Put it on at least double rinse cycle. To give you an overall picture of what to expect from various fill powers, we have put together a chart below that should help you figure out what will work best for your intended usage and needs. Fill power indicates down's ability to loft, or trap air, and the higher the fill-power figure, the better the quality; high-quality down will provide greater warmth in relation to weight. These warmth levels were defined by fill power. Daily, the comforter should be fluffed by shaking it. For comforters that can be washed, the commercial-size washers and dryers found in coin laundries are often recommended. This is the best way to protect your down comforter for the long haul. What about allergies with down comforters? Downlite is the nation's largest manufacturer of down bedding, providing homeowners and many of the world’s top hotels and resorts with a luxurious night's sleep night after night. Now, since the properties of down feathers are rather unique, it takes far less down to keep you warm than it does polyester. What is the daily care for my down comforter? High-quality down like that produced by Downlite is cleaned extensively according to strict industry standards, is hypoallergenic and is less likely to cause an issue. Do you always kick off the sheets in the middle of the night or do you snuggle right in? This measurement tells you how many cubic inches are occupied by a single ounce of the down fill. Cruelty-free goose down comes from geese that were not plucked alive or slaughtered solely to harvest the feathers. What is ‘fill power’? Down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic and, when of fine materials, are hard to distinguish from authentic down comforters. This more likely filled with chicken feathers or worse. Down adapts to your body temperature and most people are in that first group of too hot, so a lighter duvet is better for them. How heavy should my down comforter be? For real down, this is often goose feathers. What are the different kinds of down feather filler? Also the more tightly woven, the less likely for down to escape and allergens to be exposed. A down comforter is a long-term investment in your future of luxury, comfort and sleep. Start by turning the duvet cover inside out. This is simply the number of ounces of down fill inside of a comforter. The larger the down cluster size, the more air it traps and the more loft it has (thus more heat retention abilities). We will email you a prepaid FedEx label, and deduct the cost of the return shipping from your refund amount ($5 per item flat rate). Comforter with a fill power below 500, often 450 are cheap and a lot less fluffy. The feathers are then kept in their individual pockets. Terra Life Sheets Review: Are They Worth Buying? The tighter the weave, the less chance that the down will work its way through the shell. Good comforters normally start out at 575 fill power. 1000 fill power is the most luxurious. Quilt stitching means that the comforter is comprised of two pieces of fabric filled with feathers. Wash your comforter on warm, on the delicate cycle. An all-cotton shell will breathe, allowing air to pass through to help fluff up the down. The down will insulate properly in the individual pockets, but as it is forced down in between the stitching, it will begin to lose heat. Fill power > 500. Felt that Goldilocks “just right” feeling…between feeling warm and not overheating? The shell should have a minimum count of 180, but a count of 250 or more is best. For more information on the fill weight of a comforter, see our lightweight down and summer usage guide. This is definitely a situation where you get what you pay for. They can still be slightly warm. It consists of fluffy filaments that interlock to trap air and body heat. If you see “100% Goose Down Duvet for $69.99” it’s false advertising. You can only ensure that you're buying cruelty-free goose down when the company can track and trace where their feathers come from. This means that the down comforter will last longer. Since the weight is also measured in ounces and is referring to the same material, these two numbers together can give you a clear picture of what a blanket will really be like to use. A higher thread count down shell makes the comforter bouncier. A common problem with channel stitched comforters is that the feathers will shift to one side or the other creating hot and cold patches, resulting in nonuniform insulation and comfort. Fill Power How hot or cold do you like to keep your room temperature at night? How can I compare a down comforter to a down alternative? A down comforter is an investment that usually lasts for about ten years with minimal upkeep. Now, it may seem unimportant for you to have a high thread count in your down comforter because you’ll probably be covering it with a duvet cover or shell, but the thread count dramatically affects the comfort and luxury experience. If you are looking for the most luxurious, cloud-like comfort experience, the. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating ability and loft (fluffiness) a down comforter will have. That’s impossible. Goose down feathers will last a lifetime (or longer), so you want to make sure that the fabric used for the. Higher quality down that has even larger clusters, more loft and great insulation with low weight. You must also look at the fill power in relation to the total fill weight of the comforter. First and foremost, read the instructions from the packaging or on the tag. Keep in mind that high fill powers tend to have lower fill weights - because fill power refers to the ability of the down to trap air, not to the weight of the down itself. They usually provide the same level of warmth and comfort, often at a cheaper price. These feathers often come from immature geese, ducks or other waterfowl. Some comforters even combine a mixture of real and synthetic materials. Plus, since it’s breathable, it easily takes you from hot to cold to back again. Sewn Through Construction - versus Baffle Box Construction. Luxury down comforters will often have a fill power rating of 700 or above. Felt that Goldilocks “just right” feeling…between feeling warm