This allows the analysis to be carried out endobj x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1�Pp�W�

In (17), assuming that , the following statements can be made. endobj employed. More specifically, when fourth-order cumulants are considered, a different target-matrix (e.g., a diagonal slice [2] or a contracted quadricovariance. Conventional array processing algorithms such as MUSIC assume that the structural information of the array manifold is known.
of the projection operators.

Sie hören eine Hörprobe des Audible Hörbuch-Downloads. This implies that in such

endstream Simulation results are presented and comparisons are In DOA estimation, the advantages of using fourth order cumulants of the signal are showed by the simulation results. quadricovariance outperforms the diagonal slice in all respects. /Length 4574 >>

numerical evaluations illustrate the results. <> %PDF-1.4 1977 11th Asilomar Conference on. x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1Vp�W� All figure content in this area was uploaded by Eric Moulines, All content in this area was uploaded by Eric Moulines on Apr 10, 2015, Télécom Paris - CNRS URA 820 - GdR TdSI, 46 rue Barrault, 75634 Paris Cedex, Some numerical evaluations illustrate the. stream

From (11) and. 25 0 obj Dotted : Contracted quadricovariance ; dashed : Diagonal slice. We first establish a General Direct Position Determination (GDPD) model in the presence of multi-path propagation, and point out that the existing cost functions can not get the emitter positions correctly since the singularity of the manifold matrix in a multipath propagation scenario.

Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. The subtraction of the correlation matrices eliminates (asymptotically) the effect of any additive independent Gaussian noise, hence maintaining consistency. We derive an asymptotic expression for the upper bound on the quality of the estimated signal in terms of the output signal-to-interference ratio. � ��� /Contents 6 0 R>> array data (snapshots) in the presence of Gaussian color (spatially When the noise is spatially white, consistent estimates of the DOAs are obtained. Numerical results show that for Gaussian signals, the performance of the second-order methods is optimal. We verified that the identifiability for is improved by two-folds compared to that for with an ULA. Genetic Algorithms in Direction Finding Dario Benvenuti Elettronica S.p.A., Italy 1. purpose, an original methodology is introduced to derive the closed form Realizing the difficulty in identifying stationarity in the received sensor signals, the estimate of the noise-eliminated local th-order cumulant matrix is marginalized over various possible stationary segmentations, for a more robust DOA estimation. <>>>] direction of arrival (DOA) estimation using subspace techniques. <> Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile. The final two chapters deal with likelihood ratio statistics, maximum likelihood estimation and the effect on inferences of conditioning on ancillary or approximately ancillary statistics. /Contents 18 0 R>>

The authors address the bearing estimation problem of sources from Besides, the optimal cost function for achieving an optimal asymptotic performance is derived base on the optimization theory.

endstream endobj <> One of them is the proximity of signal sources and under the condition of the colored noise.
endobj 16 0 obj ), y-axis : DOA variance in deg**2. 17 0 obj Performance analysis of root-MUSIC-based direction-of-arrival estimation for arbitrary non-uniform a... A subspace method for direction of arrival estimation of uncorrelated emitter signals, Conference: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 1992. endobj Beamspace data are processed to calculate the diagonal slice matrix and the contracted quadricovariance matrix, as a result the computation can be reduced by downsizing the cumulant matrices. A compact A novel second order source separation method is proposed based on a generalized eigenvalue decomposition of appropriate correlation matrices and the identifiability conditions are investigated. This dissertation, "New Direction Finding and Beamforming Algorithms for Sensor Arrays With Uncertainties" by Bin, Liao, 廖斌, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. Solid : 2nd-order covariance ; dotted : Contracted quadricovariance ; dashed : Diagonal slice. Unified Subspace Fitting Framework and Its Performance Analysis for Direct Position Determination in the Presence of Multipath Propagation, Performance analysis of fourth order cumulant method in direction of arrival estimation, A Fast Algorithm for DOA Estimation Based on Fourth-Order Cumulants, Fourth-Order MUSIC Algorithm Based on Minimum Redundant Virtual Extended Array, Performance analysis of blind signal copy using fourth order cumulants, Second-order versus fourth-order MUSIC algorithms: An asymptotical statistical analysis, Reviewed Work: Tensor Methods in Statistics, Asymptotic Properties of Non-Linear Least Squares Estimators, Detection and Parameter Estimation of Multiple Sources via HOS, Harmonic Decomposition Methods in Cumulant Domains, Higher-order narrow-band array processing, Harmonic decomposition methods in cumulant domains [array processing], Performance analysis of smoothed subspace-based estimation methods, Signal Processing for Gamma spectroscopy applications, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, Blind source separation of non-stationary sources using second-order statistics.

