In my opinion Gundry is a total quack! And fat. All Rights Reserved Just ignore the bombastic tone and take whatever seems useful. Is it possible that Dr. Gundry is just out to make a quick buck? Although I don’t see his diet causing harm to people. The video threw me off with repetitive emphasis on his claim of being a “celebrated cardiologist” and the painfully obvious pressure tactics at the end…but I listened to all of it because I wish there was some truth in the claims. (The Dr. advised all the foods I avoid! And plants do have numerous antinutrients whether you want to acknowledge it or not So the claim that plant foods are good, pure and simple, is utterly unscientific conventional wisdom, nothing more. Can you show me where leaky gut is debunked? thank you. a french bakery or home made fresh bread, traditional Italian pasta, etc. Have you read the books ”Let Food be your Medicine” and, Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” by Don Colbert, MD? The second article I highly recommend was written for The Atlantic last year by one of my favorite medical writers, James Hamblin, MD. Every time he opens his little lips to speak his eyes stretch and he breaths in and out pop little big lies and I was amazed that the audience actually fed into the three ring circus act time and time again. © GundryMD 2020. Because his claims are quite profound and novel, referencing of the findings of others and his own results are especially important. I didn’t lose ANY body fat but it made ALL the food I ate taste like crap! If you’ve ever dreamed about living a longer, healthier life (and who hasn’t? The proff is in the pudding! The first is from T. Colin Campbell of China Study fame. I felt no benefit from 86 days of Total Restore and called the customer service number which referred me to his website for full details on returning a product. He was a doctor or an actor. My opinion is that your ego and greed for money has taken you down this path of teaching this misinformation. I’m so glad to read this article so I can happily go back to eating tomatoes again….AARP also says they are very good for eyesight because of lycopene and antioxidants. My next step is to just get refunds on all of this stuff I’ve been so trusting of. That is, better for people in general, not better for the industries producing these medications, the addictive processed foods, or non-processed but genetically modified crops drenched in glyphosate… All this is so obvious, sometimes I wonder how are we constantly missing the mark. sifter. Only those who are willing to plunk down the money to buy his book will learn this secret and the (mostly gobbledook) science behind it. I have enjoyed all of your podcasts and they really help fill in the gaps for me with how to further improve my health and stay motivated. And you’ll wait more and more and more. Evil genius you might say. explain that, Dr. Gundry? You’d think they would have a modicum of responsibility to publish health advice based on science, not sensationalist drivel. For he’s obviously at least intelligent enough to pass med school and diligent enough to perform cardiac surgery. That is probably because you have questions.” And he launched into another 10 minutes of his pitch! The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain”. Can it cause blood sugar levels to remain higher for those with type 2 Diabetes Thanks, Al Valiquet. And sad to see a . Dr. Gundry was a professor and the chairman of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University. And lastly you say countries Reds are useless. How many references to scientific studies are provided in these 5 pages to support this novel and bold assertion? I had a heart attack last year but have no heart damage. The answer to- “should you fear lectins now?” is- yes, if and only if you do the same for oxygen. Anyhow, I read the book. There are so many of these guys making millions off of innocent people. – limit sugar (including overly sugary non-seasonal fruits) Amazing that folks still get away with so much BS. Hudson and Pope are two academic Psychiatrists from Harvard who first noticed that may common brain disorders appear to be part of the same disease process.

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