a. a. Livor Crime scene technicians c. Asphyxia – resulting from loss of oxygen In approaching the point of focus, minute but extremely important evidence may be altered or destroyed; the area to be searched may be too rapidly defined; and other areas that might be fruitfully explored are overlooked or given only a cursory examination. passive spatter. The microscopic scene is specific objects and pieces of evidence connected to the crime, such as knives, guns, hairs, fibers, and biological fluids. c. REPORT Even in cases where death appears to be evident, the medical professionals should still c. They are accurate 2. c. Perforating defects – where the bullet enters a surface and exits Crime scene notes are generally more detailed than the resulting crime scene report There is no evidence that squeezing or “milking” wounds reduces HIV risks; 7) If splashed in the eyes or on mucous membranes, e.g., inside of the nose, flush the area for 15 minutes using water, sterile water, or a saline solution; 8) Do not attempt to recap hypodermic needles seized as evidence and use care when seizing all other sharp items, e.g., knives, razor blades, broken glass, scissors, and metal pieces, at crime scenes. of the background in the photograph The soap used should be from a dispenser and not a shared bar. d. Searching 15. 1. Can it operate at all? The activity of searching the scene is accomplished in several stages. a. Chocking a. b. Magnetometers a. directly involved, what should the officer consider doing before asking them to leave? Bullet DEFECTS resulting from NONTUMBLING IMPACTS will be circular to Flow d. Sine Scale and direction notations minutes of death, d. Cadaver dogs e. Collecting This document contains the questions and answers for all the tests and quizzes given in CJ...View more, 12. True 7. Crystal violet solution, Which of the following results when a friction ridge surface is impressed into a pliable b. In the case example on pages 96-98 “Case Example: Things are no always as they 10. What kind of information should be included in a letter transmitting evidence to the crime laboratory. scene, this includes looking for which of the following (select all that apply). Inductive reasoning moves from the specific details to a general view. to POLAR coordinates Thus, at each crime scene the investigator must keep in mind the unique requirements of proof required and attempt to locate related evidence. In _ approach, the team leader designates different teams to do g. 7. False 6 The composition of the crime scene team is first defined by whether the team’s approach b. When confronted with numerous individuals at a crime scene who do not appear to be a(n) PREDICTABLE FASHION OBSERVATIONS made on scene and from the detail found in CONTEMPORANEOUS b. a. Vapor monitors, The Electrostatic dust lifting device may be effectively used to collect footwear The Incident/Offense Report. the responding officer? Impact angle a. Elevation sketch A discussion of only central theme items 10.T/F. Crime Scene Analyst Study Guide Page 3 of 17 I. A basic diagram of the scene showing important points is the. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TABLE OF CONTENTS I. True a. Mapping Massive blood loss The study involving the effect of projectiles on the body is referred to as ballistics _ f. 6. 13. Match the item with the correct description Which of the following are key elements in crime scene documentation? Which of the following does NOT belong in the documentation phase of scene following C) The suspect attends the local college as an exchange student. It is imperative to restate in the collection of evidence section of the crime scene report Crime scene coordination includes interviewing witnesses, conducting and documenting the neighborhood canvass, and a field interrogation of the suspect if he/she is in custody. Instead, use a mirror or probe with a flashlight, wooden dowel, or metal rod whenever possible; 2) The approximate risk of HIV infection after an accidental needle stick is 0.3 percent. 8. f. 6. True Aerial Metrics is a premium reseller of Pix4D's Pix4DMapper. A) Quality crime scene videos start with proper training. a. a. Conditions of the scene d. Relationship - examining logical, spatial, or temporal associations between items appear on the side. It is a very high class DNA science technology. marking each BONE off the DIAGRAM when LOCATED Gases discharged during the explosion of the ammunition are Each bullet defect on the crime scene should be given a unique identifier that b. BASIC CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION V. FINGERPRINTS VI. Nature of the ground being searched The text provides a suggested format for organizing the crime scene report. Technical Services: This function is the responsibility of the ranking representative of the department’s central crime laboratory or its crime scene processing unit, along with any subordinate specialists who are assigned to the scene. b. (select all that Emergency Care; 3. e. Base plates for mounting trajectory rods on tripods as __ mortis Crime Repression - When crime prevention fails, the police seek to repress the. the gun Crime scene notes are generally more detailed than the resulting crime scene report a. a. Identify a minimum of twelve. d. Photographs 9. d. Leuco-crystal violet 2. Composition d. External condition of the body cleaned and unclothed which is made up of EVENTS which are analogous to chapters in a book. b. Observations figured I’d post to let you know. d. Notes Different equipment and capture techniques may be required depending on the nature of the scene. b. Which of the following are significant comprehension problems in crime scene d. Expect – identify what would be found if the hypothesis were true False Home; Drug And Blood Identification; Nik Drug Tests; NIK Drug Tests £ 15.35 £ 18.42 (incl vat) Product Code : Type. Cookies and similar technologies. Chp. 13. Beyond a reasonable doubt, Who once wrote a line in which the fictional character Sherlock Holmes stated, "I can b. a. information provided to the police is often incorrect. 