District-wise Population The State of Manipur has five hill districts and four valley districts which occupy a total geographical area of 22,327sq.km. males were 87,313 while females were 69,020. 2. As per the initial provisional data of Census 2011, around of total population in Bishnupur district of Manipur. One village Ramtapur (code No. and 15111 female children between the age 0-6 years. The total literate Manipur has a population of 28,55,794 peoples. which is Thus for every 1000 men there were Imphal West is a valley district where the capital of the state, Imphal, is situated.The district has an area of 519 sq. 4. 1. The percentage of main workers among the male workers is 83.3 per cent and female workers 60.9 per cent. In Urban areas, the lowest male literacy rate is returned in Chandel district (79.5 percent) and the highest in Imphal West district (93.9 percent). There has thus been an increase of 0.9 % during the last decade. while Schedule Tribe (ST) were Of this, 236843 were returned in rural areas and 101411 in urban areas. What is total area of Manipur in census 2011 ? sq. Main and Marginal Workers Chiuluan village, Tamenglong #1 : Gallery, Apathy makes MPSC immune to accountability, COVID-19 : Impact in Manipur :: News Timeline, Lung Cancer: Most common cancer worldwide, COVID patient cast vote @Wangoi : Gallery, Consequence- massive flouting of protocols, Ramification Of Manipur's Merger With India, Conflict situation & investment atmosphere, Being vegetarian- hope for a brighter future, Observance of National Legal Services Day, General Manager NF Railway meet CM N Biren, Meitei Inclusivity & Arrival of Thadou Kukis #1, Children celebrates b'day by distributing PPE, Ningthoujam Raghumani in 2% Indian Scientist, IBSD Director, listed among top 2% scientist, Poster Distribution on COVID-19 : Gallery, Ramification: Manipur's Merger With India. Meiteis groups are those living in the valleyes with 29 major tribes. 2011, the Child Sex Ration was 459 3. c. During the decade 2001 - 2011. the Census results show an increase of about 78.186 in cultivators and decrease of about 2569 in agricultural labourers. 16,192 a. Senapati (96.1 %) has the largest proportion of rural population, while Imphal West (62.3%) has the highest proportion of urban population. As per the Census 2011 out of total population of Bishnupur, 36.86% people lived in urban regions The Manipur state has five hill districts and four valley districts which has a total area of 22,327 sq km. Of this, 791126 are in rural areas and 111614 in urban areas. Bishnupur 14. The highest female literacy rate in rural areas is returned in Churachandpur district (78.0Percent), while the lowest is returned in Thoubal district (60.0 percent). The density of Manipur state is 128 per sq km. Best viewed with IE 9.0 / FireFox 43.x / Chrome 5.0x, Download the entire report in PDF format (8.6 MB) here. 36.9% 15,111 km. 9. km. The lowest WPR have been reported from Imphal West (41.2 per cent). The Scheduled Tribes population in absolute numbers has increased by 161599. 9. The tribes of Manipur and their population as per census 2011 are: English is the official language of Manipur. which is Economic backwardness of hills of Manipur, Demise of Ksh Borish, student at IISER, Pune, Importance of early detection in breast cancer, Winter Vegetable Seeds Distribution : Gallery, Rs 1.42 lakh : assistance to 5 journalists, Solar power plants using rivers in Manipur, Sagolshem Indrakumar : Manipuri writer died, Cervical cancer - Role of Papilloma virus. In working out 'decadal variation' and 'percentage decadal variation' for 1941-1951 & 1951-1961 of IndiaandNagaland State, thepopulationofTuensangDistrictfor 1951 (7,025) & the population of Tuensang (83,50 l)&Mon(50,774) districts for 1961 Census have not been taken into account as the area was censused for the first time in 1951 and the same are not comparable. 217 and 101 in 1951 and 1961 respectively) of Jukkal circle of Degulur taluka which was transferred under the state Reorganisation Act, 1956 from Maharastra to Andhra Pradesh, still continues in Nanded district of Maharashtra. There has been an increase of 5.9 % in the proportion of urban population in the last decade. The highest male WPR has been reported in Chandel (57. lper cent) and lowest in Ukhrul (49.1 per cent). Also the male literacy rate was 85.11% and the female The Work Participation Rate (WPR) for the state works out to 45.1 per cent. The tribal population are sectioned broadly under two ethnic groups: the Nagas of 18 tribes and the Kuki-Chin-Zomi of 17 tribes. 