and not overheating? If you have a top-loader it should be avoided because the agitator in the middle can add unnecessary stress to your comforter. Anything under 500 is actually considered to be low-grade down and is generally not recommended for use in bedding products like comforters. Most people instantly think that a higher fill power is better. Allergy Friendly Bedding (AAFA Certified), eBay actually provides this excellent chart. If you are looking for the most luxurious, cloud-like comfort experience, the 100 percent pure white down feather is the one you’re looking for. This rating represents the number of cubic inches that an ounce of down feathers will take up. A duvet cover protects the life of your down comforter and gives you more time between washes. Many people consider 800 to be the highest possible fill power, although others will claim that 1200 is possible. A Winter or Heavyweight down comforter provides a cozy layer to snuggle under when icy winds rattle your windows. Shake the cover to fall smoothly over the comforter. Also look for certification tags like these: The most important part of caring for your down comforter is by making sure you always sleep with a duvet cover or down comforter cover on it. Dry it on low. Originally invented for U.S. Army sleeping bags, Primaloft fibers are antimicrobial and repel moisture. Down alternative comforters have to use more filling to create a similar feel as the natural down. Ratings 500 and above are great for down comforters and offer an ideal level of warmth for all year comfort. Fill Type One ounce of down feathers is compressed. Be careful not to get a “Full/Queen” when your bed is a Queen. It is the soft inner plumage found on the belly of the goose, duck and other waterfowl. Fill power is a good indicator of warmth and quality. Most people will recommend getting a high fill power comforter for cold situations and a lower fill power for warmer situations. Most commonly, you will see cotton used as the shell material as it is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and maintain, and easy to repair. Lower-quality down with low-thread-count covers can harbor dust particles, debris or other non-down material, causing a reaction in sensitive people. Eider is often reserved for use in luxury goods and outdoor gear for extreme weather or climate usage. When released, the down will expand and fill up a certain amount of space. Down and feathers, the external plumage, are also plucked from live birds during the molting season, but this is now rare. When you take it out of the water, don’t worry if it looks a bit dingy, that’s just that the feathers underneath are wet and showing through—it’ll go back to its normal brightness once it dries. The Ultimate Guide to Bedding, Best Blankets and Throws to Place at the End of the Bed. You must also look at the fill power in relation to the total fill weight of the comforter. There are also alternative fills that are actually synthetic fibers designed to act like down but without many of the drawbacks. Yes, by now you’ve realized the business of beds has some complicated jargon. It’s extremely durable and easily machine washable and the closest you can get to the delight of natural down. The weight must be considered along with the fill power of a down comforter. If you ever notice any small tears, go ahead and repair it with a needle and thread. However, average goose down offers fill powers of 550-600, which is often ideal for most consumers. For example, a comforter advertised as 500 Fill Power means that each ounce of down fills 500 cubic inches of space. We provide down bedding to hundreds of hotels. A down comforter, often also called a down duvet, is a top-notch bedding option of fabric filled with these down feathers. If you are ready to give your bedroom that euphoric feel of a resort, read on to learn all about how to buy and care for your next down comforter! However, if you have two products with the same power rating and different weights, the comforter with the lower weight will be nicer because it offers the same insulation but in a more lightweight product. Both comforters are equally warm, but the second one is half the weight because it has a better fill power. We can’t take the stress of the day away, but we can certainly give you the feel of hotel luxury to take home with you. A less expensive option is microfiber, a synthetic filling with hollow or spiral microfibers. Higher fill powers are great for outdoor apparel like jackets, boots and sleeping bags, but mid level ratings are actually best for usage in bedding products. Down combines warmth and light weight, and because of its special insulating properties, a down comforter is usually warmer than a blanket or a comforter that’s filled with feathers or synthetic fiber, all while still maintaining a light feel. When shopping for a down comforter, one of the most confusing aspects can be the fill, especially since there are three different terms used to describe exactly what is inside of one of these blankets: type, power and weight. The Best Mattress Protector: Protect Your Investment. This is actually a common trick. That’s the almost magical effect of a down comforter. The fill power is one of the best indicators of the quality of the down comforter. Down is nature's most efficient insulator, is light, lofty and breathes to lifting away perspiration. Great for lightweight comforters that still offer a lot of heat retention. Yes, it does provide more thermal insulation, but not everyone wants to be kept hot under their blanket. Feel free to occasionally shake it out and move it around to make sure it dries evenly. With down, you get what you pay for, and that higher quality comes with a cost. 1000 fill power is the most luxurious. Do you remember the perfect night’s sleep you got in that glorious hotel? Shop the same Downlite hotel bedding found in luxury hotels and resorts around the world. The most important part of caring for your down comforter is by making sure you always sleep with a. Before making an investment like purchasing a down feather comforter, it’s normal to want to know its origins.

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