Once you have a graduate degree, nobody cares what school you got your undergraduate degree from. Sadly we have seen the story several times locally in Seattle where friends dropped the bomb/decision on the kiddos after the dream choice acceptance. Now, two days later, my daughter is online in a Pitt forum looking for a roommate!! I suggest that in the future she will “enjoy the benefits of her hard work” when she is admitted to the graduate program of her choice without having to worry about how to pay for same. An in-depth campus visit can help determine if a school would be an appropriate choice. Numerous scholarships are available to students attending the University of Northwestern Ohio through gifts to the University in the names of generous donors who wish to assist students. Thanks Erog for your kind words…we are indeed very proud of our daughter. Anything is possible. It was his top choice. • Undergraduate research opportunities. If you decide you would prefer borrow less after you have already accepted the loan online, you should email us your request from your Northwestern email address. The notion that a prestigious school won’t accept someone because he or she attended a “less prestigious school” is absurd. While students receiving athletic scholarships are free to take advantage of any need-based federal aid for which they qualify, NCAA regulations generally prohibit students from receiving need-based institutional assistance in conjunction with athletic aid. Northwestern is located in Evanston, which is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. You must reapply for financial aid every year. Because financial aid varies largely depending on a family’s income, it can be even more helpful to break down average net cost by various income levels. The thought of disappointing his daughter seemed to weigh heavily on the dad’s shoulders. CALL. The average net cost of attending Northwestern University after financial aid is $59,388 per year. They include: federal, state, and local government aid; institutional financial aid; and merit scholarships. I very respectfully suggest however that relatively modest (when considering the total cost of tuition) outside scholarships would not really address the point of this entire discussion and decision making process. Not sure what happened with your daughter’s financial aid, but I think something went wrong. • Student organization devoted to this major. What a great gift her parents have given her. Follow Lynn on other social media platforms or subscribe to The College Solution RSS Feed below. Of course, these are only averages, so individual costs will vary. • What questions haven’t I asked you that are relevant? I believe in four years, when the daughter has no debt and many options for Graduate School the wisdom of the parents will be apparent to the daughter. Federal grants, loans, and merit aid aren’t the only ways to fund a college education. JMU is pumping out successful undergraduate business graduates, many of whom are using the money they saved getting a high quality undergraduate education at a stellar price to go on to elite graduate business programs such as Wharton at University of Pennsylvania. However, a student entering Northwestern as a dependent student will remain dependent for institutional funding purposes unless he/she can provide documentation of extreme mitigating circumstances. 2 which would cost them peanuts. A provocative story – and I do appreciate the family’s decision-making process and the father’s willingness to candidly discuss the issues, even among the readers’ comments. Net cost is the actual amount that families typically pay out of pocket, including loans. (Not to mention that both these kids also go valuable lessons in making budget decisions.). There are plenty of great schools in this country (and beyond) that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! He was deferred from MIT, his dream school, and we are not confident that he will get in on 3/14/15 @ 9:26 am. Maybe you have elite bias since your husband works there, but unless you have experience with student loans, it is nuts. I was particularly curious because the family did have the money to cover most of the cost. After “mourning” the loss of what she thought was her first choice school, she committed to a wonderful LAC that awarded her merit money, where the financial aid office has been very courteous to us, where she will receive an excellent education, where the coach is happy and excited to have her and where she is excited to attend. He chose to throw his hat in the ring. By attending top notch publicly supported undergraduate business programs at state university prices in their own state, many Virginia students who make this choice are then able to afford the private, elite graduate business schools, often without taking out loans.

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