Combining it with a return character card such as Dream will also save the minion from destruction after attacking with it. TheTallGrass.

Upon her death, Elune reached down and cleansed Ysera's spirit and body as well as the Tears of Elune. Witnessing Coros's betrayal and subsequent devouring by Galakrond, Malygos would return to the others only to find Ysera and Talonixa in conflict over the fate of the bitten proto-dragons who had begun to act as Galakrond. Instead, Ysera, affected by the Nightmare, commanded the defenders of the Emerald Dragonshrine to attack anyone not of the green dragonflight. She is a highly intelligent, virtuous being who detests combat, but does not shy away from doing battle where necessary.

The Dream gives us shelter, the Dream gives us hope. Alexstrasza the Life-Binder - the red leviathan chosen by Eonarto safeguard all living creatures on the world. From the Emerald Dream, Ysera can observe all lesser races. The effects of this shout last for 300 seconds. Some time after, Malygos found his way to the three of them, and Ysera attacked him when he tried to kill the bound undead proto-dragon. Stamina: Unknown. Lastly, he pulled out an octagonal artifact, moving it to the three proto-dragons as it glowed, with the promise that he was "trying to ensure some future.". [11] She would later fight off the Emerald Nightmare and the corruption of her children. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Basic Info Temple of MiraakRaven Rock Mine, during "The Final Descent"Apocrypha, near where Miraak is fought Oddly enough, Ysera's eyes are open in the vision, the reverse of her usual habit; they are also blue, a change from both Ysera's green and the night elf norm of silver or gold. Ysera Awakens can be comboed with a heal such as Healing Touch, Lay on Hands or Greater Healing Potion to wreak havoc on your opponent while leaving your own hero unscathed. They would not know the peaceful slumber of the Emerald Dream.

Much as they had done in the fight against Galakrond, the aspects worked in unison to overwhelm and the vrykul army. An unconscious Tyr was brought to a frozen lake by the proto-dragons, only to vanish from the shore. Striking Strength: Large Country Class (Comparable to the other Dragon Aspects, including Neltharion and Nozdormu), likely higher within the Emerald Dream. Strength It is a place of where sentient beings have dreams of hope, and faith for a better tomorrow. Hearthstone Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. [2] Ysera believes that the only way to save the Forest Lord is with the Tears of Elune, and sends an adventurer to a nearby temple of Elune to retrieve them. The Emerald Dream is a place where all living beings dream when sleeping.

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