Also Read: Extracurricular Activities for College Application. The scholarship offers participants a unique "dual citizenship" at both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Duke University is one of the best universities in the world. I will lyk to participate, Your email address will not be published. The Robertson Express Bus (RSX) operates when classes are in session at Duke and UNC. Topics have included public speaking, presentation skills, personal finances, etiquette, and networking. Scholars also have access to generous funding for up to three summer experiences, funding for conferences throughout the academic year, and for two semesters of study abroad. Approximately 36 students are selected from among the more than 60,000 applications to the two schools each year. Hometown: Aurora, CO Winning students will join the Robertson Cohort for Community Summer, and. [1], The program was created in 2000 by benefactor Julian Robertson, a 1955 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. Scholars also have access to generous funding for up to three summer experiences, funding for conferences throughout the academic year, and for two semesters of study abroad. High School: Diocesan School for Girls, Campus: Duke Colloquium is a one-semester course taken during the Scholar's first year. Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina. A worthy offer to study at Duke University with full tuition, room and board and fees for up to 6 semesters. High School: Thacher School, Campus: UNC Scholarship Benefits. Nevertheless, the combination of the two promised a breadth and depth of resources that no other university could match. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [2] His initial $24 million gift as well as his subsequent gifts to the program and the universities are overseen by a Board of Directors including Duke University President Richard Brodhead, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt, and Julian Robertson himself. This course offers Scholars a chance to develop an ethical framework for leading and provides a unique, Robertson-only space to strengthen intellectual ties among the class. This summer is designed to strengthen scholars' relationships with each other and to increase awareness of the social and economic challenges of various geographic regions in the US. Moreover, Duke ranks 9th in the whole United States of America in the 2018 edition of Best College. For Duke’s current merit scholarship finalists and prospective incoming first-years, the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily shaken up some planning and logistics. It provides a forum to discuss issues impacting society at large and ethical challenges facing today's leaders. Projects have included research for honors theses, pre-professional internships, and expansions of work undertaken in previous Robertson summers. Scholarship Positions is a leading financial aid and scholarships information website for international students. Specific applications are not required, and are not available, with the exception of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Hometown: St. Charles, MO High School: Blessed Trinity Catholic High School. Intellectual   |   Purposeful   |   Ethical   |   Collaborative. It is home to world-renowned faculty and also an innovative educational institution where aspiring curious, creative and geniuses refine their talents. © 2019 Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Similarly, Duke is a highly reputed college not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well. High School: Brentwood Academy, Campus: UNC High School: Marlborough School, Campus: UNC Duke University is one of the best universities in the world.Very bright and deserving students get to be a part of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program at Duke University. The Robertson Senior Capstone Experience is designed to support senior scholars in their transition from college to the next stage of their careers. Past locations have included Cleveland, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Whitesburg, Kentucky. I was an alternate for the Duke Robertson Scholarship this past year, and wound up getting the offer but turning it down. Why at Duke University? High School: Newlands College, Campus: UNC Hometown: Kennesaw, GA High School: Académie Sainte Cécile International School, Campus: UNC The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is pleased to announce they will be continuing the Robertson Express between UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University during the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Scholars can participate in a university-sponsored program, or they can propose a self-designed project to pursue individually or with other students. Lastly, here is the official link to the website. Please take a look at our Giving page for more information on giving back to RSLP! The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program’s investment begins with the selection of a diverse community of undergraduate students who demonstrate extraordinary potential. Students of all citizenships and nationalities currently in their first-year undergraduate or freshman year of study Duke University are invited to apply or join Duke Robertson Scholars Leadership Program in the United Staes. You may also check out Duke University Scholarships if you wish to find out about other scholarships in Duke University. High School: Overland High School, Campus: Duke Run by a well-experienced team, we operate all over the world, focusing mainly on the Asian and African countries. While studying at this university, aspirants can get plentiful undergraduate to research opportunities in cutting-edge facilities. Robertson Scholars can major, double major, minor, or obtain a certificate in any subject offered at their home institution. The university puts emphasis on the study aboard program to increase global awareness of students. Students of all citizenships and nationalities currently in their first-year undergraduate or freshman year of study Duke University are invited to apply or join Duke Robertson Scholars Leadership Program in the United Staes . There are many ways to give, including your time, talent, and treasure. The Campus Switch is designed to build stronger educational and community ties between UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke, and to offer Scholars the opportunity to adjust to new situations and thrive in challenging environments. Hometown: Dakar, Senegal It will not run during Duke/UNC’s Spring Break or during the summer. High School: African Leadership Academy, Campus: Duke Carolina Livery’s 18 passenger vehicles are ADA accessible and include bike racks, on board wi-fi, and charging stations. Hometown: New York City, NY Got a question? Home » Blog » Duke Robertson program in the United States. Interested students should sign up to attend an informational webinar at:, ROUND ONE INTERVIEWS: January 20-27, 2021, © 2019 Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA after the first semester at UNC or Duke, Only students in their first-year/freshman year of study, Current Merit Scholars at Duke are not eligible, Merit Scholars at UNC whose scholarship does not cover full tuition, room and board and fees may apply for the Robertson, Students with outside scholarships may apply, Students may apply regardless of whether they applied as High School students, One letter of recommendation must be from a current faculty member at UNC or Duke, Students of all citizenships and nationalities may apply. Hometown: Wichita, KS Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Can Be Useful for Students to Find a Job, Best Tips for Students to Stop Worrying and Boost Their Positivity. Campus Switch fosters a sense of collaboration between Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill by building a community of Scholars who are comfortable on both campuses and have a sense of allegiance to both universities. Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya Princeton, N.J.: Peterson's. Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand [3], The program covers four years of undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and provides recipients full funding for three summer experiences. Peterson's smart choices: honors programs & colleges. What Things Should Students Know Before Writing Their First Resume? OYA School was founded with one aim in mind: bridging the gap between excellent minds and their dream university, thus helping them reach their potential. During the second semester of their sophomore year, Robertson Scholars live and take classes on their sister campus. University of Miami Fully-Funded Stamps funding for International Students, Concordia University International Excellence Tuition Award, Royal Holloway Principal's Masters funding for Home and International Students, Sato Yo International Scholarship at Nagasaki University, Japan, Brescia University International Baccalaureate Scholarships, ifa CrossCulture Programme for International Applicants, A.B. The most up-to-date Robertson Express Bus schedule is available for download here: RSX Route schedule. It also is devoted to maintaining a community which thrives on collaboration, represents diversity, and encourages dialogue. Also Read: How to Start Your College Application Essay. High School: Sidwell Friends School, Campus: Duke Robertson Scholars are required to spend the second semester of their sophomore year at the sister campus and may attend classes at the sister campus throughout their undergraduate career. Congrats on your admission to Princeton and the Robertson Scholarship. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program invests Young leaders who demonstrate extraordinary potential and strive to make transformational contributions to society. Scholars may also complete the requirements for a second major, a minor, or a certificate at the sister institution as long as that program is not offered at the Scholar’s home institution. One time donations or monthly recurring gifts are possible through our online giving portal. Scholars spend the summer after junior year engaged in an independent, self-designed project intended to focus their interests and launch them into life after college.

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