As they discuss his desire for vengeance against Rumplestiltskin, a fisherman begins admiring the ship. Emma questions who she is, and Cora replies, stepping forward out of the shadows, "A friend". When she realizes that she has a sister who's being taught in the arts of magic, Zelena grows incredibly jealous for she believes that she should be being trained to control her own magical tendencies. Then King Snoot blows it all to hell. The Evil Queen Would Rather Die Than Forgive Snow White The short version is that a young Snow White told Cora, Regina’s mother, about Regina wanting to run away and marry a stable boy named Daniel instead of becoming a Queen She wants to take her mother among the townspeople to prove her innocence and Cora obliges to go with her. One night, when Will visits Ana to ask her if she is playing a long con or whether her marriage is the real deal, Cora overhears their conversation, and Will's request that Ana meet with him at their wagon so that they may escape back to the Enchanted Forest together. Zelena compares Regina's willingness to use The Author's magic to write Zelena out of existence to Cora. She praises Zelena for having the gift of magic, and she offers her a way to prove to her adoptive father that her magic is good. Still recovering from learning a truth she did not know of, Regina confronts her mother about the events that led up to her becoming King Leopld's consort, but Cora believes the matter is irrelevant now. Disguising herself as Henry, Cora arrives to talk with Snow White about ending the war against Regina. The therapist, especially, seemed like the most likely candidate — after all, the writers already “killed” Jiminy Human once this year. He soon does so and deciphers where the dagger is hidden, but Cora being Cora, she betrays him and knocks him out with magic, taking Regina to go and find the dagger for themselves. Instead, Cora removed her own heart — and with it gone, her reluctance to marry Henry has faded away. However, just as she's about to lunge her hand inside Snow's chest, Emma steps in her place. They bond as they walk through the woods together and Leopold reveals that he is betrothed to Princess Eva, who he hasn't met yet, but he'd rather take Cora for a bride, and she encourages him to do so, reminding him of his power. After leaving, Regina manages to open the box, which is sealed with blood magic, and discovers a wand inside. As soon as she sticks Cora’s heart back into her body, she’ll have finally vanquished the Big Bad for good. Although Snow and Emma manage to use the portal at Lake Nostos, Cora and Hook manage to travel to Storybrooke using a magic bean. Snow and Emma therefore go back to the castle where the royal couple lived and where the blonde was born. Reiterating their intended goal, Cora promises that once they get the dagger, she will make Mr. Gold do whatever Regina desires; even kill. To do this, she disguises herself as Regina, entering the office of her daughter's therapist, Dr. Archie Hopper, and seemingly kills him in front of the man's dog, Pongo. – That Belle phone call scene — “You are a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man. [Laughs] It’s been awhile. Instead, Snow simply hands over the box to Regina and tells her that this is the reason her mother has never loved her — without her heart, she was incapable of true affection. Shortly after, she and Hook head out to Lake Nostos to begin making the trip to Storybrooke. ("The Queen Is Dead"), One day, Regina is riding Rocinante, around the large field outside her family's mansion. Who are her tribe? She eavesdrops on a conversation the future Queen has with a former beau, Will, who pleads for Anastasia to meet him at their old wagon and run away together. She uses her magic to return the memories of the time they met as children. Mary Margaret knocks the compass into the sand with an arrow as she, Emma, and Mulan begin a battle with the pair. If the show is renewed for season 7, do you feel like there’s more Zelena story to tell?Yeah, definitely. ("Into the Deep"), After Aurora, under Cora's thrall, manages to lock the ink quarted inside Rumplestiltskin's old cell, the powerful witch is able to get her hands on the compass she sought, and Hook teases Emma about the withered magic bean he took from the giant. ("To Catch a Thief"), With help from the White Rabbit, Cora returns to the Enchanted Forest to make amends with Regina. Just as Cora is about to kill Rumplestiltskin, Regina does this. Controlling Will with his heart, she sends him and other guards to apprehend the girl. Unaware of this change, Cora presents the heart to Regina, who begins crushing it, as she watches through a mirror as Snow White suffers. Regina manages to remove Cora's ghost from Snow's body, and banishes her back to the Underworld. Rather than offing an extraneous cast member, writer Jane Espenson elected to do away with season 2’s primary antagonist: Cora, a fairly fascinating creature (and surprise princess!) Happy, Killian tells Cora she will be able to see her daughter, and he'll be able to skin himself a "crocodile". The next morning, Cora sabotages any reconciliation between the two lovers by telling Will that Anastasia decided to marry the Red King. The king locks her in a room and tells her that if she can spin all the straw in the room to gold, she can have the prince's hand in marriage. That’s the kind of rage that could turn a whole mess of straw into gold — or turn a certain pure-hearted princess into a very pretty corpse. However, when Cora pulls, she can't rip out the heart, and is thrown back and knocked unconscious by a light emitting from Emma's chest. However, Cora is forced to apologise for getting flour on Princess Eva's slippers. Snow