Something with a great meaning behind it, that feels empowering, and bold, and brilliant. Your email address will not be published. Beacan means ‘tiny one’. This name has a seriously sweet meaning in “bee cottage”. 7) Dylan Legend has it that, when this “son of the sea” (or god of the ocean) passed away thousands of years ago, all the waters of Britain and Ireland were overcome by grief and wept for him. This unusual Irish boy name means “born of the yew tree”. This is a question I kept askin…, Spread the loveBeing pregnant is a beautiful experience for most women, especially if the …, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Want your baby to stay young forever? No, not the magazine. It means “brown-haired warrior”. How To Get Breast Milk Fat Off The Sides Of Bottles. 11) Liam The Irish short form of William, this name can be interpreted as meaning “resolute protection”. Unique Irish Boy Names. Brody. It’s safe to say that it’s an eclectic mix. NO-CHARGES! While it seems that Celtic … Check out all the meanings and derivations of this unusual Irish boy names and give your boy a name they are proud to answer to. This name means “little seal”, making it another cute Irish animal name to fall in love with. That would fill volumes! I chose instead, in keeping with my passion for the romantic side of the Emerald Isle, to feature only my favorite Irish baby girl names, which were chosen because of the lyrical nature of their pronunciations, because I admire the Irish women (historical or mythical) who shared the names, or both. 8) Evie Full of energy, this name (famously bestowed upon Rachel Weisz’s badass librarian in The Mummy) again means “life”. This is a very common Irish baby boy name associated with Saint Ciarán, the founder of the Clonmacnoise convent. It means “she who intoxicates”, which is just marvellous. It’s a popular Irish name for boys that signifies being an inspiration bringing light and hope. 17) Rían The most authentic spelling of ‘Ryan’, this Irish name can be translated as “little king”. If you wanted to call your baby ‘Walter’ but prefer a more unique Irish boy baby name, then settle for Quaid. It means “little rose”. Why? Also Read:Rare And Modern One Syllable Boy Names. This unique Irish boy names is befitting to any little boy who will eventually grow up to be a big hero. If you use d…, Spread the loveHave you ever tried to pour out refrigerated breast milk from a storage bot…, Spread the loveIf you’re planning to buy a changing pad for your little one, youR…, Spread the loveIf you are looking to name your little girl according to your Celtic roots,…, Spread the loveCan you really have an all belly pregnancy? It’s a big thing, to be able to step out into the world and introduce ourselves as Kayleigh, or Amy, or Sarah, or whoever we want to be. 5) Darragh Pronounced: Da-rah A unisex name, this Irish name is rooted in nature – it means, quite literally, “oak tree”. 2) Ava Ava has many interpretations, but the most popular ascribed meanings are “bird”, “life”, and “living one”. the best resources for researching Irish baby names, Click here for more popular Irish baby girl names, Click here for more popular Irish girl names. Read more: How we could all learn something from Denmark’s approach to their loved ones. But don't worry...researching Irish Baby Names just got simpler! Have you been wondering what name to give to your precious little man? 10) Freya Similarly popular in Nordic countries, this name means “noble woman”. Brody, which can also be spelt as ‘Brodie’ also claims Scottish and English origins. How Many Changing Pad Covers Do You Need? Her specialist topics include comic books, films, TV and feminism. The name which means ‘Noble’ or ‘High’ is among some of the Irish baby boy names that have gained acceptance worldwide. 16) Orla The very same name of Irish high king Brian Boru’s sister, daughter, and niece, it should come as no surprise to learn that Orla means “golden princess”. 8) Eoin Pronounced: Oh-wen The Irish version of John, this means “God is gracious”. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Dervil - (DER-uh-vil) From the Old Irish girls' name Derbáil, probably derived from der, meaning 'daughter' + Fál, an ancient name for Ireland. 