the private sector to extend job opportunities their way. Socio-economic inequality and inadequate education are two factors that drive such high unemployment rates; rates that disguise how the situation disproportionately affects black youths. The construction industry has contracted sharply, partly due to Covid, and needs to rebalance its focus if it wants to survive, The chickens have finally come home to roost: if we do not end the looting, it will end us, The party has allegedly ignored reports of kickbacks and claims of sexual harassment to protect a top councillor, The minister of environment, forestry and fisheries, likes to watch the British medical drama series Casualty, she tells Sheree Bega, Magashule’s personal assistant is working with prosecutors to reveal how the R255-million cash was moved, In this week’s 96 by-elections, the trend was the ANC held its ground and grew, while the DA lost big, with minority parties eating into its voter base, Residents of several KwaZulu-Natal wards on Wednesday elected new councillors to replace representatives who had been assassinated in the ongoing political killings in the province. Most of the other countries in Europe also follow this pattern. The way to create job opportunities within impoverished communities lies not in relying on imposing external economic schemes, but in providing the means through which aspiring entrepreneurs within these communities can launch their own business ideas and gain access to the formal economy. They are the economic agents that are best designed to spark inclusive job creation and economic growth – the type that benefits the communities in which businesses and entrepreneurs are embedded. Building on work done in the mid-2000s, Neil Lloyd and Murray Leibbrandt from the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit have sought to establish if people who are not looking for work have chosen not to work. Posel is among those who have suggested that people who are not looking for work, but say they want a job, should be counted as unemployed. Young people in employment gain the soft-skills – confidence, discipline, work ethic, accountability, interpersonal skills – necessary to navigate the challenges of the modern job market. Unemployment figures from 2017 to 2019 show that South African youth are the most economically vulnerable group in the country. All material © Mail & Guardian Online. Instead, this generation of South African youth, especially those with lower levels of education and in locations less accessible to infrastructure and services, face diminished chances for social mobility and employment. He writes about cities, farmwork and popular politics in rural areas. One option to consider – and a role government is well-suited to play – is to accelerate funding and coordination to further the establishment of entrepreneurship incubation programmes. While official unemployment figures lump people who do want jobs, but aren’t actively looking for work, into this category, the expanded unemployment figures count them as unemployed. (9) Pinelli, M., ‘Part 2: Avoiding a lost generation: Ten key recommendations to support youth entrepreneurship across the G20’, EY, 2013, http://www.ey.com.

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