8 Purpose of the vinegar test: vinegar reacts with some powders (most apparently with baking soda). gun is fired linkage triangle). b. 1. We have experience in scanning and forensically mapping outdoors as well as crime scenes in both residential and commercial interior spaces. Collection of physical evidence a. Chp. a. Hans Gross, Match the mechanisms of injury to their correct descriptions Receipt of Information and Initial Response; 2. 14. d. Length d. 4. crime scene activities will take precedence. 1. 6. 2 - Lecture notes 4, Anth 110-03 Week 3 Pt. True Define felony, misdemeanor and violation. As compare to vehicle crash scenes, crime scenes often present additional challenges for photogrammetric capture. Blood as a FLUID responds to VARIATIONS of INTERNAL and external FORCES in Which search pattern has the searchers doubling back perpendicularly across the area being examined? DNA-testing for crime scene investigations identifying criminals in a matter of few days. d. Expectations Home; Contact; Search. External ballistics 6. Who attempts to resolve the following questions: Does the weapon operate as intended? Arturo "On the Scene" Bugatti. Which of the following is not of the four views as listed in the textbook? Class characteristics are most effective for eliminating an item from inclusion in a group, Which crime scene search pattern is usually employed in outdoor scenes and is normally executed by a single person? No Evidence; 7. team is to consider which of the following issues? a. a. Assessing is equal to the approximate impact angle EXPECTATIONS of good crime scene DOCUMENTATION a. I cannot change it.". d. Major evisceration Assessing the scene is the first step taken in the processing methodology and a a. A basic diagram of the scene showing important points, such as the locations where various pieces of physical evidence were located is the ________. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a bloodborne pathogen that is spread by, Hepatitis B and C are the most common serious diseases in the world and are the leading cause of. 13. 2. a. Sharp force trauma – the cutting of tissue Do not touch or handle petroleum products when wearing gloves: such products “eat” or degrade them; wear vinyl gloves instead. e. Impact spatter This facilitates the reconstruction of the offense and identification of the perpetrator’s method of operation, suggests the possible existence of certain types of physical evidence, and assists in establishing appropriate lines of inquiry. Issue BOLO; 5. Your email address will not be published. In such cases the only documentation that may exist is the officer’s field notes and the Incident/Offense report. in place b. Sketches On an outdoor scene this will require operating a drone at lower heights above key evidence. B) The suspect is in custody, but invokes his rights under the Miranda ruling after being formally charged. Plastic Prints, Match the radiant energy and light descriptions to their range of wavelengths Ans: 1) Be cautious when conducting all types of searches; never put your hands where you cannot see. Skin wounds, abrasions, and openings should be protected by a 360 degree fluid-proof bandage; 4) About 20 percent of AIDS patients will develop raised purplish-colored lesions, present anywhere on the body. The rule of inclusiveness dictates that every available piece of evidence be obtained and where there is a question as to whether a particular item constitutes evidence, be defined as such. D) May be any of the preceding depending on the facts of the case. c. 3. b. C) Most crime scenes can be recorded on a 30-minute videotape. Size of the item being searched for detailing specific ACTIONS that occurred ____ mortis is an evident stiffening of the muscles of the body and is typically A major flaw with testimonial evidence is that it is offered by humans and each person d. Orientation Problems – when there is no way to distinguish left from right or up from Close Contact – The muzzle of the weapon is close enough for heat effects to f. Conclusion – identify an opinion and repeat for each variable 12. If you do touch personal items they should be disinfected; 13) Always carry a flashlight–even during daylight hours–so you can search dark areas; 14) Do not eat, drink, smoke, handle contacts or apply lip balm or cosmetics; 15) Wear a mask and a face shield or similar protective wear when scrapping dried blood; 16) In addition to wearing gloves, officers may require additional personal protection equipment (PPE) at high-risk scenes where there is exposed blood and splatters; 17) If you must give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) wear protective eyewear and use a CPR device with a one-way valve to prevent blood or other bodily fluids from entering your mouth; the use of a resuscitation bag is an attractive alternative.

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