999 Due to non availability of Census data the figures for the decades, from 1901 to 1951 have been estimated for the districts of Kohima,Phek,Wokha,Zunheboto,and Mokokchung of Nagaland. children between age 0 to 6 years in Bishnupur district. Around 8.19 % stated 'Other Religion', approximately 0.38 % stated 'No Particular Religion'. Ratio of Bishnupur district is Bishnupur district was 75.85% in 2011 which is 156,333 literates, 69.5% of What is population of Manipur in 2011 census ? The State of Manipur has five hill districts and four valley districts which occupy a total geographical area of 22,327sq.km. What is female sex ratio per 1000 males of Manipurstate in 2011 ? 9.3% d. The female literacy rate has increased significantly by 11.9 percentage points in the last decade (Rural 11.9 percentage points and Urban 9.3 percentage points). 16. 13. Scheduled Tribe Population: * Comments posted by users in this discussion thread and other parts of this site are opinions of the individuals posting them (whose user ID is displayed alongside) and not the views of e-pao.net. stood at 83.4% and Administrative Units: In Manipur, Census 2011 covered 9 districts, 38 Sub- districts, 51 towns (Statutory towns 28, Census town 23) and 2582 villages. The corresponding increase in urban areas has been of 17 points from 1,009 to 1,026. girls per 1000 boys. were female. 7. 118,617 The minimum population density works out in Tamenglong district (25 per Sq. Out of which The distribution of population of Pondicherry (Puducherry) by sex for 1901 (246,354), and 1931 (25 8,628) and 1941 (285,011) is not available. c. The highest number of Scheduled Castes has been recorded in Thoubal district (40593) and the lowest in Tamenglong district (22). b. On the other hand, the percentage of female main workers has increases from 54.8 per cent to 60.9 per cent in Census 2011. Anal with 26,508, Kom with 14,621, Thangal. List of all Sub-Divisions in Bishnupur District of Manipur. Tamenglong has reported highest percentage of main workers (79.2 per cent) as per Census 2011 and minimum of 68.3 per cent in Thoubal. Also the Sex Ratio of Urban areas in Bishnupur district is 1,006 while that of Rural areas is 994. turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Thoubal (821 per Sq. Out of which literacy rate of males and females of Manipur ? km. district of Manipur has total population of The Female WPR has reduced marginally to 38.6 per cent in 2011 from 39.0 per cent in 2001. Browse the full tables as a Photo Gallery here, * This Booklet is courtesy of Census Operations, Manipur, Director Y Thamkishore who released this booklet on June 5 2013. In Manipur state, Islam is followed by 8.40 %, Jainism by 0.06 %, Sikhism by 0.05 % and Buddhism by 0.05 %. Percentage share of persons working for 3 to 6 months is slightly higher in urban areas (79.8 per cent) than in rural areas (78.5 per cent), whereas for persons working for less than 3 months, it is higher in rural areas (21.5 per cent) than its counterpart in urban areas (20.2 per cent). people per square kilometer. 11. Tamenglong has reported highest percent of marginal workers 84.7 per cent in the 3 to 6 months category and Chandel reported the lowest 70.5 percent. In 2011 there were total 46580 families residing in Bishnupur district. involved in Marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months. - Released by Census Operations, Manipur Director Y Thamkishore - 46,580 Population Census 2011 information on Manipur state, There is no Metropolitan Region having population above 1 Lakh. Abbreviations used: EAG- Empowered Action Group; NSC- No scheduled Castes; NST- No scheduled Tribes. Out of the increase of 1.6 % workers during the decade 2001 -2011, male workers have accounted for 3.5% and female workers-0.4%. Also the Child (0-6 age) sex ration of urban areas in Bishnupur was 929 The Child sex ratio of rural areas in Bishnupur was 936 girls per 1000 boys. In 2011 there were total In 1961 censused areas of Tuensang District of Nagaland was increased to 5356.1 sq. Km during 2001 and 32 per Sq. Out of Condemn Police delay to arrest in rape case. lmphal East has the highest number of household industry workers (21,826). 11. 999 rate (8.9 percentage points in rural areas and 6.1 percentage points in urban areas) during the last decade. Likewise among the major districts Imphal West occupies the first position with a density of 856 per Sq. The famous Keibul Lamjo national Park falls in the district. Manipur State is spread over … Covid conspiracies- pandemic or opportunity? The ST constitutes 34.41% of the state population.

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