So, I do not want to be double taxed. So, sell something worth $10K or more before you take off…. It’s similar to what I like to tell people – “If it’s on the Instagram trail, beware.”. Beer is less than a dollar each, so that alone may be enough to entice even the most seasoned traveler. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, There’s Now A Yarn Vending Machine In Philadelphia, Use An Instant Pot To Clean Your Face Masks, Wall-Mounted Christmas Trees Are Perfect Space-Savers In Smaller Homes, Lowes Is Selling A Fluffy Pink Santa Flamingo For Your Yard, 11 Absurd Mansions You Can Rent For A Dirt-Cheap Vacation, Children can get involved as a Refuge Junior Naturalist, number six in the nation in terms of quality of life, OpenTable named Biloxi the most romantic city in America, Forget Bora Bora, These Awesome Overwater Bungalows Are Much Closer, ‘Wedding Crashers’ Sequel With Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Is Officially In The Works, Tune Into A Virtual Dolly Parton Christmas Concert To Get Into The Holiday Spirit. See Healthy 72 yrs. I have some money in the bank….but prefer to live off my monthly retirement of 14,075 per month. I have to agree with Josh, Sihanoukville is no longer a “cheap” place in Cambodia. People here embrace “Keep Gulfport Weird” in a variety of ways. Air conditioning isn’t needed in Da Lat, so electricity bills are always low, and utilities are usually included in the cost of a rental. Venezuela may be more known for its oil and its political leadership’s leftist leanings that have stood up and confronted the policies of the United States straight on. That said, I’m not a beach person anyway. I’m also skeptical of where Da Nang will be in a few years. It can be easier if you have enough to buy a house in Portugal on the proceeds of one you sold elsewhere. The other problem is I pay $7,000 to $8,000/year in taxes on my U.S. government pension. Children can get involved as a Refuge Junior Naturalist and work with biologists and learn a variety of skills, like nature photography, animal identification and more. It has more sunshine, more condos with a view to choose from, and warmer waters. As with Mexico, it doesn’t really make sense to pick a single beach in the Philippines since there are so many of them scattered around. I do pretty good and dont want for anything. Everything from the price of real estate and rent to the cost of hiring a full-time maid and dinner out is lower. The currents coming up from Antarctica make even Ecuador’s beaches borderline. Ecuador offers a long list of incentives for retiring in the country, including huge discounts on flights, plus they make it very straightforward to get residency these days. It borders five protected areas, … Combined with the cheap Thai food, you can actually stretch your money and have an extended stay in this country. ©iStock/Photogilio. I can afford the adventures of where I’m at. You can opt for outdoor fun like surfing, fishing, golf or snorkeling. What is so refreshing is that you understand we’re not all millionaires and like a simpler life. From the South East Asian islands, to northern Africa, to Central America – we’ve got you covered. Apart from a couple months in the summer at Mar del Plata (Argentina) or Vina del Mar (Chile), it’s going to be a lonely place at the beach in Chile or Argentina. The gay community in Vallarta might be helpful, esp. South Europe has some great beach destinations, with Portugal, Spain, Italy and France competing for the same market of beachgoers. Hi Tim, Here’s another big advantage: you can “retire” at age 35. You may have to spend a bit more for double rooms, but you can take comfort in the fact that beer is only around $2. The towns with expat communities stretch along to the north from Cucita to Canoa. It’s a quick hop to other parts of Southeast Asia, but this is not a good system for homebodies. Also nearby is the expansive Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. Santa Marta is a different story, however. Visit Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Now, if you can only find the cheapest accommodations available in order to maximize your stay in paradise! You can then cool off in the nice, clear seawater before capping off the night with some drinks with the hunkiest and sexiest young people around while gyrating to the latest rave beat. Yet, despite the influx of tourists into the country, Thailand still offers the most fantastic beach bargains. That entitles you to discounts on health care, admissions, inter-city buses, and more. The most popular resort is the Sharm el Sheikh, one of the best spots for diving you can find anywhere. I can’t answer that for you without a very long conversation. Ecuador is one of the least expensive countries in the world in which to live. Known as the Polish Riviera, the beaches here have long been popular with cash-rich tourists from neighboring Germany. 10 Of The Cheapest Beach Destinations In The World!!!!!! A couple’s basic monthly budget here should come to about $1,200, including rent. I cover that for every country featured in A Better Life for Half the Price. Don’t let this town’s proximity to Twilight … For example, you might see pirate-themed golf carts and motorcycles zooming by. And you won’t have to forego First-World conveniences in major cities like Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca. Are you dreaming of a beach life when you get into your senior years? Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast/Alex North Photography. month, no taxes plus ideas for extra income if needed. If you’re American like me, I linked and mentioned the visa requirements. Slovenia. We know there are pros and cons of living abroad so we always like to hear the local take on adjustments. So if you are pulling in $1,300 a month from social security, you’re making five times the minimum wage—relatively wealthy in local terms. They peter out when encountering cold water. Getting a retirement residency visa in Colombia is straightforward and the requirements are not very taxing. Here is a list of the top 10 most affordable beach destinations in the world. Just be advised that if you’re applying for residency as a retiree, you are technically required to show a monthly income of $1,500, which is more than you’d be getting from one social security check. In fact, Mississippi ranks number six in the nation in terms of quality of life. Central Europe may not be on the list of favorite beach destinations, but Bulgaria does offer some alternatives with its resorts along the Black Sea. I’m interested in mountain living in Mexico. Rents normally include utilities and basic cable. Some expats say they have to really work at it to spend more than $1,200 a month unless they go traveling. Goa’s beaches are rather spread out, with a vibe to suit almost every taste in different sections, so you can probably find a nice place to rent for a reasonable price that will be right for your choice kind of location. Known for arts, culture, cuisine and 60 miles of pristine Atlantic coastline, this popular vacation destination is an even better place to call home. Boracay is the most popular, with rooms costing $23 per night. ... locales, a couple could live on as little as $1,255 per month. … It also boasts plenty of other activities if the racing scene isn’t your speed. Tulum, about two hours south of spring break magnet… For example, Tomoka State Park protects wildlife habitats and endangered species, such as the West Indian manatee, and is a haven for more than 150 species of birds and bird-watchers. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Here you can find high-rises with ocean views around the city itself, or go a bit outside for more laid-back communities and hidden coves. Tim is upfront and very accurate. Escape for a while if you’re not up for that. George Town’s population is a melting pot of cultures and languages, but English is widely spoken, and foreigners are welcomed in this safe, stable island nation. Who does not yearn for a life living on a beach? You get to wake up with the sound of the wave hitting the shore and the leaves of the palm or coconut trees rustling on their branches. If you’re looking to retire on social security in Mexico, know that you can enroll in the INAPAM program after you get permanent residency. You’ll be able to live a better life for half the price—or much less. Since you can also find some of the cheapest beachfront property in the world here, priced in dollars, this is a good destination to consider for beach-loving retirees. We can share our airbnb for reviews. Living on a couple grand a month in India puts you clearly in the top-10%. Port Angeles, Washington. RELATED: Forget Bora Bora, These Awesome Overwater Bungalows Are Much Closer. My name is Tom I am an American and I have been living on Ko Lanta Island, Thailand for many years. Upscale meals are available for as low as $10. For year-round living though, Salinas near Guayaquil might be a better bet. Vietnam is best suited for still-traveling couples with ample mobility, however. That is doable, but not easy. That’s when the wake-up call hits. That’s good advice for anywhere: spend some real time there, preferably renting an apartment, to see if you could really live there all or most of the year. Isla Margarita alone has 106 miles of Caribbean beach with 50 resorts to choose from. Hi Tim I have read so much about so many countries that I look at a map and I get a migraine simple help and question that will drive you crazy I have of course a Russian fiancé we have been skyping and talking for three years we plan to get married as soon as we can she has a young daughter who I already consider my own daughter she is beautiful and very art talented and loves animals needless to say my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world So in all honesty I get 1,300 a month on Social Security where can we live on that kind of money I want to buy a home not rent I don’t like throwing my money away and not own anything for it any help you can give me Tim I would be grateful for God Bless and thank you for you help David Smith, Almost everything you would want to know is in one place David. It hasn’t really been discovered by tourists or expats and prices there are much more in line with the national average, despite its location on the water. Most people don’t realize it’s right across the sea from Italy, with a similar climate at a fraction of the price. At least not without having visited there several times and taken a long hard look at the place, considering the changes it’s gone through in the last 5 years and how it may again change in the future. After that, the monthly income requirement is just$800 for individuals or $1,000 for couples. But look hard enough and you can actually book clean double rooms for as low as $20. Coastline length: 9,330 kilometers. This locale on Florida’s Space Coast offers activities for everyone. As always, I appreciate the information and it always gives me some thoughts on where to travel next. But summers are brutally hot and humid. The Pacific waters from Peru down are perfect for seals or sea lions or expensive wet suits for intrepid surfers–also good surf fishing of course. You can get a 10-year multiple entry visa for the asking if you’re American, which lets you come and go as you need. You can get around using tuk-tuks, baht buses and the occasional taxi for just a few dollars a day. It only takes one boat ride to see clearer waters. Here are the top 15 most affordable communities from that list and some reasons why you might love living in each of them.

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