White begins spending time with Cora, who relates her desire to do what is best for Regina. Regina seeks Rumple to return the spellbook, but he lets her keep it and convinces her to let him teach her the dark arts, as she loves using magic. ("Sisters"). I think it will kind of bring them all together. ("Queen of Hearts"), After Emma and Mary Margaret are sent to the Enchanted Forest, they are taken prisoner by Mulan and Aurora, who bring them to their safe haven. Hook manages to rescue her and she and Regina do some catching up before deciding together that the way to end things between Hades and Zelena is by making it so that the latter doesn't remember him. When prompted with a request to take out his heart, she warns him of the consequences, but he insists. Show Information Cora plans to get to Regina's new land in 28 years and reconnect with her daughter, help her pick up the pieces. It is revealed that Cora is responsible for the scar on Jefferson's neck, having ordered his execution in Wonderland. He demands that Cora give him as much gold as she can spare or he'll tell Leopold the truth, and she agrees to do so. Noting his failure, she asks who had beaten him to it, to which he admits Emma did. Instead, Hook descends from the beanstalk long after Emma, who trapped him and left with the compass. – Also, do all the women in Snow’s line start out as jerks before eventually having a change of heart? While Cora excitedly talks about her daughter's future role as Queen, Regina once again voices that she doesn't wish for any of that. Cora Mills, also known as the Queen of Hearts, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Cora says that she has a few thoughts... ("In the Name of the Brother"), Regina is seen with Cora in her house as she digresses her woes over Henry leaving town with Emma, her mother comforts her, assuring her that Henry shall be hers soon enough. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Characters, The Hot Seat: 'Once Upon a Time' bosses answer your burning questions, Once Upon a Time - Episode 1.18 - Stable Boy - Casting Call, Silver Grey Gardens Petal Necklace By Alexis Bittar, External screenshot from "Heart of the Matter",, Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships, Dashed lines denote marriages, adoptions and relationships that result in offspring, Cora's surname, Mills, which is engraved on her casket in ", The casting call describes her as "late 40s to early 60s, the, The mask Cora holds resembles the baton that the, Among the numerous fairytale illustrations in. Before she can fulfill the deal, Eva, having overheard the conversation, exposes the truth to Leopold. Sir Lancelot then makes himself appear as Cora, who had been passing for him after allegedly killing him. Grinning wickedly, Cora remarks that she has a few ideas. All the while, she agrees to let Hook keep her company, so that he may one day quench his thirst for vengeance. Anastasia succeeds, and although Anastasia is at first worried that the Red King will find out about her magical abilities, it is implied that Cora eventually manages to murder the Red King. I think so. Cause of death: – Anyone else glad Rump isn’t Regina’s biological father? Since Cora had obtained Will's heart, Will becomes her Knave, controlled by Cora. Cora tells Regina that someone is after her heart, which is in the mayor's vault, and requests that Regina go stop them. Despite this hardship, the experience teaches her that the only person she can rely on is herself. It’s like it’s your juice, so I would think season 7 would be me trying to get my powers back without trying to kill anyone or whatever blah, blah. Taking this in, Cora rips out her own heart as she sees it as an obstacle, and tells Rumple that she cannot run away with him. However, she offers Snow a candle, one that, when lit, shall save her mother, but take another's life. Gold wonders what she wants in exchange and she explains that she wants her daughter. ("We Are Both"), Through the looking glass, Cora lands in the realm of Wonderland and rises to power as the Queen of Hearts. In Storybrooke, Rumpel urges Emma to tap into her emotions so that she can find the strength to cast a protection spell around the shop. Relevant Pages One of the haven's soldiers, Mulan, and a guest, Aurora, bring back two captives, Emma and Mary Margaret. Cora boasts that everything she does is for Regina, and she criticizes Regina's repeated failure in getting Snow White's heart. Credit: It bounces off and burns the wardrobe to ash. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Insulted by this, Cora tells him that she is able to spin straw into gold, and Xavier announces this to his subjects, locking Cora up in a tower full of straw overnight, telling her that she will die if she fails to produce gold. Hair color: With Snow not being able to take another's life, Eva dies and her funeral is held. She then reveals her plan to use the town's shrink to provide them with intel on the residents of Storybrooke, including Rumplestiltskin. One night, when Cora is moonlighting at a tavern and fending off drunks, a man named Jonathan invites her to sit with him and drops a handkerchief, allowing Cora to see the royal crest embroidered on it. Do you think Cora was shuttled off this mortal coil too soon, or do you agree that her death has reinvigorated season 2? He makes a ring out of straw and offers it to her as a marriage proposal, promising t… Cora says power is freedom, and tries to assure her that she will be there to guide Regina down the right path. Aurora doesn't think Emma and Snow will oblige, but Cora states that they can't help saving the innocent, regardless of the personal cost.

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