One of the best things you can do is have a relationship with her family. During winter, plan a trip to the ski lodge, even if you don’t ski you can enjoy the scenery and sit by a warm fire sipping hot chocolate. Watch the movie she really wants to see. Then leave her to enjoy it alone. 42. Could be chocolate. 20. Toss the tattered undies, too. Good boyfriends do not play games. Pay for her car to have a 12 point safety inspection, this shows you care about her safety when she is driving. 13. 70. So how about you? 68. Plan a romantic weekend in a bed and breakfast to see the sights such as autumn leaves, historical sites, etc. Have a conversation without looking down at your cell phone. Nothing melts a girl’s heart more than the little things you do for her without her “having to ask”. Same goes for something on the floor, a sweater on the back of the chair, etc. Maybe her sink is draining slowly but she hasn’t gotten a plumber yet, then fix it for her yourself, and if you can’t fix it then call the plumber and pay him (ok so this one might cost a little). Go through the entire list, recreate it for your boyfriend. 16. 45. Could be a drawing of an ocelot wearing sunglasses. The fact that she is compassionate and helps people, that she is strong and listens well. So if you see that happening, you can step in with a quick cup of coffee to send her off with. A little gift that comes from the heart can completely brighten your day. kind. A Ranking. Let her know she’s still as special as the day she first caught your eye. Get a morning babysitter for a few hours and go out on a breakfast date. Your Free Resource for Love, Life, and Personal Development, November 28, 2017 Marydel Mitch Flores Leave a Comment. 47. Even if it is just a salad and a bottle of water that you bring her will let her know you care and brighten the rest of her day. Pick up the snack or cookie or ice cream she likes but never buys for herself. Put something weird in her work bag. Most of these will cost you little if anything, but the rewards are indelible. Maybe it’s larger recyclables that can’t be picked up by the truck, take it to the recycle facility for her. Well OK that might be a little too much to start but there are plenty of activities to choose from, hiking, kayaking, bungee jumping, and more. If things seem like they’ve gotten a little routine, change them up by adding some variety to your typical schedule. Bust out a funky dance. If you didn’t enjoy it and she did, keep the extent of your opinion to yourself. His needs are probably different from what you would expect. It takes just a few seconds to do and will totally brighten her day. So if she’s looking for a new job, a nice way you can let her know you’re looking out for her is to help her by sending her job postings of opportunities you think she’d be a good fit for. Make it strong. It is about spending quality time together, doing everyday things and talking to each other, it also shows she is important to you. 8. Here are a few things boys voluntarily or involuntarily do which make a girl’s heart melt like butter. She may not even have the time to make herself that all-important cup of coffee. 103452 Free Stocks I have been seriously dating the same guy for almost two years now. Read a book solely because you know she loved it. 14. I love her without any reason, not because she’s beautiful or whatever physical features she has, I just felt it. Fix that thing you know needs to be fixed. If she likes it stronger than you like it? She is always there for me even in personal things.” —  Jhuniel E. Balasbas, 23,  Student, 6. She will reciprocate and it may even surprise you in just how she decides to do that. DON'T FORCE HER TO DO ANYTHING. Give her the weekend off, tell her to stay in her lounge clothes with her favorite slippers and read or watch television and wait on her this weekend. Reminisce. Get Love Tips Sent Straight To Your Mailbox. 12. 8. Fix things she hasn’t gotten to or can’t fix herself.

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