Surface methods allow no leeway here. On a refractometer for alcohol precisely the opposite is the case, which means the strength of schnapps or higher can only be measured with sufficient accuracy with an alcoholometer. The plastic base ensures good stability. To prevent mixing up the exact-fitting individual parts if you have multiple stills of the same type, they are marked individually with embossed stamps. This alembic still review will help you decide if it’s worth it for you. The most accurate of the simple determination methods for determining the acetic acid content during fermentation or in the finished vinegar is acid-base titration with a sodium hydroxide solution using phenolphthalein as an indicator. The cooling system consists of a 12 cm high glass cooler. A distillation process with the gas burner takes approximately 30-45 minutes for the 2 liter kettle size. All rights reserved. The still is delivered with detailed operating instructions, so that you can start distilling immediately without any problems. The cooling system consists of an approximately 1 m long copper tube in a spiral shape and a copper container that is open on top so that the water content can be exchanged manually if there is no running water available. The glass cylinder can be used on the one hand as a tall thin container for measuring alcohol content with the hydrometer. The pH value will then remain constant during the entire duration of the fermentation. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. When the individual parts are connected together, the still is sealed, and no replacement parts or gaskets are required. The accuracy of the determination is ± 0.1% acid. In addition, due to the high alcohol content, annoying faulty fermentations and yeast film are effectively prevented. Naturally the fermentation can be stopped at the usual acid content of approximately 5 – 6%. All offered products are proved and tested by ourself. Due to the narrow neck, the essential oil can be drawn off very easily after distillation. Even with crystal clear hydrosols, you should wait at least several hours before you separate the oil from the hydrosol. The kettle is sealed by means of a screw-on lever, and a sealing ring ensures that there are no leaks. This is the angle of the light refraction on the surface of liquids. Operating times of multiple months or longer are possible. Bottle including sealing cap. The cooler is open on top, so it is also possible to operate the still without running water. Basic equipment for distilling essential oils and hydrosols yourself. What materials can I use? Pure essential oils are not used for perfumes, but rather alcoholic mixtures with an oil content of 20%. However, the 2 ml graduation means that small quantities of liquids can be measured as well, for example for dilution. Give a voucher so that the recipient can select the equipment of their choice. Suitable in particular for mixing perfumes, soaps, etc. This leads to an incorrect vapor temperature measurement and impurities in the distillate. Vinegar calculations of the required quantities of acid, alcohol, water and fermentation starter. The know-how to make spirits, essential oils, hydrosols and vinegar by yourself you can find in our Online-School. Alternatively, for larger quantities of spirits, the 7.8 liter kettle is optimally suited for mash quantities of more than 20 liters. What is vinegar made of? Discover how you can make the greatest variety of products at home yourself. When three different reagents and the sample (5 ml) are mixed, the mixture will take on a specific color. Dimensions: width 18 cm, length 38 cm, height 31 cm (without thermometer). tube: ca. Depending on the alcohol content of the material to be distilled, you can produce 1½ to 4 liters of high-proof schnapps per process with a 5 liter still, which you then dilute to drinking strength with distilled water. Use our online calculator to analyze the measurement results. For mashing fruit, you need pectinate and Biogen M as well as the turbo yeast. Dosage: 10 to 100 g per 100 liters. The optimal pulping releases valuable constituents of the fruit for brandies with strong aromas. Equipment for distilling essential oils from plants with low oil content or from larger plant quantities. Height: 116 cm (45.7 in.) Here are some reasons why buying an alembic still may be the right choice for you: Having your own alembic still will help you create beautiful, handcrafted essential oils and hydrosols that are coveted by many. Secondly, because some oils are heavier than water (e.g. Steam distillation can be performed with the 2 liter, 3.8 liter or 7.8 liter kettle. How to make a pot still Likely the simplest and most versatile distillation apparatus that one can make at home, is a pot still. You will find precise guides and recipes to make mashes easily yourself, and you will find out everything about possible problems (infections, overoxidation, yeast film, etc.) Join me as we explore how essential oils can add quality to our lives! The kettle size of 2 liters is ideal for trying out your own spirits recipes and for mash quantities of up to 10 liters per type. They are also perfect for the distillation of essential oils. Width incl. The best-known refractometer is used for determining the sugar content, e.g. Due to this short vapor and cooling path, a very rich hydrosol is created, and there are no losses of the valuable oil during cooling, as there are for example in a cooling coil. Each can be converted to the other kettle size. For double distilling, the 5 liter kettle is used for the raw distillate, and the 2 liter kettle for the fine distillate. The thermometer has a range from 0 to 110 °C and can be read accurately down to 0.5 of a degree. The book also contains a detailed description of distilling: How much water should I put in the still? Hi, I’m Aspen and I’m glad to have you here! Special enzyme preparation specifically adapted to the requirements of pomaceous fruit and topinambur mashes, with a new formulation and high cellulase activity. Water: 18 l (4.8 US gal.) in grapes. What materials can I use? ), Filling volume: January 16, 2017 By Aspen Leave a Comment. If you have any questions about a still, we would be happy to assist you. Naturally flavorless filling material can also be used. Hence, the material being distilled, i.e. Hence, with automatic oil separation, considerable amounts of the valuable oil would not be separated.

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