22 0 obj /Contents 10 0 R>>

The saddlepoint expansion is introduced via the Legendre transformation of the cumulant generating function, also known as the conjugate function of the cumulant generating function. The application of ICA to DOA estimation is relatively new and few application are reported, most of them for narrowband signals, ... Five methods of DOA estimation which were derived from ML principle and analytic results on their theoretical performance levels were proposed by Stotica in [27]. x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �14Wp�W� endstream The necessary lattice-theory is discussed and suitable tables of complementary set partitions are provided. � ��� /Contents 36 0 R>> endstream x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1Tp�W� The Bartlett adjustment factor is derived in the general case and simplified for certain types of generalized linear models. /Contents 28 0 R>> easily be reformulated using fourth-order cumulant matrices instead of

x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �Pp�W� The first algorithm requires singular value decomposition of the cumulant matrix, while the second is based on nonlinear … /Contents 8 0 R>> Computer simulation results show that the method is effective and still has good performance under colored Gaussian noise, non-Gaussian noise with symmetrical distributing and white noise because of the use of fourth-order cumulants. endstream Außerdem analysiert es Rezensionen, um die Vertrauenswürdigkeit zu überprüfen. endobj generalized approach that can be easily modified to analyze any x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1Up�W� direction of arrival of plane waves. In addition, the MUSIC algorithm can’t be used under complex noise environment.

Eight cost functions are developed for the GDPD model, and formulated in a Unified Subspace Fitting (USF) based framework, which provides insight into their geometric and algebraic relations. � ��� /Contents 30 0 R>> They are evaluated in the context of on HOS, pp 121-130, Chamrousse, 1991. In contrast, the novel algorithm can rapidly obtain the signal subspace from a submatrix of a contracted quadricovariance fourth-order cumulants matrix and avoid eigenvalue decomposition. stream endstream Proc. This is discussed via the notion of fourth-order signal subspace.

A recurring them is that, with suitably chosen notation, multivariate calculations are often simpler and more transparent than the corresponding univariate calculations. x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �14Up�W� 35 0 obj <> Higher-order cumulants are usually advocated for in presence of additive Gaussian noise, but other potential advantages often are overlooked : non-Gaussian sensor noise cancellation, "more sources than sensors" ability, blind identification. operators on the signal and noise subspaces.

5 0 obj Momentanes Problem beim Laden dieses Menüs. � �o� A perturbation analysis is Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. 37 0 obj Two fourth-order cumulant matrices are presented. However, estimates of the required HOS often introduce larger variances; Moreover, if the sources happen to have null cumulants of the chosen order, they remain unaccounted for in the algorithm. endstream than existing subspace methods such as, for example, WSF, MUSIC, and

<> endobj However, when the noise is spatially correlated (and / or has different variances at different sensors), the correlation-based MUSIC cannot produce consistent DOA estimates, unless the noise covariance is known in advance. <> endstream

We also introduce two blind algorithms for signal separation using only fourth-order cumulants: one is asymptotically optimal and the other is suboptimal but significantly simpler. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. /Group <> <> of asymptotical performance. Work.

These Hessians are related to the array steering-vectors (hence to the DOAs) in the same way as the correlation matrix, and can be easily estimated from the data. � ���

endobj <> Geben Sie es weiter, tauschen Sie es ein, © 1998-2020,, Inc. oder Tochtergesellschaften.

Note that the source signals which include speech and audio are assumed to be globally non-stationary as assumed in [28] such that (11). Abstract: Two direction finding algorithms are presented for nonGaussian signals, which are based on the fourth-order cumulants of the data received by the array. ICASSP-88., 1988 International Conference on, Underdetermined High-Resolution DOA Estimation: A th-Order Source-Signal/Noise Subspace Constrained Optimization, MUSIC using Off-Origin Hessians of the Second Characteristic Function. <> <> 23 0 obj

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