13) Maeve Pronounced: Mayv This legendary moniker belongs to not one, but two famous queens from Irish mythology: the Queen of Connacht, and the queen of the mother-f**king fairies (or the ‘wee people’, to call them by their proper name). However, if you are a new parent looking for baby boy names of Irish heritage, here are 105 unique Irish boy names you can Consider for your baby. Even the lilting accents of the Irish officially send shivers down the spines of almost everyone (it’s been voted ‘sexiest accent in the world’ time and time again). If you give your little boy this unique Irish baby boy name, we will never need to nickname him ‘Champ!’ His name says it all. Give them this unique Irish boy name that means ‘youthful’. Pronounced as ‘Shane’, it’s a name that belonged to Shane of ‘Neill, who was a Tribal chief of Ulster in 1567. The name is gaining popularity around the world, with some preferring the pronunciation with a ‘K’, Killian. It will be very difficult to be dull and boring when your name means ‘Bright and Shining’. This name has both Irish and Hebrew origin and it means ‘God is gracious’. We’re inspired by ancient high kings and warrior queens, by revolutionaries striving for change and by writers transforming the face of literature. All in all, it seems as if Ireland is truly the perfect place to source baby name inspiration from. Furthermore, you will enjoy discounts of up to 15% on all the items added to your registry. By looking further afield for inspiration, that’s how. Unique Irish baby girl names are not so easy to find in the sea of baby names on the web. And I have found that the best places to learn about Irish baby names are those that focus on Celtic culture and the Emerald Isle itself. Wolves are the symbols of loyalty and protection. 16) Patrick This is one of the most quintessentially Irish names around – and it means “noble patrician”, which is pretty ace. And for the boys, Cillian, Conor, Seán, Daithi, Cian, Eoin… But now this trend has fallen out of favour, and other names are emerging on the tables. More important than all of that, though, is the fact that names help each and every one of us to forge our identities. Or just something that simply sounds right when you say it. Beacan means ‘tiny one’. So, rest assured, you will not find every single Celtic or Irish baby girl name I ever came across in my years of research about Ireland's rich history and culture. This name gives them that push they need. 18) Ronan As in Keating. The name which means “man of God’ is associated with the man who was also a valiant soldier. This is a unique Irish boy name that means ‘war strife’ or’ Church’. Names are incredibly important, as they can (apparently) tell you a great deal about a person. Let’s go Irish! Not only will you find many of the most popular and unique Irish baby girl names here, you'll also get the pronunciation, origin, meaning, and alternate spellings whenever possible. You can find the full list – including all of the name meanings – below: 1) Aoife Pronounced: Ee-fa Derived from the Gaelic word “aoibh”, this quintessentially Irish name means “beauty” or “radiance”. This Irish version of ‘Sean’ means ‘God’s gracious gift’. If …, Spread the love  Moms that love cloth diapers often use cloth wipes too. Whether it’s the original version or an Anglicized version, this list gives you all you need to know about the unique Irish boy names. You want something strong, of course, and personable. Who knows, you may be predicting your child’s future! Regardless of which name you choose, where you find it, or how you say it...I hope you will find the perfect unique Irish baby girl name...the one that inspires you and feels right for your baby girl. This cool Irish baby boys name means ‘like a wolf’ or ‘little wolf. This vintage name means “battle-mighty” and is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. 6) Donnacha Pronounced: Done-acka Incredibly, incredibly popular in Ireland (but little known elsewhere) this is another name lifted from ancient Irish royalty. Not to be confused with ‘queen’, this beautiful name means ‘fifth’. Here are some unusual Irish baby boy names to fill up the little Irish craving in you. If your baby was born with beautiful red hair, then the name Rogan befits them. 15) Oisín Pronounced: Osh-een This was the eighth most popular boys name of 2016 – and it means “little deer”. It’s a popular Irish name for boys that signifies being an inspiration bringing light and hope. This baby registry will help you find out about most baby items and essentials while pregnant.

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