Both are affiliated with the Fey Kind, Nimue with the Sky Folk and Lancelot with the Ash Folk. Peoples' Friendship University Ranking, [1] His morals have been jeopardized by the brotherhood of the Red Paladins, to which he is known to slaughter down any Fey kind just for existing. The two manage to save the paladin, but Father Carden becomes suspicious that Nimue is hiding among the ranks and orders an assembly of all the sisters. That journey brings her into direct conflict with the Red Paladins, a fanatical sect of the Church razing the fey population to the ground, with great thanks to their mysterious warrior. He groomed him into becoming a weapon for the paladins. Jumeira University Careers, List Of 1990s Children's Tv Shows, 12 Fruits Of The Holy Spirit, Your email address will not be published. He reveals that he recognizes him as being of a type of Fey called the "Ash Folk" because of his eyes. After Squirrel is taken away, Carden slaps the Monk in the face, asking why he would embarrass him. He proves one of their greatest assets, personally killing many of the Fey. Nimue is the protagonist of Cursed. Nimue Having just finished season 1 of cursed I find myself wondering what would happen if Lancelot and Percival happen to stumble upon where Nimue fell into the water, and I am going from there. Father Carden took in the Monk as a child when he conquered his village of Ash Folk because the Monk could find other Fey. He asks he came to be there, givent that there haven't been any Ash Folk in the area for centuries. When the Red Paladins attack Nimue's village, Nimue, from hiding, recognizes the Weeping Monk as a powerful figure and someone to fear. As Squirrel runs off, Wicklow tells the Monk that while he may have a reputation, he knows the Trinity Guard's skill. It becomes apparent that King Uther has deceived Nimue, yet she has a few tricks of her own. The Mandalorian Season 2: Will Sabine Wren Be In The Next Episode? He is a noble man, but he is his… I mean, when you first meet him in Cursed, he’s a mysterious assassin who certainly has yet to find his way. 13 Reasons Nimue and Arthur Cursed Romantically from star Catherine Langford in Season 1, but with the introduction of Weeping Monk as Lancelot, Nimoo may have a different love interest in Season 2. He was carefully groomed by Father Carden since he was young to believe that he is evil and needed to be saved. He removed the king just so he could replace Arthur with his own illusion." She rides out for his palace to hold up her end of the bargain, believing that the fey are safe, while Arthur leads the fey toward the ships visible in the distance. Instagram: Cylinder Area, Glenn Hoddle Genius, Cursed has delighted audiences but who exactly is Nimue according to Arthurian legend? He says that they should ride fast and return with numbers. It's also noteworthy that, barring a rarely-told version of Arthurian legend where Nimue is beheaded by an enraged knight, scant few versions of her story end in death. Nimue demands that Gawain and Squirrel, two of her loved ones who have been captured, be released, or else she will not surrender the sword. Nimue & The Weeping Monk | Lancelot (Cursed) (15) The Weeping Monk | Lancelot (Cursed)/Original Character(s) (14) Gawain | The Green Knight & Squirrel | Percival (Cursed) (12) He’s fighting against something internal that is so powerful and so motivating for him, but so conflicted that it just was really about having him aware of that conflict more. The Best New Shows to Watch on Netflix in November 2020, 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Credits Confirm Cast for New & Returning Characters, Matthew Perry Reveals When 'Friends' Reunion Will Finally Shoot, Kate Mara Reflects on 'Fantastic Four' Experience: "I Do Regret Not Having Stood Up for Myself". When the Monk stands away from him, he tells him not to be afraid, that he doesn't bite, calling him "Ash Man." As Brother Salt prepares to torture Squirrel, telling him he will cut out his tongue first, the Monk enters the tent. The Monk tells him that his suffering will cleanse him, but he replies that the Monk parrots the words of the paladins, though he knows it's all lies. At this, Arthur shoots Bergerum dead, telling Gawain it was necessary. Drabbles based on these writing prompts for October. Status He walks up to Father Carden and bows before him. The Weeping Monk also known as Lancelot, serves as a secondary antagonist on Netflix's Cursed. April Month Meaning, Back at fey HQ, Nimue receives a raven informing her that she ships have arrived, meaning that King Uther has kept his word. Salt asks who is there as the Monk approaches quietly from behind, then, recognizing the Monk's presence, he asks "Come to watch, my weeping brother?" They join a group of paladins who have discovered another paladin up in a tree, bound in vines. When the Monk takes Gawain to the Red Paladins' camp, Squirrel follows them and get captured by Father Carden. Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of Cursed Season One.. Morgana goes to retrieve the sword, while Nimue reassures a worried Kaze that she will return. Lancelot. And so, yes, he is the best swordsman. Father Carden asks for custody of Nimue, claiming that he can break her through torture in just a few hours, but Nimue invites him to do his worst. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Pertaining To A Vein Medical Terminology, Arthur and Gawain rush out to make a valiant last stand, in the hopes that the others trapped in the windmill may flee. COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COLLIDER gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. "Fine, it's Percival," replies Squirrel. So all of that’s of a piece to me, that that’s who Lancelot is. Without a clear origin story, the writers of Cursed are free to interpret Nimue's journey from sheltered maiden to powerful sorceress however they see fit. Next: Cursed Theory: How Arthur Could Become King In The Show, Gia Allana is an Entertainment and Features Writer who writes about Korean dramas and music, pop culture, Asian series, anime, and local showbiz. by | Nov 1, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. The Blaze-look-alike, Sir Percival, and the Knuckles-look-alike, Sir Gawain, looked visibly tense, whereas the expression on Sir Lancelot's face remained mostly unreadable as the visor of his armor covered his eyes. His weeping face hidden beneath his cloak. Please consider turning it on! They Shoot Horses Don't They Where To Watch, He asks her why she does not have the sword, asking if she thinks she's clever.

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